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6 June in 06:32
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Singapore attracts millions of tourists. Many people visit the country to gamble at luxurious casinos. However, not all customers know the Singapore c...
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Gambling tycoons
4 January in 17:39
Bugsy Siegel, the Most Charming Gangster in the Las Vegas History
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Bonus Hunting
2 October in 15:06
Bets for Bonus Wagering
Online casinos offer very enticing promotions. Indeed, among them, there are options we can safely recommend to our readers, but some bonuses are almo...
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Cashback at Online Casinos Cashback at Online Casinos
Cashback at Online Casinos
Have you ever received cashback at an online casino? Do you know how this kind of bonus works? Do you understand all the nuances of the rules? The article tells everything a player needs to know about cashback. If such actions are not new to you, read the material for comprehensive information. You will learn how to earn cashback, who can claim it, how to use it, and what to pay attention to.
High Rollers' Privileges at Online Casinos High Rollers' Privileges at Online Casinos
High Rollers' Privileges at Online Casinos
Casinos have a house edge in almost all games. In the long run, they get a part of customers' bets. Thus, the more players wager, the more clubs earn. That is why casinos try to attract and hold high rollers who make large bets. They offer them various benefits, privileges, gifts, and unique services. Please read more about them in the article.
How Bonus Hunters Change Casino Bonus T&C How Bonus Hunters Change Casino Bonus T&C
How Bonus Hunters Change Casino Bonus T&C
Now it is challenging to play through online casino bonuses, although wagering requirements were not so strict a few years ago. Gambling operators had to tense the rules due to bonus hunters. Thus, players from some countries may not claim bonuses in many popular internet casinos. The terms and conditions of such promotions have been getting more stringent, making them less attractive to regular customers.
Cashback at Online Casinos Cashback at Online Casinos
Cashback at Online Casinos
No player will refuse to get back a part of the money lost in a casino. Many gambling websites and some land-based clubs offer this promotion known as cashback. In the article, we will discuss the basic types, standard rules, and other peculiarities of cashback.
Bonus Wagering Max Bets Bonus Wagering Max Bets
Bonus Wagering Max Bets
Terms for withdrawing bonuses can be different. Usually, they relate to the size of the total bet. Often, however, there is a rule that the client trying to play through the bonus cannot make big bets. Not everyone knows why casinos introduced this rule.
Which Casino Bonuses Should You Reject? Which Casino Bonuses Should You Reject?
Which Casino Bonuses Should You Reject?
Online casino bonuses are desirable for inexperienced players. Often users do not even bother to read their terms. But not all bonuses are beneficial for the customers. You better not use many of them. We will talk next about when to do it.
Online Casino Bonus Types Online Casino Bonus Types
Online Casino Bonus Types
Online casino bonuses are meant to attract new players and encourage loyal customers. The variety of promotions on gambling websites makes it difficult to categorize them, but we will try to offer Casinoz readers some bonus classification.
What You Must Know about Online Casino Bonuses What You Must Know about Online Casino Bonuses
What You Must Know about Online Casino Bonuses
Online casino bonuses lure new customers and keep a tight grip on loyal players. Reward programs of many casinos consist of various offerings, including no deposit bonuses, bonus credits upon deposits, free spins, comp points of the loyalty program, giveaways, lotteries, and other opportunities. Let's discuss the pros and cons in the following article.
Can You Believe Bonus Hunters' Stories? Can You Believe Bonus Hunters' Stories?
Can You Believe Bonus Hunters' Stories?
Bonus... This word attracts customers to online casinos. Bonus hunters' stories (or those who mistakenly classify themselves as bonus hunters) are even sweeter to the ears of fans of cheap things. But do not believe everything you hear on this topic. Most of these fictional stories occurred long ago when getting bonuses in the casinos was much easier than today. The difference between the desired and the real things are described in this article.
History of Casino Bonus Hunting History of Casino Bonus Hunting
History of Casino Bonus Hunting
In recent years, the number of bonus hunters is rapidly dying (or simply disguised). The main reason is strict measures of casinos to fight all types of freeloaders. Casinoz offers its readers a short article about the history of bonus-hunting, its current fate, and future prospects.
How Casinos Encourage Customers How Casinos Encourage Customers
How Casinos Encourage Customers
Most online casinos try to encourage regular customers with various methods. They hold free tournaments, have loyalty programs, give personal bonuses, and so on. We have reviewed the main types of promotions in the gambling industry so you know what offers to expect at internet casinos.
Online Casinos and Bonuses Online Casinos and Bonuses
Online Casinos and Bonuses
If you see advertising of online casinos promising you mountains of gold in endless bonuses, do not rush to register, make a deposit, get it from the casino, and run for a game table. Most bonuses are not gifts. You must clear them before you may withdraw the money. In the process, you can have many surprises if you do not read the rules carefully. We'll tell you what is necessary to pay attention to and teach you how to look for the best bonuses and fulfill the wagering requirements.

