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Casino customers often lose. Regularly remain in the red even professionals, not to mention beginners and inexperienced users. Unfortunately for players and fortunately for operators, gambling enthusiasts lose money every day, every hour and even every minute.
The whole sphere of gambling is based on this. If visitors always won, this industry would die out before it could develop.

Why do casinos win over customers? At the expense of what they manage to prevail even over seasoned experts? This is described in separate articles at Casinoz, so it does not make sense to repeat in this publication.

Another question arises:

How to keep a visitor who has lost list luck in the casino?

Let's agree, if you lose big in one institution, there is a great temptation to change it to another club. This is especially often done by superstitious people or customers who doubt the integrity of the casino.

What do operators do to get unlucky players to come back? They offer them a variety of bonuses. Perhaps the most effective in this case is the cashback. It will be discussed further.

What is casino cashback?

Let's start with the definition of the term:

Cashback – return to the client of the lost money.

The amount of cashback is calculated by the total amount that the player left in the institution. The second parameter is a certain percentage, stipulated in advance by the rules of the action. It may depend on different criteria:

  • User status,
  • Client activity,
  • The amount of loss and so on.

For example, the casino returns 15% weekly. The gambler deposited one thousand dollars, and by the end of the week, he had nine hundred dollars left in his balance. He is entitled to such a sum of payment: (1000 – 900)*15% = $15.

The basic principle of cashback was not invented in gambling. It has been used in the banking industry for many decades. Some well-known banks have made favorable cashback conditions their main "chip", attracting numerous customers.

But cashback in the casino is different from this offer in the financial sphere.

In banks, people are rewarded for using plastic cards and carry out other operations. They do not lose money but spend it in exchange for goods and services. Cashback becomes a pleasant addition for them and an incentive to continue cooperation with the institution.

At the casino, players who are unlucky are deprived of funds. Yes, they had fun and gained impressions, but it is unlikely that these emotions are positive. For them, cashback is a consolation and an opportunity to gamble further.

In other words, in a bank, cashback is a tool for earning money, and in a casino, it is a way to partially hedge against the complete loss of a bankroll.

In the gambling business cashback appeared before the advent of Internet gambling. Many real casinos have long ago returned some of the lost money to customers. This practice has survived to this day, although it is not very common to call it. However, offline this offer usually applies only to VIPs, and online this promotion is often valid even for beginners.

Types of online casino cashback

What is casino cashback? There are no uniform rules of promotion in gambling, so each institution can introduce its own conditions.

Note that the vast majority of operators charge cashback for a net loss (Net Losses Cashback). Much less common are promotions, according to which the return is calculated by other criteria: the number of deposits, total revenue or some other parameters.

Let's highlight the main characteristics of cashback, according to which it can be conditionally classified:

  • Customer type – is it a promotion for new or regular customers, for all players or VIP?
  • Frequency – Calculated daily, weekly, monthly or on some other schedule?
  • Size – what is the percentage of cashback calculation? It can start with 1% and reach very large figures.
  • Amount – Is there a maximum limit? Often you can not get more than the prescribed amount.
  • Games – do all games earn cashback? Sometimes it works only on certain slots or is not available on specified models.
  • Units – Cashback paid in real money or bonus credits? In the second case, it can only be played.
  • Wager – If the cashback is provided in the form of bonuses, how many times does it need to be wagered?
  • Compatibility with other promotions – Can I participate in multiple events at the same time?

Often, online casinos introduce individual cashback conditions for players whom they consider promising.

Casino cashback rules

Now let's take a closer look at some important features of online casino cashback.

What can be the percentage of cashback?

Casinoz did not conduct a study to find out the average performance of cashback at online casinos. However, judging by the observations of observers of the portal and real players, most often the return is in the range from 5% to 20%. Sometimes it goes up to 25% or even 30%.

Values of less than 5% are rare because such a proposal is unlikely to interest customers. However, sometimes new customers can only count on a minimum cashback, not exceeding a couple of percents.

If the online casino has a loyalty program with several levels, the cashback increases when the status of the player increases. The difference between the starting value and the maximum return can be enormous.

In what units is cashback accrued?

The main formats are two:

  1. Cashback is provided with real money. In this case, the client can use them for the game or immediately order the payment.
  2. The refund comes in the form of bonus credits. They can also be withdrawn, but first, you need to win back these funds.

If we are talking about the second option, it is necessary to study the requirements of the wager. Usually, they are not very hard. It is enough to scroll through the cashback several times, making bets on the desired amount.

However, you should find out which games you can win back cashback. Sometimes this cannot be done on blackjack, video poker, roulette, and other high RTP models. Other restrictions may apply.

In what games is cashback available?

Most often, it does not matter which games the client lost money. If the casino operates a cashback system, it in any case receives a refund on the agreed terms.

