Best Online Casino Strategies in New Zealand

November 25, 2019
"Zigzag" strategy
There are different systems of playing video slots. Most of them are based on changing the bet size depending on the results of past spins. But there...
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December 23, 2015
Kavouras Bet
The Kavouras roulette system uses only one scheme of the arrangement of chips, which is repeated in all spins. To follow it, you need eight chips per...
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Other (Arcade)
December 23, 2015
Optimal Strategies for Arcade Games
Released by Playtech
Many arcade games manufactured by Playtech allow users to make some decisions during the gameplay. This means that there is an element of strategy in...
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Denis Anipchenko
October 24, 2011
Naked Pulls Betting Strategy
There are many different slot betting systems. Most of them are related to changes in the bet size. The Naked Pulls betting system differs from them i...
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The Strategy for Ultimate Texas Hold'em
Most modern online casinos and many land-based gambling houses offer all kinds of Texas Hold'em to customers. They allows users to play against the house. Ultimate Texas Hold'em has been one of the most popular models over the last few years. This article deals the basic strategy developed especially for this kind of poker.
Red Seven Count
If you know the basic strategy for blackjack and want to achieve the best results, you should master a card counting system. There are several dozens of them, but users should start with the simplest ones. One of them is the Red 7 Count, which can be mastered within a few hours. The article deals with the main features of this system and provides various useful recommendations concerning its use.
Six Pack Plus Strategy
Many fans of roulette do not like the majority of betting systems that are intended for this gambling game, because these strategies don't include the participation in all spins. Well, everyone will agree that it is too boring to miss numerous rounds, waiting for the right moment. However, the Six Pack Plus strategy does not resemble betting systems described above. Playing it, you will place chips in accordance with a special scheme in each spin. Read about it in detail in the review from experts of the portal Casinoz
Pivot Strategy
The pivot betting system is a very simple and versatile strategy for roulette. Users just need to wait for the number that has come up twice, and wager on it the fixed amount until it appears again. The bet size, as well as the duration of the game session, is determined by the player. More information about all the features of this strategy is available on the portal Casinoz.
Simple Ways to Use Hands Containing an Ace
A face-up ace, which appears in the hand of the dealer while playing blackjack, is an unpleasant situation for both experienced or novice players. However, professionals differ from beginners in the confidence in all their activities, which is based on the knowledge of odds and basic strategy. This article will help the readers of the portal Casinoz to understand how to act when the dealer has an ace: when to hit, when to surrender, when to split, and when to double.
What to Do if You Have a 12 Against a Dealer's 2?
Readers of Casinoz who are interested in blackjack probably know that it is always necessary to follow the recommendations of basic strategy when playing this game. However, some tips in such tables can confuse novice users. For instance, many beginners believe that it is not necessary to hit on a 12 against a dealer's 2. In this article we will try to explain why it is best to hit.
Strategies for Bonus Poker 8/5
To achieve the maximum results while playing video poker, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the basic strategy, established directly for each game individually. In this article we are going to explain in detail the strategy for the popular video poker game called Bonus Poker 8/5. Our advices will help you to reach the new level, reducing to zero the house edge.
The Theoretical Payout Percentage of Video Poker Games Developed by Leading Manufacturers
To achieve the best results while playing video poker, users need to choose the best version of this game. Our article deals exactly with this task. Customers will find information about the theoretical payout percentage for different versions of video poker developed by major manufacturers of online casino software. It includes official data or reports of reputable experts in the field of gaming and gambling.
Red Dog Poker Strategy
Red dog poker belongs to a category of card games where the outcome depends not only on the mood of Lady Luck but also on your skills. Do not worry. You do not have to spend hours to hone your skills. The red dog poker optimal strategy consists of a couple of recommendations that will help you to find its best kind and minimize the house edge.
