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Blackjack house advantage: the most important facts
Blackjack house advantage: the most important facts
It is impossible to beat gambling establishments in blackjack without mastering the rules to the smallest detail, without learning to act on the basic strategy, without understanding the key terms and without practicing on a regular basis. It is also important to understand why the institution gets a mathematical advantage over the client and how to get rid of it. This article will tell you everything about the house edge in blackjack that a professional player should know.
Ace Tracking
Ace Tracking
To beat a casino while playing blackjack, a professional gambler should use all of the most efficient methods created to get the mathematical advantage over gambling houses. The basic strategy and its numerous variations, as well as different card counting systems, have been already discussed in other publications. This article deals with a very effective technique known as ace tracking.
Julian Braun is a Blackjack Genius
Julian Braun is a Blackjack Genius
Julian Braun was not a professional blackjack player. However, his developments of its strategy and card counting turned out to be so effective that this humble programmer from IBM found himself among the legends from the Blackjack Hall of Fame, and his book How to Play Winning Blackjack became a textbook for several generations of fans of this game. The article deals with the biography and achievements of this shy genius.
Online Blackjack Switch
Online Blackjack Switch
Have you ever heard of blackjack with the opportunity to exchange cards between boxes and bonus bets that are paid during the formation of poker hands? Such versions of games are available in the range of several world-renowned manufacturers of online gambling software. Their developments will be discussed in this review article prepared by experts of the social networking website for fans of gambling called Casinoz.
The simplest system of card counting in blackjack
The simplest system of card counting in blackjack
Basic strategy of blackjack is not enough to get a mathematical advantage over the casino. But it can be achieved with card counting. This article focuses on a very simple system that everyone can learn in a few minutes. After a few days of training, it can be used for cash games in the brick and mortar casinos.
How much can you win counting cards in blackjack?
How much can you win counting cards in blackjack?
Once a customer makes playing in a casino a profession, he is faced with a lot of difficulties. Especially when it comes to counting cards in blackjack, the casino administration is not happy with. You have to hide your skills, spending many hours at the table, and the payoff on a long interval may be not so large. Let's try to calculate how much a professional card counter can earn.
History of professional blackjack
History of professional blackjack
Since blackjack appeared in casinos, people have tried to develop strategies to beat casinos. This created a variety of game systems, including methods of card counting. We'll tell you about the major milestones in the history of this area, highlighting the most important personalities who did a lot to help everyone become a professional blackjack player.
Types of side bets in blackjack
Types of side bets in blackjack
Side bets in blackjack diverse the gameplay, but only few of them are really worth your attention. Many side bets have too high mathematical advantage of the casino. We've prepared an article about main types of additional bets in blackjack with a brief description of their features, our estimates and recommendations.
A little about certain delusions about blackjack
A little about certain delusions about blackjack
Blackjack is one of the most challenging games. You should have a good theoretical knowledge and practical skills to achieve there positive results. Of course, it is very important not to believe in common misconceptions about blackjack , which, like the ballast will pull you down . Our article will help you understand some aspects of blackjack and confidently move forward to your goal.
Casino surrender  in blackjack
Casino surrender in blackjack
The rule of blackjack surrender allows the player to stop the game by losing half of the bet.It appeared in casinos not recently. The more recent phenomenon is surrender of the casino. This option gives the player the opportunity to get half bet if he has twenty points and the dealer has ten. We will tell you more about this rule and explain why it is advantageous to the casino and not to the player.
Blackjack payments at reduced rates
Blackjack payments at reduced rates
What to do if you come to the casino to play blackjack, but your blackjack games have a single deck with payment at a rate of 6:5 or 7:5? Our advice is to search for traditional versions. In this article we will explain why blackjack much less favorable to the client in such casinos. This information will be useful for players of different skill levels.
Code of Conduct of a blackjack player
Code of Conduct of a blackjack player
If you want to play blackjack in offline casinos, carefully read this article. It examines the Code of Conduct for blackjack players. We describe the basic mistakes of inexperienced clients at the table. It's about how to communicate with the dealer and partners on the table, how to bet and behave in different situations.

Casino Blackjack

Blackjack fans are considered to be the most intelligent casino customers. Perhaps this opinion is somewhat exaggerated, but hardly anyone will deny that this game requires special knowledge and skills.

We wish all players could learn how to play blackjack correctly, to bring them to a qualitatively new level, allowing them to achieve success at the casino more often or even gain the upper hand over the house in the long term.

Benefits of blackjack

Various aspects of blackjack and related topics are covered in the articles in this section of Casinoz.

The Main Advantages of Blackjack

Let's highlight the key benefits of the game, ensuring its popularity among the customers.

The main advantage of blackjack is a high RTP, which allows you to play against the casino on an equal footing.

