All New Bonuses on First Deposit in New Zealand 2021 (July)

First deposit bonuses at online casinos

What features do you pay attention to when considering a new online casino? We hope, you are particularly careful about the following:

  • Licensing;
  • The operator's credibility;
  • Software quality;
  • Choice of games;
  • The general level of service;
  • Availability of different payment systems and so on.

A careful reader should ask: "haven't you forgotten something?" Indeed, we did not mention the reward system.

Although bonuses are often overestimated, it is impossible to imagine the New Zealand gambling industry without it. For many New Zealand gamblers, promotions of different types are the primary criterion for choosing an online casino.

The most common types of bonuses are still the so-called first deposit bonuses.

Welcome bonus is bonus credits, matching the first deposit made by new player.

This kind of casino bonus is what we are going to discuss further.

First deposit bonus

The concept of this promotion is simple. After opening an account, the player makes his first deposit. The casino thanks him for signing up with a welcome bonus.

It is usually expressed as a percentage of the deposit amount. For example, a 100% bonus up to 100$. In this case, the casino doubles the deposit but does not exceed the limit.

First deposit bonus rules

The first deposit bonus can be credited in different ways:

  1. Automatically, without additional actions on the part of the player;
  2. By the bonus code, which you need to enter in a special line;
  3. By calling customer service.

Sometimes you need to go to the casino's website by the affiliate link. For example, some New Zealand casinos offer increased bonuses for readers of Casinoz New Zealand. Considered this when applying.

Bonuses on the next few deposits made by new players

Many online casinos also offer bonuses matching the next few deposits to new New Zealand customers. Usually, the welcome package covers up to five deposits, but sometimes you can claim bonus credits even on ten first transactions.

The size of the bonus may vary. For example:

  1. First deposit – a 100% bonus up to $200;
  2. Second deposit – a 50% bonus up to $100;
  3. Third deposit – a 75% bonus up to $150;
  4. Fourth deposit – a 100% bonus up to $250;
  5. Fifth deposit – a 200% bonus up to $200.

These welcome bonuses act as a single offer. They also need to be wagered. Limits for the minimum deposit and the maximum win are applied.

Pay attention to the wagering requirements for each bonus, even if they are positioned as a single promotion. The wager and additional terms may vary.

Also, keep in mind that New Zealand casinos often limit the maximum total amount of the welcome bonus in the ads. For example, you can read about the deposit match bonus of up to $1000, but it means, the first deposit can be matched up to 100$, the second – up to 200$, and so on.

How to claim a welcome bonus in New Zealand?

Considering a welcome offer, pay attention to the following essential features:

  • Minimum Deposit – welcome bonuses are provided only when the deposit amount matches the minimum specified by the rules. Sometimes it is equal to the minimum deposit allowed in the casino.
  • Maximum payout – you can't win more than the provided maximum limit. If the total payout is greater, the casino will cancel the remaining balance.
  • Wager size – to be able to withdraw the bonus credits, you need to meet the wagering requirements. It is expressed by a coefficient (for example, X35), which means how many times the total bet amount must exceed the bonus.
  • Available games – you can't wager bonuses in any games. Lists of permitted and prohibited models can be found in the casino rules.
  • Betting percentage – in some games, only a part of the bet will be taken into account. 50%, 20%, or even only 2% can go to wager.
  • Size of the bet – usually when wagering a bonus, you cannot exceed a certain limit. If your bet is higher than allowed, it will not be accounted for the wager.
  • Special conditions – read the rules to the last line. Sometimes casinos put forward unique requirements of the bonus program, which you will not find on other websites.

The most important thing for New Zealand players is to learn all the details of the rules. This approach will save you from possible misunderstandings.

Can the casino deny in the welcome bonus?

Usually, bonuses on first deposits are available to all New Zealand users who meet the requirements that are put forward to the customers. In other words, if you have the right to register and play in the casino for money, you will be able to get bonuses on first deposits.

But in some situations, the casino has the right to refuse to give you bonuses.

  • Special restrictions – sometimes online casinos do not offer welcome bonuses to the residents of New Zealand or other countries. Often this is due to a large number of bonus hunters in these countries or the unwillingness of the site management to work in this region.
  • Expired offer – welcome bonuses are active for a limited time. To claim a first deposit bonus, you often need to make a deposit within one or two days after registration.
  • Too small deposit – if the amount of the deposit is smaller than the specified in the T&C of the promotion, the bonus is not provided.
  • Not a new account – a welcome bonus is designed just for new players. Let's say you played in a casino before, the account was blocked later, and then you decided to restore it. In this case, you may not participate in new user offers.

Before registering, depositing money, and applying for bonuses, please carefully study the general rules of the casino and the terms of the promotions.

Feel free to contact the customer service for clarification. Please ask them questions before they put a claim to you.

Can the casino take the bonus back?

Yes, and it happens quite often. The management will not hesitate to cancel the bonus, and the winnings if you violate at least one condition of the promotion.

In most situations, New Zealand users violate the rules of wagering. Also, during the verification of the client's identity, it may become clear that he was not entitled to apply for bonus credits.

How to choose the bonus

How to choose the best first deposit bonus in New Zealand?

Let's see what you should pay attention to when choosing a welcome bonus at one of the New Zealand online casinos.

