Best Roulette Online 2020 (August) in New Zealand

  • FrenchRoulette
    rating: ? /10
    Do you know why do the gambling experts call French Roulette the most profitable of all classic versions of this game? Of course, as it allows to reduce the casino advantage twice. Read the following review of French Roulette by Red Rake Gaming to find out about its awesome design, realistic animation and functional interface.
    Payout percent: 98.6 %
  • Golden Chip Roulette
    rating: ? /10
    Golden Chip Roulette
    Golden Chip Roulette is a European online roulette developed by Yggdrasil Gaming with classic thirty seven numbers on the track. The game accepts traditional inside, outside and call bets. The main feature of the model is payoff indexes by one-number bets, which vary from x10 to x500. The game has a very convenient interface, excellent design and realistic animation.
    Max bet: 2000.00 EUR
    Max payout: 500 : 1
    Min bet: 0.10 EUR
    Payout percent: 97.3 %
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    European Roulette Small Bets
    Do you like roulette, but not ready for high bets? So try the European Roulette Small Bets by iSoftBet. This is a classic European roulette with low bets, starting from ten cents. It has a convenient interface and diverse settings. Experienced gamblers can stake on sectors, neighbors, finals and other side bets. Rookies will sort out the rules due to detailed Help section and following review by Casinoz.club.
    Max bet: 10.00 USD
    Max payout: 36 : 1
    Min bet: 0.10 USD
    Payout percent: 97.3 %
  • Leander Roulette
    rating: ? /10
    Leander Roulette
    The Leander Roulette by Leander Games Studio is a traditional European roulette for online casinos with standard rules, a track for bets on sectors and neighbors, statistics and convenient settings. Some of the numerous advantages of the game are a lovely design, a convenient control panel, realistic animation, an information Help section and other features, carefully described in the following review.
    Max bet: 25.00 EUR
    Max payout: 35 : 1
    Min bet: 0.20 EUR
    Payout percent: 97.3 %
  • European Roulette Pro
    rating: ? /10
    European Roulette Pro
    European Roulette Pro by Play’n GO Studio is one of the most spectacular, realistic and functional varieties of this game at the modern online gambling market. It delights by an excellent design, impressive animation, wide range of bets, an opportunity to play by sectors and neighbors, perfect statistics section, diverse settings and advance options. All these makes European Roulette Pro unbelievably comfortable.
    Max bet: 1000.00
    Payout percent: 97.3 %
  • Lux Roulette
    rating: ? /10
    Lux Roulette
    A new online roulette «Lux Roulette», developed by AbZorba Games company, is available at online casinos powered by Novomatic software. It is European type of this extremely popular game with tracks for neighbors and sectors bets. The model is also provided with various informational sectors, all possible settings, a convenient control panel and a detailed Help. Online gambling operators provide an opportunity to play «Lux Roulette» for fun and for real money.
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    Roulette Black Diamond
    The fans of French roulette are recommended to test an interesting model of this game named «Roulette Black Diamond». It is presented by the developers of Pragmatic Play. The game has a beautiful design, some convenient features, all necessary settings and traditional rules with different types of bets. Please read about all features and characteristics of «Black Diamond» roulette in the following article by the experts of Casinoz, who have tested the novelty.
  • Roulette with Track
    rating: ? /10
    Roulette with Track
    Playson company is famous for releasing colorful video slots, but not only. The list of models of this brand also includes gambling games of other kinds. One of them is Roulette with Track, a model of European roulette with track for call bets. It has traditional rules, a very convenient interface with wide range of features for the customers, a realistic animation and few user’s settings, that makes the gameplay even more comfortable.
  • Common Draw Roulette
    rating: ? /10
    Common Draw Roulette
    What are you missing in online casinos most of all? We think, it is communication with other customers that makes impossible to recreate an atmosphere of the real gambling house. The developers of Betsoft Gaming have tried to close this gap in «Common Draw Roulette» game. It is a European roulette which you’ll be playing with other casino customers. The winning number is picked by the random number generator once in a half of a minute while you can place your bets and chat with other gamblers.
  • Zero Spin Roulette
    rating: ? /10
    Zero Spin Roulette
    The developers of GameScale company have named of their games «Zero Spin Roulette» that has definitely attracted attention to this model. However, in case it is a common European roulette which allows call bets at the special track. All features of the game with uncommon name and classic rules are carefully described in the following review prepared by the authors of the social net for gamblers - Casinoz.