We can also highlight such strengths as:

  1. Wide choice of varieties,
  2. Ready-made basic strategies for all varieties,
  3. A wide range of bets,
  4. Availability in most casinos.

Currently, there is a lot of information on how to play blackjack. Any beginner can master the game at a high level.

Advantages of Online Casino Blackjack

Online casino blackjack has additional benefits:

  • Even a larger choice of games,
  • Even wider range of limits,
  • Unique variations with unusual rules,
  • Blackjack with bonuses and jackpots,
  • Realistic animation and user-friendly interface,
  • No side costs.

Playing online blackjack is profitable and convenient unless you are going to count cards, which is impossible in the games with the random number generator.

Basic Blackjack Rules

Since we have devoted a whole department of the site to the game rules, we'll not discuss it here.

The main goal is to get paid by defeating the dealer. To do this, you need to collect a higher score than the dealer never exceeding twenty-one.

You can play one or more hands in different types of blackjack. During the deal, the client can use other opportunities: double the bet, divide the same cards into two boxes, make insurance from blackjack, and so on.

The set of these options and the scope of their application may vary in particular games, so you should always carefully study the rules of each type of blackjack.

Blackjack Terminology

Blackjack uses a few dozen key terms that every gambler needs to understand, not to mention the professionals. If you do not understand the necessary words and expressions, you will not be able to play blackjack correctly. Accordingly, you will not be able to achieve the maximum return and win the casino as often as possible.

Most of these terms are related to gameplay. Here are a few of them:

  • Split - an opportunity to split cards of the same value into two hands by making another bet of the same size;
  • Double - the rule which allows doubling the bet, getting only one card;
  • Surrender  - quit the game with the loss of half of the bet;
  • Insurance - allows to insure against blackjack of the dealer;
  • Soft 17 and Hard 17 – 17 with an ACE or without it.

All important blackjack terms are covered in the articles about blackjack at Casinoz. Be sure to read it.

The Main Types of Blackjack

First of all, we should name 2 key varieties:

  1. American blackjack – the dealer deals two cards to himself but opens only one of them. If this card is an ACE or a 10, he checks himself for blackjack without showing the closed card to the player. 
  2. European blackjack – the dealer initially deals one face-up card to himself. As soon as the customers make decisions on all boxes, he deals with all the rest cards.

Software providers for online casinos and offline casino operators can change blackjack rules at their own discretion. For example, they can limit the situations in which you can make a double, or reduce the number of splits on the one hand. Therefore, always carefully study the nuances of each game. 

Some of the other popular types of blackjack:

  • Spanish 21 – an unusual version without tens, with liberal rules and bonus payments;
  • Blackjack switch – a game with an opportunity to exchange cards between boxes;
  • Pontoon – a variation, very a similar to Spanish 21;
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack – a widespread American blackjack with four decks;
  • Super Fun 21 – a single deck game with special payouts;
  • Atlantic City Blackjack – an American version of eight decks;
  • Progressive Blackjack – different types of blackjack with a progressive jackpot, which is usually played at an additional bet;
  • Double Exposure – the dealer opens two of his cards right away, but more stringent rules apply;
  • Double Attack – here you can raise the bet, but other conditions are not the most attractive.

Features of all the above varieties are discussed in our blackjack articles at Casinoz. We cover unique games of well-known brands too.

Live Blackjack for New Zealand

Many gambling operators offer blackjack with real dealers at live casinos. Real dealers work from the special studios or the halls of land-based casinos. They provide a continuous video stream from there, which allows players to follow the gameplay.

Users need special software to place their bets. They can talk to opponents and dealers in the live chat, look at the table from different angles, customize the interface, and use other tools.

In live blackjack, the decks are shuffled by the dealer, not the random number generator. Out of the game, cards are stored in the shoe. Theoretically, this makes it possible to count cards in "live" casinos. In practice, there are many difficulties.

Read about all the nuances of playing blackjack with real dealers in the thematic articles.

Bonuses and Additional Bets

Some types of blackjack offer prize payouts in certain situations. For example, the so-called Charlie Rule. It means that a box with a certain number of cards and no bust wins automatically. In different casinos, the number of cards varies from five to ten.

Also, many casinos accept Side Bets, which are paid in the situations described by the rules. Options can be:

  • Twenty-one points on five cards,
  • Six, seven, and eight of the same suit,
  • The first two cards of the same suit,
  • Winning hands series and so on.

You can read about prize payouts and bonus bets at Casinoz.

Blackjack Math

Games from different producers may feature the same names but differ by all sorts of nuances: the number of decks, the allowable number of boxes, the features of splits or doubles, the presence of the surrender, and so on.

Any of these characteristics have an impact on the house edge and the return to the player. For example, if the dealer hits on the "soft 17" (with the ACE), the house edge increases by 0.2%.

