If you ever commit to playing for money, make sure you join a trustworthy and high-quality online casino. Any New Zealand user wants big bonuses, a wide library of quality games, convenient payment methods, quick withdrawals, friendly customer service, etc. To make it short, we all crave for excellent service in New Zealand. Also, a player expects secure protection of his funds and reasonable solutions in any disputes.

However, modern online gambling hosts both decent casinos and numerous frauds, as well as one-day sites with terrible service. Also, they may have a stylish design and tempting promotions that allow them to successfully attract new customers in New Zealand.

One of our experts says:

If all casino ads were 100% true, we'd have twice as much millionairs in the world.

To avoid joining a frankly bad casino and disappointing in online gambling, use Casinoz tips. We are happy to advise on how to choose the best option in New Zealand.

How to choose the best online casino in New Zealand?

In case, it's not an easy task. To make the right choice, you need to do research on the casinos you like, precisely analyze the situation on the market, read customer feedback, understand all possible details and be aware of plenty of other important points.

However, even if you do your best, there is always a chance a doubtful site sneaks into your casino rating. It is pretty hard to objectively assess the situation in the New Zealand online gambling market, not being a pro.

If you are not entirely sure of your knowledge, we highly recommend you looking into the list prepared by the experts of Casinoz New Zealand.

How we compose the rating of top casinos

Our experts build the casino rating based on the following essential points:

  1. Legitimacy;
  2. Licensed software;
  3. Professional customer service;
  4. Serious bonus program;
  5. A wide library of games;
  6. Convenient interface and beautiful design;
  7. Willingness to solve disputes;
  8. Choice of payment methods;
  9. Quick withdrawals;
  10. High-level service in general.

All gambling sites on the list meet these criteria, are already working for a while, are popular among New Zealand players, and have an exceptional reputation in the industry.

Additional advantages of a site can be various rewards, jackpots, tournaments, live games, and some other features, allowing to improve the service.

Which sites will never be on the list of top casinos?

Each website has features that may please or disappoint a specific category of users in New Zealand. However, some features are vital for every casino included in our rating.

An online casino will never be featured in the top if:

  • It doesn't have permit documentation for providing gambling services.
  • It offers unlicensed software.
  • It doesn't offer bonuses or offers it on unreasonable terms.
  • It has unreasonable regional restrictions.
  • It doesn't protect customers' funds and data well enough.
  • It delays payouts.
  • It doesn't work with dispute mediators.
  • It doesn't provide quick and professional support to customers.

Any of these points is a sign of a low-quality online casino, which is not worth trusting your money.

How often do we update the rating?

We hope our Top-10 Best Casinos in New Zealand is never outdated. New online casinos with exceptional service, which are worthy of a spot on this list, appear every day. Unfortunately, long-timers of the field may lower the standards sometimes or even get involved in fraud. In this case, we remove them from the Top-10.

Casinoz experts follow the situation on the gambling market and update the list when necessary. 

Can you trust us?

We do our best to let our New Zealand readers be 100% sure in our honesty. Just a few facts in favor of the suggested Top-10 of the Best Online Casinos:

  • We are an independent New Zealand project with no gambling operators on the board.
  • Our authors are experienced professionals with many years of experience in the New Zealand gambling business, who have a clear understanding of how a top online casino should look like.
  • Our experts grade a casino based on common knowledge and insider information.

Of course, it is up to you to decide either to rely on our rating or to choose a casino on your own. Just know, we value our reputation and are trying to make online gambling a little better.