  • Micro Roulette
    rating: ? /10
    Micro Roulette
    Please don't be confused by the unusual name, which was given to their novelty by the developers of GameScale company. In case, it is just an online European roulette with traditional rules, classic gamleplace and an opportunity to place bets by the special track. The main outstanding features of this model are its interesting design and convenient features, which make the gameplay very comfortable.
  • Roulette 3D
    rating: ? /10
    Roulette 3D
    An excellent variation of European roulette is offered by specialists of iSoftBet. This 3D model is referred to as Roulette 3D. Users have been impressed with its realistic animation, amazing design, various useful elements on the user-friendly control panel, and abundance of numerous settings. The review of this game prepared by our site enables users to quickly understand the features of this novelty.
  • Roulette Master
    rating: ? /10
    Roulette Master
    We strongly recommend that all fans of roulette among readers of Casinoz should try to play a model called Roulette Master, which is offered by NextGen Gaming. It is one of the best among those models that are available at modern online casinos, since it has an excellent range of various functions, incredibly colorful interface, numerous sections with information, and other useful features that make the gameplay as convenient and enjoyable as possible. All of them are discussed in detail in the review of Roulette Master prepared for our readers by experts of the portal.
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    Royal Crown European Roulette
    Traditional rules for European roulette, stylish interface, nice graphics with realistic animations, intuitively understandable control panel with logical elements, flash versions, and a wide betting range are the key features of an online gambling game called Royal Crown European Roulette. It is offered by Novomatic. Users can play roulette directly on the site of a casino, so there is no need to download and install extra software. A review of this game is available in this article.
  • Double Ball Roulette
    rating: ? /10
    Double Ball Roulette
    Unusual features of «Double Ball Roulette», which the following review is devoted to, make this game one of a kind. It is enough to say that two balls are used here, which are launched one after another in every spin. We should also say about fixed jackpot, which can be won playing by any bet. All details of rules and features of the gameplay are carefully explained in the following review by Casinoz.
  • Salon Prive Roulette
    rating: ? /10
    Salon Prive Roulette
    One of the most beautiful online roulettes in the modern online gambling is «Salon Prive Roulette» model produced by GameScale. It is a stunning game with an incredible graphics, a very realistic animation, a convenient interface and classic European rules which offers to play by regular and call bets. All particularities and technical features of this spectacular novelty are carefully described in the following review by Casinoz.
  • French Roulette
    rating: ? /10
    French Roulette
    Free online French roulette is played in accordance with French rules and has a typical interface for this version of the game. The only exceptions are names of bets, traditionally translated into French. The advantages of this model include colorful graphics, very convenient control panel, high functionality, basic settings and detailed section with information. Read more about this game in our review.
  • Roulette!
    rating: ? /10
    The company IGT has released an excellent online roulette with a simple name Roulette!. This game has a lot of positive features and practically lacks disadvantages. Let's start with the fact that it offers the most convenient interface. It is possible to make additional bets, use autoplay and statistics section, betting patterns, make changes to gameplay, etc. Besides, Roulette! is run directly in the browser and can be tested without registration.
  • American Roulette
    rating: ? /10
    American Roulette
    If you definitely want to play American roulette without taking into consideration the fact that it has a quite high house edge, we recommend that you should pay attention to the model of American roulette from the company Net Entertainment. Gamblers will be pleased with various settings and features, as well as very high-quality 3D-graphics and extremely user-friendly interface. In addition, the game can be run in flash mode. It also can be tested making free bets.
  • French Roulette
    rating: ? /10
    French Roulette
    Fans of French roulette should appreciate the new game from the company Net Entertainment. The game has a very simple name. It is called French Roulette, but its potential is not simple. It attracts the attention due to its high-quality three-dimensional graphics, realistic animation, numerous elements of the interface and elements of the control panel, which are understandable in any language. Read more about all the advantages and insignificant disadvantages of this model in our review.