Pai Gow Poker Strategy
The complete version of the Pai Gow poker optimal strategy looks impressive. It provides a lot of nuances and exceptions to the basic recommendations. We offer you a more accessible version, which helps you to reduce the house edge in Pai Gow poker almost to the same level as the most detailed strategy. Our version is presented in a simple and understandable way, which can be easily mastered by any player.
How to Achieve the Best Results in Three Card Poker
Three Card Poker is a simple card game, but it is possible to affect its outcome by following the recommendations of the optimal strategy. In addition, the house edge depends on the multipliers for different hands, so it is important to be able to choose the most profitable kind of this poker. We will teach you all these tricks.
Let It Ride Poker Strategy
The house edge of Let It Ride Poker can be reduced to 3.5%. To do this, it is necessary to find its version with the most favorable rules, select the range of bets, and accurately follow the recommendations of the optimal strategy. However, everything is even easier in practice than in theory. We will teach you how to achieve such results.
All American Video Poker Strategy
All American video poker allows users to play on equal terms with online casinos. If you follow the optimal strategy, this makes it possible to reduce the house edge or even get rid of it. All you have to do is to master the recommendations provided below and refuse to play intuitively replacing intuitive decisions by a strict betting pattern. You will be able to act more successfully in this way.
How to Master Poker Pursuit
Some card games require a cautious approach, despite the fact that they seem to have quite simple rules. Otherwise, you risk losing your bankroll regularly. This occurs quite often in new and not particularly popular casino games, including Poker Pursuit. This poker game is very interesting, but you should start testing it only after becoming familiar with some recommendations.
Up the Stairs Betting Strategy
If you like to try to wait for successful sessions while playing slots, you should pay attention to the Up the Stairs betting system. According to it, you should increase your bet after a win and decrease it after a loss. So, it is similar to some systems that are used while playing roulette.
One Play Betting Strategy
Betting strategies are not as popular among fans of slot machines as among those who prefer roulette and some other gambling games. However, they have also developed a number of interesting systems, which make the gameplay more amusing. Nevertheless, these strategies cannot help gamblers to get rid of the house edge. One of these strategies is called One Play. Following it, the player tries to get a payout even in the first spin.
Three Stars Betting Strategy
If you want to protect yourself from too quick losses while playing slot machines, you can use the Three Stars strategy. It means that the casino customer should divide the gameplay into three stages. Each of them will consist of the same number of spins. However, bets will vary. Details are available...
Umbrella Betting Strategy
Betting systems are not able to affect the probability of winning while playing slot machines, but they help to manage a bankroll and time more wisely. That's why we cannot state that they are completely useless. Some customers are just unable to control emotions if they do not have a clear plan. If you belong to this category of fans of slot machines, you will appreciate the Umbrella strategy, which implies a gradual change in accordance with the pattern elaborated in advance.
Chicken Slot Betting Strategy
A slot betting strategy called Chicken was invented by American fans of slot machines. It provides an opportunity to wager prudently and conservatively, which eliminates the probability of a quick loss. Therefore, despite the fact that it does not help to get an advantage over casinos, it can be beneficial.
Iron Cross Craps Betting Strategy
The Iron Cross craps betting system and its variation called Unbeatable Iron Cross are appreciated by many players, although neither one nor the other strategy is extremely profitable. Users just enjoy the fact that it is possible to lose only if 7 is rolled. Any other result brings profits.
The Martingale Again: Advices for Fans of this System
The Martingale strategy is the most famous betting system in the world that has been criticized countless number of times, but it continues to be popular among visitors of casinos. It cannot help you to overcome the house advantage embedded in gambling games, but this does not mean that it is absolutely useless to follow it. It's just a way to bet in accordance with a particular principle. We want to provide fans of this system with some advices.