But sometimes there are promotions in which cashback is valid only on certain slots. Usually, in this way the institution attracts customers to certain games.

Is there a maximum amount of cashback?

Not always. Many large online casinos determine the percentage of return and do not limit the amount of payment. In fact, the operator is interested in the fact that the client loses as much as possible, and is ready to encourage it in any way.

However, sometimes maximum limits are set, which is especially important for high rollers. If you are going to play on large rates, immediately specify this point.

VIP cashback at the online casino

The best online casinos provide VIP clients with cashback on special conditions. This is expressed as follows:

  • First of all, the percentage increases.
  • There are usually no maximum limits.
  • The refund is provided either with real money or with bonus funds with a minimum wager.
  • Cashback can be accrued frequently or on a flexible schedule.

In addition, it can be supplemented by other services and promotions.

Cashback for adventive players

First, let's define who is meant by this definition:

Adventury Player - a casino client who plays for the result, to achieve which he uses any available means.

These are professionals who choose to gamble with the maximum return, play according to the optimal strategy, resort to the help of additional tricks and try to get the maximum benefit from all the shares of the institution.

In the long run, the professional often remains in the black, so he does not rely on cashback. But within a day, a week, or even a month, he may be a loser. Accordingly, he has the right to expect a refund. This helps him gain mathematical superiority over the casino for a long time.

By understanding this, operators can impose restrictions on onadventive players. Such clauses can be spelled out in rules, but more often all boils down to point in the spirit of:

"The administration of the institution has the right to refuse a player in cashback at its sole discretion."

However, in the history of gambling, there have been many cases when cunning clients received huge amounts of cashback, taking advantage of imperfections in promotions rules.

Other promotions for regular players

Cashback is not the only offer that gambling operators make to loyal and valuable players. Institutions try to retain customers with the help of such actions:

  • The loyalty program is a system of various rewards of different types. It usually consists of statuses. The higher the level, the more privileges the client is entitled to. Often, as part of the loyalty program, players receive points for bets. Accumulated points can be exchanged for money. When moving to a higher status, the client usually relies on gifts: free bonuses, free spins, and so on.
  • Personal no deposit – free casino bonuses are awarded not only for registration. Often, the institution pleases players with such actions on an individual basis.
  • Reload bonuses – Regular Deposit bonuses are available in most establishments.
  • Free tournaments – Customers simply play for money in the usual mode and automatically become participants of slot tournaments. If you manage to enter the number of winners, they receive real money, bonuses, comp points, free spins or valuable gifts.
  • Prize draws – these promotions can be arranged on different terms.
  • Races – a special format of high-speed tournaments is Meant. The winners are usually the customers who have gained the maximum number of points during the game.
  • Gifts – most often gambling sites give birthday gifts, but other options are possible.

Of course, the maximum number of privileges available to VIP players. In the best casinos, they get increased cashback, regular large bonuses, invitations to closed events, inflated limits on input and output, accelerated payments and much more.

How to choose an online casino with cashback?

We recommend you to pay attention to the gambling establishments from the top 10 casinos on Casinoz. Most of them offer customers cashback on favorable terms and many other bonuses.

In the reviews of online casinos on this portal, cashback is considered in the sections about promotions and VIP programs.

We also advise you to follow the publications at the Casinoz forum. Representatives of many online casinos conduct topics dedicated to promotions.

Full information about cashback should be specified on the official website of the institution. The rules can be changed and supplemented, so you should check the data directly in the casino.

Cashback FAQ

Finally, a few common questions about cashback.

How is cashback calculated?

  • By the amount of loss and a certain percentage.

Is cash back only good for high rollers?

  • No, this promotion is of interest to all regular customers.

What is the cashback that differs from the bonuses?

  • It is calculated if you lost more than you won during the reporting period.

Can I withdraw cashback from the casino?

  • Yes, but sometimes you have to play it a few times first.

Do you have any other questions about cashback? Ask them in the comments.


How to treat cashback in the casino? Should we count on it? How effective is this promotion for customers? Was it playing into the hands of the establishment?

When you study the offers of a new online casino, you do not want to think about losing. Your head has spinning thoughts about large payouts, generous bonuses, free spins, comp points and other tempting opportunities.

But the reality is harsh. It is merciless to people who do not remove rose-colored glasses. Remember:

All regular customers of the casino periodically lose.

Therefore, if the casino has a cashback system with favorable conditions, consider it as a big plus. Let the fortune be kind to you and will not allow you to take advantage of this action. But if this capricious lady gets angry at you, cashback can help to survive and wait out the black streak.

Share your opinions about online casino cashback in the comments. Write reviews, inform about the best sites with large cashback and tell about your experience.

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