Blackjack pro players take all the subtleties of the rules into account when choosing the most profitable option. You should also learn at least the basics of blackjack math to learn how to choose the best games.

How to choose the best blackjack?

When choosing a blackjack, you need to start with the house edge. The lower it is, the higher the chances of winning. Both land-based and online casinos feature games with an RTP over 100%. It turns out that the edge is on the client's side. But reaching the maximum RTP is only possible with the help of the optimal gaming strategy, subject to the rules.

You should also pay attention to the following:

  • The range of bets,
  • The reputation of the operator and software provider,
  • User interface convenience and so on.

But the main criterion is still the theoretical return.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

Many decades ago, the so-called BJ Basic Strategy was developed. Typically, it looks like a table that tells how to act in all theoretically possible game situations.

These tips leave the best chance of winning with the current hands. It is important to understand that these recommendations do not guarantee to win in every draw. Moreover, they do not provide success in a single gaming session.

The basic strategy raises the odds, but practice often goes against the theory.

Even the best blackjack players face bad streaks. That's why all pro gamblers try to have an impressive bankroll in stock, which will allow them to wait out unsuccessful periods.

Card Counting in Blackjack

Card counting refers to various systems that allow you to determine what the ratio of large and small cards is in the decks remaining in the game.

Why do you need to know that? Roughly speaking, the more aces and 10s are in the game, the higher the player's chances of winning.

The simplest methods of blackjack card counting come down to the fact that the player adds one in mind if a low-value card goes to the shoe, and deducts one with each played high-value card. Some cards are not taken into account.

  1. If the score grows, the customer raises the bet.
  2. If it goes down, he should reduce the stake.

Even such a primitive approach makes it possible to get a math advantage over the casino.

Also, pro gamblers locate aces in the decks and use other tricks, described in the thematic articles.

You will also learn why it is impossible to count cards in online blackjack based on the random number generator, and understand how effective card counting is in online casinos with live dealers.

Blackjack Players' Mistakes

Beginners and even experienced users may screw up that doesn't allow them to beat the casino in blackjack. Let's highlight a few common mistakes that every player needs to get rid of in the first place:

  • Making decisions based on intuition – you have to play blackjack with the optimal strategy, picked according to all the nuances of the rules. Don't bother about intuition and people's advice.
  • Planless bets correction – learn to manage the bankroll. Changing an amount at stake, take the current gaming situation and related factors into account.
  • Passion for progressive blackjack – games with progressive jackpots usually have a lower return to the player. Playing them is unprofitable.
  • Love for side bets – side bets usually feature a high house edge. Exceptions are rare.
  • Unwillingness to look for the most profitable games – many players stick to certain blackjacks and don't want to consider other options, which makes them lose the opportunity to play on more attractive terms.

If you are going to move to the professional level of playing blackjack, learn to count cards in offline casinos, and master advanced techniques.

casino blackjack lessons and tips

Blackjack for Beginners from New Zealand

Novice users who have decided to learn how to play blackjack are advised to follow this sequence:

  • Learn the basic rules of the game,
  • Learn how to choose the most profitable games,
  • Master the basic strategy,
  • Choose the best strategy for the selected game,
  • Practice your skills playing blackjack for free,
  • Play for money starting with minimum bets.

If you are going to play in offline casinos, learn how to count cards and try to master other professional tricks. They are described in our articles.

Useful information about blackjack can also be found on other pages of the site:

  • Rules of the games,
  • Strategy,
  • In the reviews of online blackjacks of different brands,
  • News,
  • Tournaments.

Stay tuned for the site updates.


Be sure to learn how to play blackjack if you want to win at the casino as often as possible. Believe us, it's not that difficult. Decent knowledge of the basic rules and basic strategy is enough.

Frequently asked Questions

🍬 Is it difficult to play blackjack?

The basic rules of blackjack are simple. You just need to get 21 points or as close as possible to this number, but you may not exceed 21. If you have more points than the dealer, you win. If you want to play professionally, you will have to learn and train much. 

🍀 Are there many varieties of blackjack?

There are two basic kinds of blackjack: European and American. In both of these categories, there are many varieties. Some casinos and software providers also offer unique types of BJ. Read about them on Casinoz.

👛 How can I choose the best blackjack?

The best blackjack for the player is the one with the lowest house edge and the highest RTP possible. But you should remember that you need to master the optimal strategy and employ other professional techniques if you want to beat the casino. 

💵 Should I master card counting in blackjack?

If you are going to play blackjack at brick-and-mortar casinos, card counting will certainly help, but at online casinos, it is useless (with very rare exceptions).

👩 Is there a live dealer blackjack at online casinos?

Most popular internet casinos offer live dealer games. Several varieties of blackjack are always among them.