Casino gambling strategies

If you ask an experienced casino player to describe the best game strategy, he's sure to ask clarifying questions. The term "game strategy" is too extensive to be considered generically without careful analysis of multiple nuances.

What do they mean by this concept? Often we are talking about entirely different fields. Thus, the authors of books on gambling articles at thematic sites may have in mind:

  • The overall set of measures aimed at achieving maximum results in the casino;
  • Algorithms or betting systems in a particular game;
  • The most profitable actions in terms of mathematical probability to be taken in different gaming situations;
  • Bankroll management methods and so on.

Moreover, gambling professionals in New Zealand relate differently to strategies for certain types of games. For example, while it is impossible to succeed without them in blackjack, and on roulette, they usually do not help to beat the casino.

How can a beginner understand the variety of strategies of the game? How to choose a useful one without wasting time and money on pacifiers? How a New Zealand player can win a casino, after all?

Winning casino games strategies

 The game strategy reviews from our experts will help the New Zealand players with this.

The right casino strategies

All strategies published on the pages of our New Zealand gambling guide are divided into thematic sections by genres. This structure will help quickly find the tips and tricks interesting for you. We consider both effective methods and fake systems.

Add that useful information and tips on different games also contained in the thematic subgroups of the "Articles".

When we say that the strategy is effective in New Zealand we mean the following:

It reduces casino mathematical advantage in certain game, thereby increasing the probability of winning.

If the system does not affect the RTP and casino advantage, we honestly warn readers about it.

Here are two examples:

  1. The basic strategy of blackjack helps to win;
  2. The martingale betting system does not help to win.

This principle is the basis of our interpretation of strategies, algorithms, and systems.

At the same time, we recognize that many techniques have a practical sense even without increasing the RTP. They help to organize the gameplay, control the movement of funds, monitor time limits and so on.

All pros and cons of casino game strategies are listed in reviews.

Roulette strategy

Over the years while roulette was one of the most popular casino games in New Zealand, dozens of well-known "win-win" strategies and systems have been suggested.

General recommendations for roulette from our New Zealand experts:

Choose the most profitable varieties of the game and give preference for certain bets. Among the classic versions, you should select French roulette with La Partage rule. Playing it on even chances, you will reduce the house edge to 1.35%.

This is the optimal strategy that we recommend both for beginners and experienced fans of the "Casino Queen".

Martingale, d'alembert, Thomas Donald and other authors' betting systems are also widely known in New Zealand. They can be used for different purposes, but they will not help you to beat a casino on roulette. These algorithms do not reduce the casino math advantage and do not increase chances for success.

However, we review them in detail so that the New Zealand players can get a comprehensive impression.

Poker strategy

Casinos offer different types of poker, including the ones where the player's opponent is the casino in the face of the virtual or real dealer. These include three-card poker; Texas hold'em, Caribbean stud, Oasis Poker, and others.

In all such versions, the result in one way or another depends on the customer's actions. Thus, the optimal poker strategy significantly increases the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Casinoz experts in New Zealand advise playing the main types of poker against the casino. The reviews consider the basic recommendations step by step by taking into account possible nuances and deviations from the standard rules.

Blackjack strategy

It is impossible to imagine a blackjack master who is not familiar with the principles of the basic strategy. This is the basis of the professional game for money.

If you want to achieve maximum results in New Zealand, you'll have to study its key provisions and learn how to apply them in practice. Also, you must be able to make adjustments to the game system to make it fit perfectly the variety of your choice.

Lets remind that playing blackjack on the basic strategy does not give one hundred percent guarantee of winning in each session. It only maximizes the victory probability.

In this section, Casinoz experts also explain the principles of card counting, shuffle tracking, sequencing and other methods, which New Zealand professionals have been using since long ago.

Our articles will teach you how to play correctly and often win in blackjack, will point out the features of strategies of less common variations and explain other nuances.

Craps strategy

Craps has a wide variety of bets. They include different indicators of the casino math advantage. The smaller it is, the more preferable the bet for the client.

This game allows you to reduce the casino advantage to the minimum if you follow the right strategy. It is described in detail in one of our articles. Believe us; these recommendations will teach you how to win at craps in New Zealand.

Also, enthusiasts have developed numerous algorithms and betting systems that may also be of interest to our readers in New Zealand. Read about them in particular reviews.

