Best Online Other (Arcade) Strategies

23 December in 17:52
Kavouras Strategy
The Kavouras roulette betting system uses only one scheme of the arrangement of chips, which is repeated in all spins. To follow it, you need eight ch...
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Denis Anipchenko
24 October in 16:11
Naked Pulls Strategy
There are many different slot betting systems. Most of them are related to changes in the bet size. The Naked Pulls strategy differs from them because...
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Strategies for Playtech Arcade Games
Strategies for Playtech Arcade Games
Many arcade games by Playtech allow users to make some decisions during the gameplay. This means there is an element of strategy in them. You can use it to influence the outcome. We have prepared brief recommendations concerning some of these games. Our tips are based on the calculations of the famous expert.

Strategies for Unusual Casino Games

The software developers for online casinos often surprise the customers with original games that are difficult to attribute to any traditional genre. These games have an unusual design, unique gameplay features, previously unseen bonuses, and other non-standard characteristics.

In the reviews and articles on Casinoz, we call them entertaining gambling. Sometimes, we may also use the term "arcade casino games." Perhaps these names may not seem accurate enough to someone, but the main thing is that you understand what we are talking about.

Variety of casino arcade games

This section of the site teaches how to play such games. It's not always possible to recommend tactics and strategy because sometimes the result depends solely on fortune and random number generator. If the client can affect the outcome, we provide practical advice.

Types of Unique Casino Games in New Zealand

First, don't be fooled by the word "entertaining". All these games allow you to play for money at the casino. At the same time, most have elementary and intuitive rules.

The gameplay is also not challenging. Sometimes you need to press a single button and watch what is happening on the screen.

The downside is that they often have a relatively high house edge.

Classifying these games is very difficult because of the vast diversity. We can divide them into the following categories:

  1. Three in a row is a game in which you must make a chain of the same elements.
  2. Simulators simulate popular video games, sports, board games, bar visitors games, and so on.
  3. Turn-based games – games in which you need to walk on cells.

Also, development studios can offer unique games entirely created by their imagination.

How to Win in Arcade Casino Games

The first thing you should do when facing such games is to clarify all characteristics.

  • Check the return to player level. If the RTP is too low, it is better to prefer slot machines, roulette, or some other game.
  • Sometimes the game has bonus bets. Could you find out how they affect the return?
  • If there are several types of bets in the game, they likely have different house edge levels. Use the options with the best chances for you.

In the articles in this section, you will find practical tips on playing specific games by particular producers.

Casino games tips


First of all, carefully read the reviews on Casinoz. We try to provide comprehensive information about the games there.

You will learn the RTP in different situations, the level of volatility, whether additional bets affect the return, and so on. If the player's actions affect the outcome of the round, we give recommendations on the strategy.