Here we would tell those who doesn’t know and remind those who forgot: the best kind of roulette for game by the real bets is a French one with La Partage rule. This game is provided with the smallest math advantage of the casino. Moreover, a wider range of bets than in the European version is available here.

An excellent French roulette with a full translation to several European languages is presented by Play’N GO Company. Its name is simply French Roulette La Partage. The review of this game was prepared by the team of Casinoz and you can read it below. 

8.67 /10
Payout percent

Play French Roulette La Partage

French Roulette La Partage is an online roulette with French rules of game, which are carefully explained in the proper section of our website.

The numbers are located in the standard order at the wheel of this roulette. There is only one zero. The marking of the gaming table is also traditional. The fields of the external bets are located by both sides of the cells for the inside bets.

All standard inside bets are acceptable in French Roulette La Partage, such as per one, per two, per three, per four or six numbers), as well as a range of outside bets. The names of some of these bets are written in French: Mangue (small numbers), Passe (large numbers).

Moreover, it is possible to make oral bets in French Roulette La Partage online game. These bets can be of following types: neighbor bets (five numbers, situated one after another at the roulette track), sectors (voisins du zero, tiers du cylinder, orphelins en plein, orphelins a cheval, jeu 0), finals (finales en plein, finales a cheval), as well as jeu 7/9, red splits and black splits. If you are familiar with these kinds of roulette bets, please read the special articles at Casinoz.

The ranges of bets in French Roulette La Partage are indicated in the special table, which is situated at the table. It is possible to stake from one to one hundred credits per one number. The limits are also in force for the outside bets. The maximal acceptable bet per spin is one thousand credits.

La partage rule, which is in force in this kind of roulette, is worth of the special mention. It means that all the outside bets made by the player lose just a half in case zero is dropped out. The advantage of the casino is decreased exactly due to this rule in this online roulette.

The theoretical payback index of French Roulette La Partage online gambling game is 97,3%.

French Roulette La Partage Bonus games

The bonus rounds as well as prize payoffs of any kind are not provided by the rules of French Roulette La Partage.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in French Roulette La Partage game.

French Roulette La Partage Interface

Here we wouldn’t describe the functions of various buttons, which appear at the control panel of French Roulette La Partage, because the interface of this model is translated to several European languages, including the informational section and all dialog windows.

To select an amount of the bet, please use the images of chips, which can be placed at the field by mouse. After the winning number is determined, an additional window with image of increased wheel sector, where the ball stopped.

In the left top corner of the screen of French Roulette La Partage there is a table with the last winning numbers, as well as an informational line.

There are also several parameters of user’s settings in French Roulette La Partage online roulette, a detailed informational section and an ability to select the size of the screen.

It is not necessary to download French Roulette La Partage online roulette, because this game can be launched right in the browser at the website of the online casino.


French Roulette La Partage model is one of the best online version of French roulette. First of all, it offers the most profitable conditions of the game. Secondly, there it is possible to make the most various bets. At third, it is provided with multi-language interface. At fourth… Actually, it is going to take a long time to specify all the advantages of French Roulette La Partage. You can check it on your own when you personally test the roulette.

You can find advices by the strategy of playing French Roulette La Partage in the thematic articles at Casinoz. We are sue that you would find lots of useful information for you.

Where to play French Roulette La Partage for free or real money in New Zealand?

You can play French Roulette La Partage online roulette by the virtual or real bets in Unibet Casino. It is possible to launch this roulette even without registration in a fun mode in this online casino. Moreover, you can test it right at Casinoz as well.

We would be happy to know your opinion about French Roulette La Partage online game. Please write the reviews about this roulette in comments to the review. Moreover, please don’t be lazy to assign a grade to this game.

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