Online roulette in New Zealand

Roulette is often called the "Queen" of the casino because it is difficult to imagine a solid gambling house without it. Constantly spinning wheel, buzzing ball on the track, lively cheers of New Zealand customers at the table – all this is essential for the casino to create a unique vibe in the hall and attract many visitors.

basic roulette rules

Online roulette for real money or for fun is as popular as the offline game, that means, you can find it in every online casino. At Casinoz you will find reviews of tested online roulette from all major producers. A detailed description of the characteristics and features of the games will help you quickly get to know the rules and start the game.

The roulette rules

Traditional roulette rules are straightforward, and the gameplay involves a series of repetitive steps:

  • The dealer starts the wheel with numbers from 0 to 36 in a particular sequence on the track.
  • The croupier then sends the ball to spin on the track.
  • Players make bets on the field, which clones the numbers from the wheel on the layout.
  • The ball stops in one of the pockets, hitting the winning number.
  • The dealer removes the losing bets and makes payments.

At the online casinos, the winning numbers are picked by the random number generator.

You will find a detailed description of the rules of the game of online roulette in a special section of Casinoz New Zealand.

Varieties of roulette

There are three main versions of roulette, which are the most widespread in New Zealand and the world:

  1. European roulette;
  2. French roulette;
  3. American roulette.

The first two differ mainly in the layout of the table and the presence of the La Partage rule, which makes the French version more profitable for the New Zealand player. The American variation makes difference by the location of the numbers on the wheel and an additional pocket with a double zero.

Also, you can find rarer options, at online casinos:

  • A relatively fresh roulette-bull;
  • Russian rouble mini-roulette;
  • Games with multiple wheels or balls;
  • No-zero games;
  • Online pneumatic roulette;
  • Versions with different symbols instead of the numbers.

Roulette with progressive jackpots, which give an opportunity to win huge amounts by the bonus bets, is worth special notice.

Roulette is a great choice for a beginner in New Zealand

Any pro gambler in New Zealand will confirm that roulette, despite its rules may seem complicated at first sight, is a perfect casino game for a novice player in New Zealand. We highlight the main advantages:

  • Roulette requires almost no special knowledge and skills. Complex betting options and other nuances are mainly intended to bring variety to the gameplay and do not help to reach success.
  • Most bets on roulette have the same return to the player, so you can safely combine them in any order.
  • There is a vast number of fair roulette systems that allow you to organize the gameplay and control the flow of money.

So there is no wonder that many New Zealand players begin their journey by the world of gambling with roulette.

Live roulette at an online casino

If you miss the vibe of a real casino, go for online roulette with real dealers. Live roulettes are available at all popular sites in New Zealand. They are offered by the largest software providers of live games in online casinos.

With real dealers, you can play on the European, American and French roulette. Rare options are also available.

Features of such games are discussed in the thematic articles at Casinoz New Zealand.

Mobile roulette

All modern variations of online roulette come with a version for mobile casinos. This provides comfortable gaming on smartphones and tablets.

The design is adapted for touchscreens with a small diagonal. They support all modern devices running on the most popular platforms. Performance and Internet speed requirements are reasonable.

Features of mobile versions are discussed in the reviews at Casinoz.

Free online roulette

Most gambling sites in New Zealand provide an opportunity to test roulette for free.  Demo versions are available almost from all software providers. The only exceptions are roulettes with real dealers and progressive roulettes with progressive jackpots. In New Zealand, they are usually available only for real money.

Demo versions can be suggested to all website visitors or only for registered customers. Don't hesitate to launch the roulette and enjoy it in a fun mode.

We offer almost all of them free at Casinoz New Zealand. Demos are attached to the reviews.

How to play casino roulette for money

If you are willing to risk real money on roulette, you just need to choose the right game and find an honest casino. Articles by New Zealand gambling experts and reviews of real players will help you with this.

You will find links to the sites of reliable online casinos in our roulette reviews. Follow the link, sign up and make a deposit.

playing casino roulette to win

Then you can play roulette, making real bets.

Beginner tips on playing roulette

Inexperienced New Zealand players often wonder:

How to choose the best roulette at the casino?

Pro gamblers give such advice:

  • Pay attention to the return to the player and the casino advantage. The higher the RTP and lower the site's advantage, the higher the chance of success.
  • French roulette, which returns half of the bets on even money when the ball hits zero, is one of the most profitable variations.
  • Give up American roulette with double zero, unless the game does not offer unique, favorable to the client rules.
  • Be careful with the unique varieties of roulette. Often they have low RTP.
  • Do not trust the betting systems for roulette. They don't help to win.

Read the expert recommendations that help you win more often on roulette and find the best games.

How to play roulette online

In New Zealand, online roulette is as popular in online casinos as in land-based houses. Moreover, gambling sites offer customers a more impressive selection of options and a wide range of bets.

Now you can easily find a roulette of any famous brand on any New Zealand gambling site. It is enough to take a few simple steps:

  • Open any review from the list above.
  • Make a choice between playing for money and free testing.
  • Click the appropriate link.
  • Enjoy the process at any convenient time.

A detailed description of the rules, all kinds of recommendations on the strategy and tactics of the game of roulette, guidelines by betting systems and other professional advice are offered in the thematic articles at Casinoz New Zealand. They will help you avoid common mistakes and significantly improve your skills.