Blackjack Rules and Guides

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August 4, 2011
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Double Exposure Blackjack
Rules for Blackjack Double Exposure draw attention of players by the fact that the croupier deals himself two upcards, which provides customers with a great advantage. However, the establishment compensates for the lost house edge by other rules that may be very hard. This article provides information about the main features of all versions of this game.
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If you find yourself in Atlantic City and decide to visit one of the local casinos in order to play blackjack, keep in mind that there are special rules in this game. Developers of software for online gambling have offered a number of models of Atlantic City blackjack with the same rules in recent years. They are discussed with consideration of all nuances and existing variations in the article from Casinoz.
Progressive Blackjack
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A variation of blackjack called Super Fun 21 is very popular at many major casinos in Las Vegas. In addition, this version of the game is offered by the portals running on software released by some famous brands. This article deals with its basic rules, especially bonus payouts, characteristic features of the gameplay and other important options that every user who is interested in blackjack needs to know.
Blackjack Switch
If you are interested in the original versions of blackjack with unusual features of the interface and rules, you need to familiarize yourself with the kind of this game called Blackjack Switch. Various manufacturers of software for online gambling are offering it now. The main feature of this version is the ability to exchange cards between two hands. All details are discussed in this article.
Blackjack Surrender
Blackjack Surrender has a rule according to which players have the opportunity to surrender hands immediately after the initial deal, losing half their original bets. The skillful use of this option can significantly reduce the initial house advantage. This article will introduce you to the basic rules, as well as the main steps of Blackjack Surrender.

Casino blackjack rules

Blackjack is a favorite casino game of most of the New Zealand pro gamblers who come to the casino not for fun, but for the purpose of making a living.

Why do New Zealand pro players prefer blackjack? Because chances to win are pretty high. The best varieties have the minimum house edge. Using card counting and other tricks, masters of blackjack tip the scales in their favor, which gives them an opportunity to win on a long time span.

If you want to win at the casino as often as possible, learn to play blackjack according to basic strategy. We also advise you to study other techniques, which may significantly increase the level of RTP. But you should start with the basic rules of blackjack.

casino blackjack bonuses

Articles posted in this section of Casinoz New Zealand will help you to understand it better.

Cards in blackjack

First of all, the player must figure out how to count the score. The scoring system is straightforward:

  1. ACE gives one or eleven points (as it is more profitable to the client in each situation);
  2. All faces are worth ten points;
  3. Cards from 2 to 10 are calculated at face value.

From 1 to 8 decks can be used in different types of blackjack. In most cases,  it is the classic deck of 52 cards without jokers.

Games played with decks without 10s, as well as games with jokers, are discussed in special articles and reviews of blackjack at Casinoz New Zealand.

Blackjack terms

This game uses special terminology that you should learn. It is better if you know the notation.

You need to understand what the words hit, split, double, surrender, insurance, and so on mean. Their meanings are discussed in the blackjack rules on the site.

Blackjack equipment

The game takes place at the blackjack table with a special layout for bets and cards on the cloth. Special locations for played cards, dealer's chips, and decks remaining in the game are also provided.

If the dealer uses more than two card decks, he deals with the help of the device called "Shoe". The dealer shuffles all the cards, separates a part with the plastic card, and puts them into the shoe. Then he pulls cards from the shoe one by one.

In an online casino, blackjack is powered by a random numbers generator, which determines the sequence of cards output. It is based on a very complex algorithm, so the generator is more correctly called pseudo-random.

Remember an important detail:

In online blackjack, played cards are not stored in the bump, even if they are imaged there. All virtual decks are fully involved in each deal.

This makes cards counting impossible in online blackjack. Card counting in online casinos with live dealers is not easy either, but this is a topic for another article.

Basic rules of blackjack

In the old days, blackjack was sometimes called "pontoon" or "twenty-one". The name came from the goal that the player faces:

Collect twenty-one or a closest score to this number.

You can't exceed 21. In this case, you automatically lose.

Rare game variations may have exceptions. Find out more about that in the reviews.


It is possible to play on one or multiple hands, although in some varieties you can only bet on one box.

When the bets are made, the dealer deals 2 cards to all participants. In European blackjack, he deals himself 1 card face up. In the American, the dealer deals 2 cards, opening only 1.