Table and card games strategies in New Zealand

Card and table casino games are not limited to varieties of poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps. This section also includes other games. Strategies have been developed for many of them, allowing you to play more efficiently.

These techniques are discussed in a separate subsection of Casinoz.

Video poker strategies

Video poker is one of the most profitable games for the New Zealand casino player. The return to the player may exceed 99.5%. But achieving this level is possible only with the help of an optimal gaming strategy, designed for particular video poker.

Our articles reveal the secrets of choosing the best video poker and game systems and discuss them along with step-by-step recommendations. They teach you how to play video poker professionally.

Betting systems and strategies for pokies

The sad truth is:

Most online pokies do not allow the player to affect the level of the RTP. In other words, the result depends exclusively on the random number generator. You have to rely on luck.

Except for pokies with different RTP levels. For example, it may increase on activation of bonus bets, on jackpot amount, promotion to the highest levels and so on.

The best strategy for pokies is to choose the most profitable games in means of the RTP.

You should also consider the level of variance, the range of bets, and some other indicators, which Casinoz experts talk about in the thematic articles.

Do not confuse recommendations for playing on casino pokies with so-called betting systems. Such methods are algorithms by which you need to change the amount at stake, based on the results of previous spins.

Betting systems do not help to win on pokies! You will not beat the casino with their help!

However, we discuss them in the reviews. Moreover, we recognize that they can be useful for many New Zealand gamblers. For example, they help to control the expenditure of funds, organize the gameplay, make it possible to monitor time spent at the casino and so on.

Read the articles for the pros and cons of betting systems on pokies.

Strategies for other casino games

Arcade games, scratch cards, lotteries, keno, bingo, simulation of betting on horse racing and other fun stuff, not included in other categories, are also widely represented at modern online casinos and pretty popular in New Zealand. No effective strategies exist for most of them.

Making a bet, the player is left to rely on his fortune, implemented in the work of the random number generator.

We talk about those rare cases when it is possible to affect the result of the drawing in the special section.

Strategy reviews at Casinoz

Publications about betting systems and strategies in New Zealand differ in style, a set of subsections and other characteristics. This is related to the unique features of different genres.

At the beginning of the review, we briefly introduce the game to the reader. We then present the technique under consideration.

If it requires a step-by-step explanation, we describe the system step by step, giving illustrative examples.

Many articles come with screenshots with templates of chips location on the playing field or table with data on all possible situations.

The strategy reviews end with a list of pros and cons.

Picking the best casino strategy

How to choose the best casino strategy?

First of all, decide what is your goal when playing for money.

  • If you are aiming for maximum results, be prepared to work hard. In New Zealand, a professional casino game is a job that does not always bring pleasure. Forget about creativity and diversity. You will find a monotonous and sometimes tedious process.
  • If you want to have fun without bothering yourself with confusing strategies and multi-level systems, give preference to simple gambling. Select games with the maximum return that does not require special knowledge and skills from you.

In any case, the recommendations of Casinoz New Zealand experts will allow you to avoid stupid mistakes and win more often.

After selecting a game, study the information in the thematic section. Look through the expert's recommendations. Find out what result you can reach. Figure out what you need to do.

When it comes to blackjack, poker or video poker, you will need to practice in free mode, and only then play for money. In the online casino, you can use cheat sheets, which makes it easier.

Casinoz experts in New Zealand will be happy to answer any questions regarding casino gambling strategies.


You can keep saying you come to an online casino to play for fun. But we know for sure that winning is much more pleasant than losing.

Every gambler of New Zealand needs to boost his level. The element of a strategy is present even in the simplest games with a fixed level of return to the player.

At least, you can learn how to plan a game process, control finances, derive maximum benefit from bonus offers and choose the most profitable games.

Stop to be among the New Zealand amateurs, mindlessly making bets at online casinos. Read strategy reviews at Casinoz and move on to a new level. We will teach you how to win at the casino.