If you have read the articles about roulette, published on our website, you should know that the American type of this game is the most unprofitable for customers of casinos, because its theoretical payout percentage is the smallest of all common versions (the house edge is the largest, respectively). However it is also popular among many players, so the companies developing software for online casinos periodically offer its new models.

American roulette from Net Entertainment has become one of such novelties. This is a good-quality game with a stunning interface, incredibly realistic animation, numerous features and settings. Our detailed review is dedicated to it.

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The game is available in many online casinos running on software from Net Entertainment. They allow gamblers to test roulette without registration and play it for money after opening an account. Players can also test it directly on the website Casinoz.
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How to Play American Roulette (NetEnt)

The game is played according to classic roulette rules, which are described in the separate article. We are going to remind you that you should guess the section with a number in which the ball stops and make one or several bets.
American roulette differs from the European version in the presence of an additional sector with the number 00, as well as different locations of numbers on the wheel.
Let's discuss features of the bets that are accepted at the American roulette table.
Inside bets
They are made on sectors with single numbers on the layout:
  • Straight is made on a single number.
  • Split is made on two numbers (it is prohibited to stake on 0/2 and 00/2).
  • Street is made on three numbers (it is prohibited to stake on 0/1/2, 0/00/2 and 00/2/3).
  • Top Line is made on five consequent numbers: 0/00/1/2/3.
  • Corner is made on four numbers
  • Six Line is made on six numbers (0 and 00 are not available)
Outside bets
They are made on sectors, which denote certain groups of numbers combined in any feature (color, etc).
  • Dozen is a bet on twelve consequent numbers arranged in increasing order: 1-12, 13-22 and 25-36.
  • Column is a bet on all 12 numbers, located forming a vertical line: 1-34, 2-35 and 3-36.
  • Even/Odd is a bet on even or odd numbers.
  • Red/Black is a bet on the color of the number.
  • 1-18/19-36 is a bet on numbers from 1 to 18 or from19 to 36.
All outside bets are considered as losing when a ball lands in pockets marked 0 or 00. There is no half return in this case (this rule is valid in some other variants of roulette).
Racetrack bets
These bets are also called announced because the dealer makes them at the oral request of the player. They are made on a series of numbers depending on their location on the wheel.
  • Actually, only one kind of such bets called Number and Neighbors is available in this section. It is always divisible by five, because it can be staked on five numbers (one number and its two neighbors from each side).
Odds on all inside, outside and call (announced) bets are present in the special table. It is available in the interface of American roulette, so there is no need to discuss multipliers here.
To find out a range of bets for one or the other position, gamblers need only to hover the cursor over the corresponding sector of the table layout. The minimum bet is one credit. The following values of gaming chips are available: 1, 2, 5, 25, 100 and 500 credits. The total bet per spin can not exceed five hundred credits.
According to official data of the developer, the theoretical payout percentage of 94.74% is embedded in this model. This index comprises 92.11% for the bet top line.

Bonus games

Bonus rounds, bonus payouts or some other promotions of this kind are not provided in American roulette.


American roulette from Net Entertainment has no progressive jackpots.


The buttons on the control panel are understandable in any language, because even the inscriptions on them are not visible. They appear only when you hover the mouse over them. There are the following inscriptions on the control panel:
  • Open racetrack allows opening racetrack for betting
  • Clear all bets removes all bets
  • Undo all bets is used to cancel all bets
  • Double all bets is used to double bets
  • Open paytable allows opening the pay table
  • Open statistics allows opening a window with statistics
  • Open favorite bets is used to open a window of special bets (it is empty)
  • Rebet from previous round allows repeating bets
American roulette has very convenient statistics window in which recent numbers, hot and cold numbers and some other data are indicated. It has been known that this information does not help gamblers to win, because spins are not connected with each other, but many people like to view it.
There is also a section with user settings.
There is no need to download American roulette. All games of this brand can be run in flash mode.

Should You Play for Real Money in New Zealand?

Of course, it is a high-quality game. Advantages of American roulette include: graphics, interface, control panel, animation, features, abundance of windows and options. It really looks very impressive and it is very easy and incredibly convenient to use it.
However we can not recommend that our readers should play this roulette (as well as any other roulette with American rules) despite the attractiveness of this model. It has too high house edge, so it's better to give preference to European or French roulette.
But if you desperately want to play like a client of the casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City and make a few bets with such rules, American roulette from NetEnt is perfect for this purpose. But at least do not make the top line bet. It is the most unfavorable.
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