Recently, online casinos and affiliate program representatives often offered us to become their partners. We are eager to cooperate and try to make the negotiations as simple and comfortable as possible. That is why we have created this page.

Before writing to us, find out what requirements we establish for our potential partners and make sure that you meet them all.

You should also know what information you must provide us with to place a review of your casino on our website.

Cooperation Policy

First, you must adhere to the fair and responsible gaming policy.

To avoid ambiguity, let us point out what we find unacceptable.

  • Casinoz does not cooperate with casinos that have compromised their reputations.
  • If we have started dealing with a casino, and it begins to cheat the clients, we will cease our partnership immediately.
  • We do not trade places in our Top 10 Casinos or positions in any other rating scales on our website.

Our conclusions about the honesty of internet casinos and the quality of their services are based on our research, reviews of real customers, and information from other sources.

Terms of Partnership

You probably do not want to go into prolonged discussions of the terms of cooperation. We suppose you would prefer to publish the information about your online casino on Casinoz as soon as possible. We are interested in this too.

We have a big team, but every one of our specialists is married to his/her job. That is why you have to do the following:

  1. It costs 1000 to place a review of your internet casino on Casinoz. You have to pay for each website separately if you have several websites.
  2. Open a casino review from our Top 10 (for example, Booi Casino). Take it as the basis and write your project review in all languages (or for specific countries) you need. Stick to the plan. Mind the sequence of sections. Provide us with all the required information.
  3. On the Testimonial page of your internet casino or your affiliate program, place a direct link to Casinoz (you can use your banner ads). 
  4. You must also provide us with several contact options: Telegram, email, Skype, etc.

Keep in mind:

Point number 1 is not subject to bargaining. It is invariable for all partners.

Follow these terms, and the review of your online casino will be published on Casinoz in no time.

We keep the right to amend the reviews of casinos.

Definition of Partnership

We abide by the following principles:

  • The cooperation should be mutually advantageous.
  • The partnership must benefit the community of gamblers and gambling operators.

We encourage the colleagues:

Be honest. Do not forget about your responsibilities to partners and customers.

Let us work together for the welfare of the gambling industry.


Visit the Contacts page of Casinoz if you want to start cooperating with us.