Honest Online Casinos

Thousands of gambling sites can be found on the web nowadays. This works in the users' favor, as fierce competition in New Zealand forces the owners of online casinos to make significant concessions and offer generous bonuses to customers. On the other hand, it is hard to find really high-quality and, most importantly, honest New Zealand casinos among a huge number of websites.

You must be sure that you can trust your money to reliable operators. Otherwise, all the advantages of online games are useless. What's the point of good bonuses, high return to the player, comp points, and cashback if the casino management is not going to transfer your payouts?

Which Online Casinos are Honest?

New Zealand readers often ask how to understand whether a casino is honest or not. The answer to this question cannot be simple and uncomplicated. While searching for a trustworthy site, you will have to pay attention to a number of factors, verify numerous data, visit various websites, communicate with employees of the support service, and do a lot of other things that require considerable effort.

At the same time, New Zealand gamblers should never forget about other factors that could mislead them. The most common are:

  • Subjective attitude
  • Paid-for reviews
  • Black PR.

You can spend a lot of time searching, but eventually, you will become a customer of a site, which is far from being an honest casino.

A much more efficient and reliable way is to trust the experts of Casinoz New Zealand. Our specialists will honestly rate online casinos based on their years-long experience in the New Zealand gambling business. They pay attention to many important aspects, verify the permits, communicate with representatives of relevant organizations, and personally test gambling sites.

Their activities in this field have resulted in creating the rating of honest casinos that can be recommended to our New Zealand readers.

How Do We Act?

We consider the following when compiling the list:

  • Licenses – a casino should have all the permits issued by a reliable regulator for carrying out such activities.
    Independent experts – a big advantage for a site are certificates issued by large audit companies.
  • Transparency – a site should provide all key data about the founders: owners, operators, addresses of representative offices, copies of licenses, etc.
  • Software – a really fair casino uses only licensed software developed by reliable producers.
  • RTP – it is a positive sign if data on return to the player in all games is published on the site. Data on the real payout percentage in different categories of games should also be available.
  • Data protection – trustworthy gambling sites protect funds and personal data of New Zealand customers using modern encryption protocols. In addition, they fight against all kinds of fraud.
  • Support service – representatives of the support service should respond to visitors' requests as soon as possible, even if an unregistered New Zealand user contacts them.
  • Dispute resolution – most honest online casinos cooperate with independent organizations that act as intermediaries in dealing with conflict situations that may arise with customers.

Of course, not all reliable and reputable gambling sites can boast compliance with all the requirements listed above. There are dozens of various online casinos on the web, which neither involve third parties to solve disputes nor collaborate with audit companies, but still, successfully operate and are trusted by thousands of New Zealand gamblers.

The impeccable credibility is the best confirmation of reliability and integrity. However, if we are talking about a little-known site or just a new casino, every even insignificant advantage in the checklist approaches the casino to the list of honest casinos.

Everything flows, everything changes, and we also change our rating time after time. Some websites try to improve their credibility, whereas the others spoil their reputation by actions that seem to be unworthy of reputable gambling operators, and we have to respond to such situations.

What Casino Is the Most Honest?

Is it appropriate to talk about degrees of comparison in relation to fairness? We think that it is not. If the gambling house deliberately deceived any New Zealand customer, we wonder whether it is possible to consider it decent. Any case of fraud is symptomatic.

We have a very sensitive attitude towards this issue. However, at the same time, we understand that not all complaints against the operators are reasonable. New Zealand users often break rules for obtaining bonuses, gamble unskillfully, or refuse to follow some rules, and then accuse the gambling sites of deception. Casinoz New Zealand always tries to find the truth before making conclusions.

The list includes honest online casinos that allow wagering US and New Zealand dollars, Euro, and other currencies. We are talking about popular gambling houses that do their best to earn the trust of New Zealand users. They try to work as transparently as possible, provide information about the founders, fight against fraudsters, use high-quality software, and help customers immediately after their first request.

We do not claim that they are the only reliable gambling sites. However, their presence in our rating confirms that their ideas of fair gambling are similar to our principles. Therefore, we recommend that our readers should take a closer look at them.

If you are not satisfied with your online casino, the list mentioned above will help you to find a suitable one. Use it as a checklist when you consider joining a website.

Keep in mind a quotation of Robert Louis Stevenson:

"We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend".

We hope that our recommendations will help New Zealand players to find a reliable companion in the field of online gambling.

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Casino X (Casino X)
The payout percentage
96.72 %
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RTP 96.72 %
Games: 2886
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Games: 2932
rating: ? /10
RTP 95 %
Games: 2705
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Joy Casino (Joycasino)
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Games: 2681
rating: ? /10
5 place of 659
Booi Casino (Booi casino)
The payout percentage
Number of comments
Games: 2149
rating: ? /10
RTP 95.5 %
Games: 2616
rating: ? /10
RTP 96 %
Games: 1484