Roulette with two balls and fixed jackpots has been presented first in the popular live casino of Las-Vegas named «Tropicana» in 2014. It is an original version of this game with few unique features, which are not provided by traditional rules. The model we are going to talk about in the following review, is its online version, which was developed by the specialists of Felt Gaming company. All the features of this novelty are discussed in the article below.

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You can look for «Double Ball Roulette» in the online casinos powered by Felt Gaming software. Our reviewers were testing this roulette at the website of Unibet Casino without registration in a demo mode.
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How to Play Double Ball Roulette (Felt Gaming)

«Double Ball Roulette» is a free online roulette for online casinos with two balls. They are launched one after another in every spin. It is the game with European rules, which are presented by one zero and the special location of numbers from 1 to 36 at the wheel.
The game accepts inside and outside bets which are carefully described below. It is possible to stake from ten cents per number. The maximal inside bet is fifty credits, while outside bets are limited by one thousand credits. Bets on double hit vary from ten cents to ten credits. It is possible to stake up to one credit on jackpot.
As two balls double chances for win, payoff indexes of «Double Ball Roulette» are reduced comparing to the classic:
  • Straight Up – 17:1;
  • Split – 8:1;
  • Corner – 3:1;
  • Straight – 5:1;
  • Sixline – 2:1.
Two balls in every spin also affect the outside bets:
  • Black and red numbers – 1:1;
  • Black or red numbers – 3:1;
  • Small or Big numbers – 3:1;
  • Odd or even – 3:1;
  • Two numbers in the same column – 8:1;
  • Two numbers in the same dozen – 8:1;
  • Both balls at any same number – 35:1;
  • Two balls at picked number – 1200:1.
The bet on two balls at the same number is placed at the special track.
Moreover, «Double Ball Roulette» accepts bets by track. We mean neighbors and sectors. If you don't know its meaning, please read the article about the general rules of roulette.
The gameplay of «Double Ball Roulette» makes a small difference to the standard European, American or French roulettes. You need to pick tokens of appropriate value and place them at the field.
Then the virtual croupier launches two balls one after another. The player can choose the moment to launch the second ball.
If some of your bets draw, you are charged with payoffs. Here the round is over.


The jackpot of «Double Ball Roulette» is a payoff calculated by 1200:1 index. It is made when two balls stand on the number you have staked on.


The interface of this game consists of few screens. Three of them display betting fields of different types: inside, outside, on neighbors and sectors, as well as double hit of the ball. When the ball is launched, you can see the roulette wheel with fields at the right and the left. There is also an informational intro with general details of the bets and several pages of the informational section.
You can see many different elements at the interface. Just in case, we would like to explain functions of the most important of them:
  • Neighbours – the track for bets on neighbors and sectors.
  • 1200 – 1 Jackpot – the track for bets on jackpot.
  • Wheel – open the roulette wheel.
  • Undo – cancel last action.
  • Clear – clear the field.
  • Bet – open the field for inside and outside bets.
  • Spin – start a new spin.
  • Shoot – launch the second ball.
The double arrow at the left opens the informational section. There is the pay table, description of the rules and the settings window.
This game is available in a flash mode, so you don't need to download «Double Ball Roulette».

Should You Play for Real Money in New Zealand?

The rules of «Double Ball Roulette» game can seem complicated at the first sight, but it is easy to understand everything in a couple minutes of testing in a fun mode. You just need to understand the way of betting on two balls at the same number and get used to the unusual payoff indexes. Moreover, it is necessary to get used to the original interface of this model with its numerous screens, special panels, detailed informational section and other features.
Information about payback index of this roulette by different types of bets will be provided later. We will also give recommendations by the strategy then.
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