Free Spins For Deposit for New Zealand gamblers

Casino free spins on deposit

Want to play pokies free? The question is rhetorical. It is unlikely that any New Zealand gambler will refuse to spin the reels at the casino's expense, while all payoffs go to his balance.

Such an opportunity is provided by many online casinos in New Zealand. Free spins are very common in New Zealand online gambling and are incredibly popular among customers.

What are casino free spins?

Free spins are a popular casino bonus provided to players on different terms:

  • On registration – a reward for opening an account;
  • On deposit – as a bonus with the deposit;
  • As a prize – for example, for winning a tournament;
  • As a part of the loyalty program – for example, when you pass to the next level.

Also, free spins on pokies can be charged as a reward for loyalty or as a birthday gift.

This section of Casinoz New Zealand offers reviews of free spins on deposit from the best online casinos on the Internet.

How do casino free spins on deposit work?

The point of this promotion is simple:

  1. The player registers and activates the account.
  2. Then he makes a deposit.
  3. The deposit just comes with free spins.

In most cases, free spins complement deposit bonuses.

What are the rules of free spins at online casinos in New Zealand?

Gambling sites offer free spins on various terms, which means you need to read the T&C in each particular case. Let's highlight the key points that should be studied particularly carefully.

Deposit amount

Check out how much you need to pay to participate in the promotion. The minimum deposit in the online casino may be just one dollar, but free spins won't be charged before you deposit a minimum of ten or twenty dollars.


Often, residents of New Zealand and other countries do not have the right to receive free spins on pokies or any other bonuses. Restrictions may also apply to other categories of users.


Specify whether this is a one-time promotion or a regular offer. Sometimes free spins are offered only to new players, but more often they are in one form or another available to regular customers on a regular basis.


Which pokies can be used for free spins? It can be one slot machine, a series of pokies, all games of a certain provider, or any video slots available on the website.

Number of free spins

This is a very important point. How many spins do you get? A hundred is better than ten.

Charging policy

This is about how the free spins are being charged: all at once or in parts. It is not uncommon for two hundred launches to be awarded within ten days. This means that you will have to play in the casino every day.

The size of the bet in free spins

Of course, limits are applied to free spins. Otherwise, everyone in New Zealand would try to wage as much as possible, because he plays on casino money. Usually, the bet is fixed. It is impossible to raise it during the promotion.

Maximum win

Find out how much you can win during the free spins in advance. Most sites set a specific amount that you will not be able to exceed.

Wagering requirements

Winnings received during the free spins can be paid with real money or bonus credits. In the first case, you can immediately use it at your discretion. In the second you first have to win back. Usually, the wager is small, but do not forget to clarify all the details.

Validity period

Usually, free spins should be used within the specified period of time: an hour, a day, a week.

Compatibility with other promotions

Most often, New Zealand gambling operators do not allow to combine several promotions. Keep this in mind when you activate free spins.

Also, do not be lazy to read all the points of the rules, even if the information seems banal and familiar to you for a long time.

How to choose the best casino free spins in New Zealand?

It seems that free spins on pokies are a win-win option. Indeed, the client does not risk his money, but has a chance to win.

However, free spins of this kind are charged upon a deposit. To cash it out, you usually need to roll over the amount of the deposit several times. Otherwise, the casino will charge a fee. This means a certain risk, so choose only the most profitable free spins, analyzing the casino offers on the following checklist:

  1. Availability – do you meet the requirements that are put forward to the participants of the offer? For example, New Zealand may be on the banned list.
  2. Operator reliability – do not deal with questionable companies working without a license, offering fake pokies, and hiding information about the founders.
  3. The reputation of the online casino – read customer reviews. Check the site rating on Casinoz New Zealand and on other websites. Personally check licenses with regulators. Ask questions to New Zealand experts. You have to be sure that this casino can be trusted.
  4. Limits – make sure that you are interested in this offer from a financial point of view. If you are a high roller and you can win no more than ten dollars in free spins, is it worth spending time on them? The size of the bet is also important. Playing for one cent, it will be extremely difficult to get even fifty dollars.
  5. Wagering – if wins are paid bonus credits, learn the wagering rules. It might be quite tough.

Also, pay attention to alternative offers. Often casinos offer several options to choose from. For example, you can take free spins or a bonus. Compare offers to give preference to the best option.

Reviews of free spins at Casinoz New Zealand

The reviews in this section of the site will help you to find the best free spins at online casinos of New Zealand and understand the nuances of the rules. We discuss the following points:

  • About the promotion – introduction;
  • General information – basic data;
  • Gallery – screenshots from the casino website;
  • How to get – step by step instructions;
  • Games participating in the promotion – list of pokies;
  • Requirements – how to meet the requirements of the wager;
  • Additional bonuses – briefly about other casino offers.

New Zealand readers are welcome to rate and write reviews to the promotions below the articles.


Free spins at online casinos are an exciting opportunity for the fans of gambling on the Internet. They allow you to play for real money without risking your own bankroll. However, you need to take it very seriously when choosing an offer. Reviews at Casinoz New Zealand will help you to avoid mistakes.