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The Strategy for Ultimate Texas Hold'em
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Pai Gow Poker Strategy
The complete version of the Pai Gow poker optimal strategy looks impressive. It provides a lot of nuances and exceptions to the basic recommendations. We offer you a more accessible version, which helps you to reduce the house edge in Pai Gow poker almost to the same level as the most detailed strategy. Our version is presented in a simple and understandable way, which can be easily mastered by any player.
How to Achieve the Best Results in Three Card Poker
Three Card Poker is a simple card game, but it is possible to affect its outcome by following the recommendations of the optimal strategy. In addition, the house edge depends on the multipliers for different hands, so it is important to be able to choose the most profitable kind of this poker. We will teach you all these tricks.
Let It Ride Poker Strategy
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How to Master Poker Pursuit
Some card games require a cautious approach, despite the fact that they seem to have quite simple rules. Otherwise, you risk losing your bankroll regularly. This occurs quite often in new and not particularly popular casino games, including Poker Pursuit. This poker game is very interesting, but you should start testing it only after becoming familiar with some recommendations.

Стратегия игры в покер казино

Different types of poker have long been presented at the casino. Surely you know well about such popular types of gambling as oasis poker, Caribbean poker, stud or Russian poker. They are still in high demand in gambling establishments across the globe.

With the development of online gambling, the number of poker versions has increased significantly. The portfolio of the most well-known developers of online casino software includes several models.

Types of casino poker

Manufacturers have even adapted types of poker designed to play by users against each other. For example, in recent years, many large online casinos offer Texas hold'em, in which the customer's rival is the dealer.

Poker attracts players with several features:

  • Extensive selection of models;
  • Addictive gameplay;
  • The ability of customers to influence the result of drawings.

One of the most critical advantages of poker is the relatively low mathematical advantage of the casino. In many varieties of the game, it does not exceed two percent, which can be considered a good indicator in comparison with video slots, classic gaming machines, European roulette, and other gambling entertainment.

But you can get the maximum return only if you play poker according to the optimal strategy. Recommendations for playing popular types of poker are given in the articles of this section Casinoz.

Varieties of poker in the casino

Before discussing tips for poker players, let's look at what versions are offered in the gambling industry.

Many types of poker came to the casino from the people. They were known long before the advent of gambling in the classical view of the industry. Their rules have been adapted to fit the format of the casino and allow customers to play against the establishment.

With the growing popularity of Texas hold'em, in which players are opponents of each other, there was a game Casino Hold'em. There the rival of the client is the dealer or the random number generator.

Varieties of casino poker

Some types of poker were initially invented for the casino. Some models are even subject to copyright. For example, three – card poker was created by Derek Webb, and four-card poker was created by Roger snow.

For all types of poker, in which the user can influence the outcome of the draws, separate game strategies have been developed. They take into account the peculiarities of the rules, payout ratios, the presence of bonuses and jackpots, as well as all other nuances.

In this section of the Casinoz encyclopedia of gambling, we publish articles with practical tips on playing the main variations of poker.

Game strategy in the holdem casino

Hold'em Poker came to online gambling after the world began to stir around the classic Texas hold'em and other varieties of so-called sports poker.

Currently, many developers offer casino hold'em poker, adapted to play against the institution. The rival of the client is the dealer, who makes decisions not on their own, but only by the situation.

Casino poker with dealer

Tips for playing casino hold'em poker depends on the rules in force at each model, so there can be no general recommendations.

For example, for Ultimate Texas Hold'em professionals have developed a detailed strategy that takes into account all the nuances. It tells you how to act in any of the possible situations.

Caribbean poker strategy

Caribbean poker is very popular in offline casinos and is widely available in online casinos. Most models have standard rules and conditions that allow you to give general advice on playing Caribbean poker.

Our experts will teach you in what situations you need to make a pass, and when to continue the game. In general, the strategy for Caribbean poker is not complicated, and you will quickly learn it.

