Asian Games Rules for New Zealand Gamblers

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This is one of the versions of games played with dice. It is popular in Japan and China. It is also called "Cee-lo" in China. In other countries, to which it was brought by Chinese immigrants, it is referred to as "See-Low", "Four-Five-Six", as well as...
If you travel around Japan, you will definitely come across the gambling establishments in the big cities that are crowded with fans of gambling. In such halls locals play pachinko machines, which are a cross between pinball and video slots. The rules for pachinko are discussed in the article published on the website Casinoz.

Rules of Asian casino games

The history of Asian gambling extends thousands of years back. Gambling is incredibly popular in India, China, and Japan since time immemorial. Mentions can be found in ancient manuscripts.

Not a long time ago, citizens of many Asian countries had to travel to other continents to visit casinos. However, now the gambling business in Asia is developing at a tremendous pace. Suffice to say, that in 2015, the total income of the industry in Macau alone was almost thirty billion dollars.

Online casinos are also in high demand among Asian gamblers. Many software developers regularly release pokies, and games of other genres, focusing on customers from these countries.

Asian casino games

Rules of the games originated in Asia, which are highly popular among the residents are discussed in the articles on this page.

According to statistics, users from Asian countries prefer the following casino games:

  • Mahjong was invented in China more than two and a half thousand years ago. Initially, it was not intended for gambling houses, but later the operators developed a version for casinos. Currently, Mahjong is presented in numerous variations, allowing to offer the game to New Zealand customers too.
  • Pachinko is reminiscent of the pinball machines with elements of pokies. The game is in the highest demand among the Japanese, though it is also quite popular in some other Asian countries, as well as in New Zealand. It is not commonly met at online casinos, although it can be found in the libraries of several well-known software developers.
  • Pai Gow Poker was invented by Sam Torosian, based on an ancient Chinese game with dominoes. Now it is widely spread also at New Zealand online casinos.
  • Sic Bo – this is another game that arose in China a few thousand years ago. Although it is available in most of the major online casinos, it is most popular among the players from Asia.
  • Chinchirorin – this dice game is beloved by the residents of China and Japan. It is also called Cee-lo, or See-Low.

Also, baccarat and keno are popular among Asian gambling fans. In particular, tables for baccarat collect the maximum number of players in Macau casinos. The rules of these games are discussed on the other pages of Casinoz New Zealand.

Asian live games with real dealers in New Zealand

"Live" online casinos, where real dealers work, also offer games for Asia. For example, Pai Gow Poker and SIC Bo are available in many of them, and baccarat is represented in almost all New Zealand live casinos.

Also note that the largest houses with real dealers usually have staff who speak Chinese, Japanese and other languages of the Asian continent.

How to choose the best Asian casino game?

When choosing a game, look into the following parameters:

  1. RTP – the higher the return to player, the higher the chances of success. Prefer games with maximum RTP and minimum house edge.
  2. Rules – if you prefer games with simple rules, it is not necessary to complicate your lives to the study the ones with confusing gameplay and complex calculations.
  3. Skills and abilities – the result of some games depends on good luck. In others, the customer must make decisions that affect the outcome of the round.
  4. Volatility – in gambling this indicator is also called variance and variability. We discuss the details in the special publications at Casinoz. In short, it indicates the likelihood of a discrepancy between the return to player and actual results in a single game session.
  5. Availability – not all games can be found in certain casinos. Of course, online gambling significantly expands the boundaries, but some restrictions remain in effect.
  6. Financial opportunities – choosing a new game, pay attention to the betting range.
  7. Format – if you prefer to play on your smartphone or with real dealers in a live casino, check whether the game is available in this format.
  8. Personal preferences – all of the above does not make sense if you don't like the game. Visits to the casino have to deliver pleasure.

Of course, the choice of gambling entertainment is always purely subjective, but do not forget about the most important objective parameters, which increase the chances of winning at the casino. Why waste money thoughtlessly if you can make a profit.

How to win Asian casino games

How to win in Asian games?

To win as often as possible, we recommend adhering to the following procedure:

  • Study of characteristics: RTP, volatility, betting range and so on;
  • Analysis of the rules and gameplay to the last detail;
  • Selection of the optimal game strategy;
  • Practice in the free demo version;
  • Choose the best casino with the T&C that suits you.

Starting to play for money, do not rush to make big bets. Raise the amount at stake step by step.

Rules of Asian games at Casinoz New Zealand

The articles in this section cover the rules of the most popular Asian casino games in New Zealand. Publications may vary in structure, but they all include:

  • General description;
  • Basic rules;
  • Required gear;
  • Gameplay;
  • Bonuses and prizes;
  • Progressive and fixed jackpots;
  • Quick tips on tactics and strategy;
  • Tips for choosing the best casinos;
  • Summary.

New Zealand readers are welcome to write reviews, ask questions, and offer their recommendations to beginners below the articles. You can also join the discussion.


Many games presented in this section are interesting not only for Asian people. They are also in high demand among New Zealand customers. If you are open to all kinds of gambling entertainment, this field will surely entice you.

Read the rules of Asian games at Casinoz New Zealand, learn professional tips, choose the best games of well-known developers, and trust money only the honest online casinos.