Best Lotteries 2023 (September)

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Casino Lotteries for New Zealanders

Lotteries are one of the most popular online gambling trends occupying a significant market segment. Moreover, it is the only legal form of gambling in many countries.

Please find out about the best offers of the year in our reviews.

What Is a Lottery?

First things first:

The lottery is a kind of gambling that draws prizes by randomly selecting winners.

Such offerings may have a different structure, prize fund, duration, number of participants, access, and other criteria.

This page does not cover private and government companies specializing in lotteries. You can read about them in the thematic section of Casinoz.

Here, we are happy to offer you the reviews of particular promotions held by land-based and online casinos.

Lotteries in Land-Based Casinos

Lottery cash raffles and valuable prizes have long been held in real casinos. This is a popular promotion that attracts many customers.

Most often, casino customers can get lottery tickets upon particular card combinations or other events during the gameplay.

On the finals day, lottery tickets are thrown into the reel, which picks the winners through a blind draw. Roulette or an analog of the fortune wheel can be used instead.

Casino lotteries may consist of several stages during which finalists are selected.

The most impressive lottery prize in a land-based casino is an expensive car. It is an old tradition in the industry. Usually, the vehicle is installed at the entrance to attract more customers. On the day of the draw, the ticket holders gather in the casino, enjoy the reception, watch the show, play for money, and hope to get a valuable prize.

Also, land-based casinos often hold mini-lotteries regularly. It can be monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly. Of course, they draw way smaller prizes.

Online Casino Lotteries

Unlike offline gambling, valuable prizes are not so popular at online casinos. Customers of an online casino may live in different corners of the world, so it will be hard for them to get a car or a motorcycle.

More often, online casinos draw money. Small events may offer bonus credits, comp points of the loyalty programs, and other prizes at stake.

An online casino may draw valuable prizes among customers from certain countries. For example, if the regular players' primary audience is UK residents, the site may draw cars, household appliances, and other large objects.

Lottery hosts often demonstrate creativity and surprise the customers with original terms and conditions. A great variety of such promotions doesn't make classifying them easy.

Let's take a look at the key features:

  • Prizes – Is it money, cars, electronics, loyalty program points, or anything else?
  • Tickets – How do players get a lottery ticket: gaming situations, deposits, visits, or other?
  • Structure – Does it consist of one or multiple stages?
  • Participation – Is it free or paid?
  • Access – Who can participate in it?
  • Duration – How long does the event last?
  • Frequency – Is it a one-time or regular lottery?
  • Picking the winners – Who wins?
  • Restrictions – Who cannot take part in it?
  • Distribution of the prize fund – How many participants can be?
  • Other aspects are all sorts of additional items.

The reviews of casino lotteries published above will help to understand the features of each one.

best online casino lotteries

How to Choose the Best CasinoLottery

When considering a new lottery, look into the following aspects. They will help you decide whether you should participate.

  1. Prize Fund – Check out what's at stake and which part of the prize fund goes to the winners. Perhaps, you'll not be interested in the potential rewards.
  2. Time and place – Check your schedule. Will you be able to attend the raffle? This is especially important for customers of land-based casinos. Usually, if the ticket holder doesn't show up, he can't claim the prize.
  3. Restrictions – Check whether you have the right to participate in the lottery in advance. For example, online casinos may block access to events for residents of certain countries.
  4. Competition – If the prize fund is small and there are several thousand participants, is it worth spending time and money? Also, make sure that you will be able to compete with the local high-rollers if the terms of the event provide them with significant advantages.

Many casinos arrange lotteries as a way of motivating the customers. They do not require customers to pay for tickets but gift them in certain situations. Such promotions are the most attractive for regular players because they can win a big prize without risking anything or taking additional effort.

Welcome to read our articles about casino lotteries on the website.

Lottery Reviews on Casinoz

We offer the following content for the casino lottery reviews:

  • Introduction – general info;
  • Schedule – when and where;
  • How to sign up – steps you need to take to participate in the lottery;
  • Rules – general rules;
  • Prizes – prize fund units, their size, and terms of distribution between the winners,
  • Other promotions – other events at the casino,
  • Conclusion – conclusions about the draw;
  • Pros and cons – the main advantages and disadvantages.

Casino lottery reviews describe the key features: number of players, size of the entry fee, registration requirements, duration, frequency, and so on.

We advise you to read reviews of the actual players. Real user stories are a gold mine when it comes to helpful information. They help to make a clear impression and make the right decision.


Lotteries at online casinos and land-based houses can be exciting and profitable. Free lotteries with impressive prize funds are in the highest demand.

To avoid missing the best lottery of the year, follow the updates on this page, but don't forget to study the T&C carefully.

Frequently asked Questions

💶 Do New Zealand online casinos offer lotteries?

Lotteries are not the most popular promotions in the internet gambling industry, but some websites do offer them. 

💵 What can I win in an online casino lottery in New Zealand?

You can win bonuses, free spins, real money, electronics, cars, etc. 

💴 How do internet casino players get lottery tickets?

Gambling websites can give lottery tickets for deposits, real money bets, etc.