Best Online Casino Bonuses 2023

Variety of casino bonuses

Bonus hunters visit online casinos, bookmakers, poker rooms, and other gambling sites solely for promotions. They get bonus credits and do everything possible to cash out these funds quickly and with minimal loss.

Of course, gambling operators worldwide are not happy with such a practice. They treat bonus hunters as rule breakers and punish them mercilessly. Read our articles about various aspects of this issue on Casinoz.

Types of Casino Bonuses in 2023

There are different types of casino bonuses in online gambling. They are often offered on unique terms. But the key options are:

  • No-deposit bonuses are money the casino provides, not requiring the client to deposit funds. This promo often applies to new customers and can be claimed only once. Usually, the wins are only allowed to be withdrawn after making your first deposit.
  • Deposit match bonuses are bonus credits charged upon the (few) first deposit. The bonus amount is a certain percentage of the deposit. The maximum limit is applied. For example, there can be a 100% match bonus of up to 300 euros. These promotions may be valid for newcomers and regular customers.
  • Free spins – We are talking about free spins on popular slot machines. Usually, their T&Cs are strictly regulated. It specifies the number of spins, the size of the bet, the maximum win, and so on.
  • Cashback is the return of lost money. An online casino can provide cashback in different ways. Its size is usually expressed in percentages. The maximum amount can also be set. Terms may vary depending on the customer's status.
  • Comp points are charged to loyal players for real money wagers. They can be exchanged for money. The rate depends on the client's level.
  • High roller bonuses are special promotions for VIP clients. It can be offered individually on different terms.
  • Payment method bonuses are deposit bonuses. They are provided if the player deposits by the preferred payment method.

These and other casino bonuses are carefully discussed in feature articles at Casinoz. Read them if you take your first steps in online gambling.

Restrictions on Casino Bonuses in New Zealand

Bonuses are not available to all players. Even if the site allows a player to open an account, it does not necessarily mean he can participate in promotions.

Often, all bonuses or particular offers do not apply to residents of certain countries and regions.

Also, you can not combine multiple promotions if the rules of the bonus program do not say the opposite. For example, if you haven't met free spins requirements, you will likely not get a bonus on the first deposit.

All such restrictions are specified in the user agreement.

Bonus Wagering Requirements

Almost any bonus has a so-called wager. It is expressed as a multiplier: X20, X30, X80, etc.

This multiplier indicates how many times you need to wager the bonus. For example, a bonus of 100 dollars with a wager of X30 means you have to stake 300 dollars.

Sometimes wager applies to the amount of the bonus and the deposit. In such cases, it is more difficult to roll over the bonus.

Gambling operators always introduce several additional rules called the wagering requirements. Most of the terms do not make the lives of gamblers easier. Here are the main points:

  1. It is often impossible to win back the bonus in many casino games: blackjack, video poker, etc.
  2. In some games, only a part of the bets is taken into account: 50%, 20%, or just 2%.
  3. Usually, it is not allowed to use gambling features on slots and video poker for rollover.
  4. Most casinos prohibit wagering bonuses by betting simultaneously on red and black, odd and even, large and small numbers, or other mutually exclusive positions in roulette.
  5. Betting systems are often prohibited.

Make sure you always read the bonus terms and the wagering requirements carefully. As they say, ignorance of the law does not exempt from responsibility. You will not get the money if you break at least one point.

Bonus Hunting at Online Casinos in 2023

Of all the promotions made by online casinos, bonus hunters prefer free bonuses. This money is credited without a deposit, so they don't have to risk their own money.

Also, bonus hunters are attracted by large deposit match bonuses if they have a small wager.

However, the modern realities of gambling are such that bonus hunting is getting more complex every day. Casinos adhere to KYC policy ("Know your client"). They ask for copies of the documents and verify players. Many request copies of documents at the first withdrawal of funds.

If the casino finds out that the client has registered twice, his account is immediately blocked.

Also, the wagering requirements are now pretty strict at most online casinos. It isn't easy to win back a casino bonus.

In short, bonus hunting is not easy.

Articles on Bonus Hunting on Casinoz

We discuss various points of this trend on our website. Some of the topics:

  • Features of different types of bonuses,
  • Bonus hunting challenges in current online casinos,
  • Methods to fight against bonus hunters,
  • Bonus hunter stories,
  • The reefs of the casino bonus policy and so on.

In addition, we publish stories of readers who hunted for bonuses in 2023. They share their experience and give practical advice.


Online casino operators treat the hunt for bonuses as violating the rules. If you decide to do this, be prepared for unpleasant surprises.

In any case, first of all, read all the articles about bonus hunting at Casinoz. They will give answers to the most common questions.

Frequently asked Questions

😜 Is bonus hunting at New Zealand online casinos real?

Now, it is rather difficult to practice bonus hunting, but some gamblers claim they manage to do it relatively efficiently.

💥 Are there many bonuses at online casinos for New Zealanders in 2023?

Most internet casinos offer various bonuses and other promotions. Of course, not all of them are beneficial for customers.

💵 What bonuses are the best ones in New Zealand?

You should look for free bonuses and deposit bonuses with minimum wagering requirements.