Oasis poker strategy game

Oasis Poker is similar to Caribbean Poker. It also has long been in demand from offline casinos and online gambling portals. At oasis poker, you can change cards for an additional fee. Some versions allow two exchanges, the purchase of a sixth card and other additional rules. They all need to be taken into account when developing the optimal strategy for playing poker oasis.

Tips from professional players will teach you how to play oasis poker correctly. You will learn in what situations it is worth changing the cards when you need to make a pass, and under what conditions it is allowed to continue the game even without a combination on the hands.

Russian poker strategy

Russian poker was born in Russian casinos before the heyday of online gambling. Customers loved it for the low cost of exchanging cards and a vast number of additional features: double combinations, the purchase of the sixth card, insurance from the "no game" from the dealer and so on. In many places, Russian poker has long been the only truly popular game.

At online casinos Russian poker is not so popular, but it still has a lot of loyal fans. If you are one of them, our experts will teach you the tricks of the game. Read their advice in the feature article.

3-card poker strategy

Although in 3 card poker the client receives only three cards, in each hand he can get up to three payments. He can win on ante/Play and Pair Plus bets, as well as become the owner of the bonus amount if he collects one of the three strongest combinations.

Types of poker

In addition to this important feature, three-card poker has another significant advantage. It's about simple rules and an even simpler game strategy. You can learn how to play three card poker correctly in just a few minutes. You only need to read the rules and advice of the experts of Casinoz.

Strategy game of Pai Gow Poker

Pai gow is not one of the most popular types of poker among our readers, although it is extremely popular in many countries of the world. Pai Gow attracts players with original rules and unusual gameplay. Also, it offers quite favorable conditions.

If you like unusual gambling, be sure to master pai gow poker. And with the basic provisions of the game strategy, you will be introduced by our analyst.

Strategy game of let it ride

Let It Ride is another kind of poker for fans of non-standard models. The cards are revealed successively in the course of the game. At each stage, you need to make decisions that affect the result. Payouts are awarded for poker combinations, and they are calculated according to the established coefficients.

The article describes detailed advice for the poker game of letting it ride. After studying them, you will feel like an expert, even if you have not played let it ride poker before. Recommendations are written in accessible language, so no one will have difficulties.

Gaming strategies for poker at Casinoz

Articles with recommendations on the game of poker, published on our website, are not always kept in the same style. This is due to the peculiarities of individual types of poker. But we always consider the following aspects:

  • General information - description of the poker variety as a whole.
  • The purpose of the game – What you need to do to get paid.
  • Choosing the best variety - Recommendations where to find the most profitable version.
  • Types of bets - If different types of bets are accepted, all of them are considered in detail.
  • Odds and mathematical probability - information about the superiority of the casino, the level of theoretical return and the like.
  • The optimal strategy - Tips on what decisions should be taken in certain game situations.
  • Additional data - other recommendations that will help to win more often in poker casino.

Before you learn poker strategies, make sure you have thoroughly studied the rules. They are discussed in a special section of the encyclopedia.

General tips for poker players

Here are a few basic recommendations that will help you to avoid the mistakes of beginners in poker.

  • Do not play poker for money without understanding the rules and fundamentals of strategy.
  • Give preference to varieties with maximum RTP.
  • Remember that developers or casino operators may offer different conditions in the same form of poker.
  • Learn the math of poker.

The online casino is popular for two dozen varieties of poker. All major software developers offer the most popular models. But this does not mean that they have the same conditions. For example, the same combinations can be paid at different rates. So do not forget to clarify the rules in each case.

Casino poker tips

Read articles about poker at Casinoz. Interesting and informative publications are presented not only in the strategies section.


Some types of poker at online casinos allow reducing the mathematical superiority of the institution to one and a half to two percent. Accordingly, they can be considered one of the most profitable online gambling. But to achieve such an indicator, you can see only when you will play according to the optimal strategy.

Besides, you should be able to manage finances, not to succumb to the excitement and enjoy the additional benefits that are often provided by the casino.

All this you will learn in feature articles at Casinoz. Stay with us.