  • Class of the casino – even the most generous bonus offered on the most favorable terms does not make sense if the offer is made by a fraudulent casino. Keep in mind that such gambling sites usually lure unsuspecting New Zealand customers with very attractive promotions.
  • Percentage amount – whatever they say, the size matters. Let's agree that getting 200$ on 100$ of the deposit is better than 100$. We recommend that New Zealand players first pay attention to the percentage of the bonus.
  • Amount – the maximum amount of the welcome bonus is especially crucial for high rollers. If you are going to play in a casino on big bets, you will not be interested in a 100% bonus up to a hundred dollars. However, many online casinos offer significantly increased first deposit bonuses to New Zealand VIP players.
  • Required Deposit – usually the minimum deposit required to claim the welcome bonus is not too large. But those who love playing at minimum bets should still pay attention to this point.
  • Size of the wager – the higher the wager, the more difficult it is to meet wagering requirements, and the higher the chance that you will not be able to cash out the bonus. Therefore, you should give preference to promotions with a smaller wager. Also, check out what's included in the wager: only the bonus or the amount of the bonus and deposit.
  • Available games – if you can't stand video slots, and you can only wager the welcome bonus on pokies, it's hardly worth taking it. Some online casinos in New Zealand offer alternative first deposit bonuses. For example, the customer can choose an offer that applies only to pokies or card games.
  • Other restrictions – casinos often forbid you to comply with the wagering requirements by playing gambling features on online pokies or video pokers. They may also prohibit betting systems (e.g., martingale strategy).
  • Betting limits – when wagering bonuses, you usually can't go beyond the betting limits. It is set for each action taken, so always check this point.
  • Validity period – it is necessary to fulfill the requirements of the wager within the established time frame. You can find it in the T&C. If you fail to redeem your bonus, it will be revoked.
  • Free spins or other pleasant surprises often come with the first deposit bonus. Of course, they can be considered as an additional advantage.
  • Possible restrictions – online casino may refuse to give bonuses to residents of New Zealand and some other countries and other categories of users. Make sure that you meet the requirements that the website puts forward to the participants of the bonus programs.

Make sure you learn theT&C of the welcome bonus step by step. If it suits you on all points, you can register, make a deposit and apply for a bonus.

Wagering tips for welcome bonuses

So, you like a bonus. The T&C perfectly fits you. You are satisfied with its size and wagering requirements. Let's understand step by step how to win back the bonus to increase the chances of a good outcome.

  • Calculate in advance – first, decide how much you need to bet. For example, you get a bonus of 200% up to $100 with an X20 wagering requirement (bonus & deposit). To get the best of it, you deposit $50. Your total balance is now $ 150 (50 deposit and 100 dollars bonus). This amount must be rolled over 20 times: 150 x 20 = 3000. So you have to bet three thousand dollars.
  • Choose the games – you need to pick a game with the maximum level of return to the player. If you're thinking about blackjack or video poker, you're probably going to be disappointed. Only a small part of bets goes to the wager in such games (as a rule, no more than 10%). But usually, bets placed on pokies are counted as a whole. Therefore, we recommend finding a video slot with the best RTP. Sometimes it can be over 98%.
  • Be aware of the dispersion – experienced bonus hunters recommend giving preference to online pokies with low dispersion when wagering bonuses. In this case, your goal – not to get a huge jackpot but to stake a certain amount without losing the bankroll. Choose a pokie with low volatility that guarantees payouts in most spins. In this case, you do not expect a "black bar" that can quickly consume all the bonus credits.
  • Do not cause suspicion – the casino should not suspect you are a bonus hunter. You don't need the reputation of the so-called adventive player either. Bonuses on first deposits are officially positioned as free credits designed to get familiar with the games. The casinos can not stand New Zealand users who come only for the bonuses. Therefore, do not overestimate your bets, do not try to win back bonuses in undesirable ways, and do not violate the rules of participation in promotions at all.
  • Keep track of your progress – most casinos allow players to keep track of the current state of the bonus balance. Check how much more you need to bet to win back the bonus. If you feel your records are incorrect, contact the customer service for explanations.

Remember that the support service exists for your convenience. Do not be afraid to ask them questions.

Reviews of welcome bonuses at Casinoz New Zealand

The best welcome bonuses from honest online casinos are discussed in the reviews posted in this section of Casinoz New Zealand. The articles cover the following topics:

  • General information about the first deposit bonus;
  • T&C;
  • Wagering requirements;
  • Special conditions;
  • Regional and other restrictions;
  • Other promotions of this online casino.

You can get a fresh bonus right away if you click the links on the buttons. They lead to casino sites.

Exclusive bonuses for the readers of Casinoz New Zealand

Many popular online casinos offer unique welcome bonuses to our readers on more favorable terms. Usually, these first deposit bonuses are more significant than the standard ones, and the wager is much lower.

To get an exclusive bonus, go to the online casino using the links from the review. Sometimes you need to enter a unique code. It is always provided in the article.


Finally, we'll give one important advice:

Don't register at an online casino just for the first deposit bonus.

If the casino does not correspond to your ideas about the quality of the gambling site, give it up in favor of another site. Welcome bonuses are a tempting promotion, but they should be one of the many advantages of an online casino, not its only advantage.

Learn how to choose the most valuable bonuses and how to wager them. Reviews of Casinoz experts and feature articles will help to understand the subtleties.

We wish generous bonuses and good luck with wagering to all New Zealand players!