Players take turns making decisions on the boxes. The options are:

  • Take another card;
  • Stop taking cards;
  • Double – double your bet and get only one card;
  • Split – split the same cards into two hands;
  • Surrender – to make the pass for half a bet;
  • Insurance –  to insure against blackjack at the ACE at the dealer's box;
  • Even money – to agree for a 1:1 payout when the player has blackjack and the dealer has an ACE.

When customers complete actions on all boxes, the croupier picks his cards. He must stand on 17. Read about exceptions from this rule above.


  • Regular box – 1:1,
  • Blackjack – 3:2,
  • Insurance – 2:1,
  • Even money – 1:1.

Some blackjacks have special odds and prize payouts.

Live blackjack at New Zealand online casinos

In recent years, the New Zealand online gambling industry has been overwhelmed by the wave of popularity of so-called live casinos. We are talking about the variety of gambling sites that allow New Zealand gamblers to play with real dealers, who work in special studios or land-based casinos.

Live blackjack remains one of the most popular games in this format. Dealers shuffle and deal cards, and the software picks the winners and makes payoffs.

The rules of the game are standard, but live casinos may offer various blackjacks with unusual features, so find out the nuances on the spot.

Blackjack with bonuses

Many gambling operators and software developers offer unique types of blackjack with special features.

  • Charlie's rule – a payout is guaranteed to the client if he gets a certain number of cards on one hand without busting.
  • Bonus bets – side bets that are paid in certain situations.
  • Prize payouts – payoffs for particular combinations of cards (for example, three sevens).
  • Card exchanges – an opportunity to change cards between your boxes.

In the reviews section of Casinoz New Zealand, you can find articles about many unusual types of blackjack. New Zealand experts advise not to get involved with such variations since most of them feature too high house edge.

Blackjack with jackpot

Progressive jackpots in blackjack are not uncommon in the gambling business. As a rule, progressive amounts are drawn by side bets. Usually, we are talking about a fixed amount. Part of it goes to the jackpot fund.

To break the bank, the New Zealand gambler needs to land a certain combination. Usually, it is several cards of the same suit and face value.

Usually, the side bets in blackjack have a low RTP, so treat them with caution.

Blackjack math

It is impossible to win at casino blackjack regularly without understanding how the house edge is formed, how different rules affect the return to the player, how the RTP can be raised, and so on.

Every New Zealand player must learn to recognize the most profitable types of blackjack at a single sight at the rules. Read the expert articles at Casinoz.

Blackjack rules at New Zealand online casinos

In fact, online blackjack is different from the real blackjack only by the fact that the gameplay is led not by the dealer but the random number generator. Good or bad, you decide.

The main disadvantage of blackjack at online casinos is that card counting and other professional techniques are useless.

But it has some advantages:

  • Lots of games with high RTP;
  • You can use the cheat sheets;
  • You can play blackjack for free;
  • A wide range of bets;
  • Available blackjack tournaments;
  • No side costs;
  • Convenient interface;
  • Realistic animation and so on.

The software developers have long adapted blackjack for smartphones so that you can play even in public transport or at the seaside.

Winning blackjack

How to win in blackjack?

If you want to beat the casino in blackjack, you have to work hard. We recommend that you follow this plan:

  • Learn the basic rules.
  • Understand the math of blackjack.
  • Learn how to identify the most profitable games.
  • Learn the basic strategy of blackjack.
  • Find out how it varies across varieties.
  • Master the card counting if you are going to play blackjack against live dealers.

Read about advanced techniques of New Zealand blackjack pros in the special articles.

Rules of blackjack at Casinoz New Zealand

This page of the site offers the rules of the main blackjack varieties. The articles cover the following:

  • Description – general information about the game;
  • Goal – what the player needs to do;
  • Equipment – how many decks are used, type of cards, the layout of the table and so on;
  • Bonuses and jackpots – whether they are available or not;
  • Gameplay – stages of gameplay;
  • Statistics – quick facts about the chances;
  • Recommendations – basic tips for blackjack players.

Since software developers and operators release new games from time to time, we update the articles on this page.


If you regularly visit the casino, learn how to play blackjack. This will save you a lot of money and give a lot of pleasant emotions.

Start by learning the rules and basic strategy. Even the basics will help you to reach a new level in blackjack.