Articles About Roulette in New Zealand

Physical Systems for Roulette. Part 2: Roulette Computers.
Physical Systems for Roulette. Part 2: Roulette Computers.
The term "roulette computers" implies all the technologies that are used while playing roulette to help gamblers to gain advantage over the house. These electronic devices are able to measure the wheelhead and ball speed, making accurate predictions concerning pockets where the ball lands. Currently, it is supposed to be the most efficient way to beat the house at roulette. This is not a roulette system. This is an electronic device that predicts the outcomes.
Physical Systems for Roulette. Part 1: Visual Ballistics
Physical Systems for Roulette. Part 1: Visual Ballistics
Professional players who know the secrets of beating the house at roulette are personae non gratae in the gambling industry. Specialists in gambling organization and casino owners are also familiar with the secrets of roulette, even though ordinary people still believe that it is impossible to beat the house at roulette. There are only some gamblers who can win at roulette using their skills and abilities. You can find information on what they are using in this article.
Everything about the Roulette Wheel Construction
Everything about the Roulette Wheel Construction
The roulette wheel is probably the most important part of the game. Everyone knows how the roulette wheel looks like, but do you know in detail how is it constructed? The roulette wheel visually seems to be very simple, but actually it's a quite complicated balanced mechanism that provides random outcomes of each spin. This article deals with all components of the wheel structure, its use, and principles of number arrangement on the wheel.
How to Play Roulette Correctly
How to Play Roulette Correctly
To be sure, it is true that there is no strategy that guarantees victory at casinos. However, no one can deny that there are opportunities to reduce the house edge using one or the other system. There are many examples where professional players earn good money by gambling at casinos. You must use the basic strategy while playing roulette, blackjack, poker, and even video poker to reduce the risk of losing money. This article deals with one of such roulette systems.
Unusual Versions of Roulette
Unusual Versions of Roulette
The basic versions of roulette are known to almost everyone. But have you known about the existence of unique variations of the most popular gambling game in the world? An article on the portal Casinoz will familiarize you with various unusual models that can be found in brick and mortar casinos of different countries, on the online gambling portals, as well as those that can be purchased for private use.
Guide to Roulette Etiquette
Guide to Roulette Etiquette
Are you going to play roulette in a brick and mortar casino? It is not a bad idea, but you should know how to behave yourself at the table. If you have any doubt regarding this issue, we recommend that you should read this article. It deals with the basic etiquette rules for those who play roulette. They are versatile and are suitable for establishments of different countries.
Everything what We Should Know about Martingale
Everything what We Should Know about Martingale
Almost everybody has played using the Martingale system or at least has heard about it. In this article we will discuss what Martingale is; why Martingale is the worst system, when it is profitable and when it is unprofitable. It will also be interesting to know why all scammers like to use exactly the Martingale system. And we will also consider the topic of gambling systems at all, namely types of existing systems and whether to use them while playing at the casino or not, and why.
La Partage and En Prison rules: similarities and differences
La Partage and En Prison rules: similarities and differences
Experienced roulette players choose its variants with one zero and rules La Partage or En Prison, because these versions have the lowest mathematical house advantage. Both rules are discussed in detail and the differences between them are explained. We strongly encourage you to read this material, if you prefer roulette among all gambling games, but you are not familiar with the topic of discussion.
Why mini roulettes are not for you?
Why mini roulettes are not for you?
Have you ever played mini roulette for money? If yes, then we have to disappoint you: you have made not the most reasonable decision, because this game has very high mathematical house advantage. In this article we will try to explain to readers of the portal Casinoz, why they should avoid this version of the most famous variety of gambling games.
Californian roulette
Californian roulette
In the gambling world, despite all its amazing variety , there are not many varieties of roulette . And still in some countries, there are the original models that deserve special attention. They include the so-called California roulette, which is offered in many casinos in California. Its features include using cards and no ball. Are you surprised ? Then read on.
Secrets of roulette
Secrets of roulette
Does roulette have any secrets? Yes, it does, but almost all of them are connected with its history. When someone tries to convince you that they know the secrets of roulette to help you win, you can be sure they are cheaters trying to sell you something. Honest professional roulette players do not do that. Only crooks and professionals who can find flaws in the casino can earn money on it.
The role of zero in the roulette history
The role of zero in the roulette history
If you ask any casino visitor , which number on the roulette wheel is the main one , there is no doubt that most would say "zero" . Fans of the game curse it because it means loss rates to them. Supporters of this sector often prefer to put on it and get zero exactly when their choice is zero . In short, this is a very important number on the roulette wheel.

Articles about casino roulette

Even those people of New Zealand who have never been at the casino, know what roulette looks like, and have a general idea of the rules. This is not surprising because this is the most famous casino game in the world, sung by poets, musicians, filmmakers, writers, journalists, and broadcasters.

Thanks to its incredible popularity in the mass culture, everyone in New Zealand knows that you can bet on red or black or win a big jackpot by guessing the exact number.

This section of Casinoz New Zealand offers articles about roulette, often called the "Queen of casinos". They are not classified into additional sub-groups, but it is possible to identify the main topics covered in publications.

Varieties of roulette in casino

Basic knowledge about roulette

In our articles, we talk about the structure of roulette and describe the main elements in detail: the wheel, the table and others. You will learn how roulettes are manufactured, how they are installed and set up for launch and also how to take care of them.

New Zealand roulette fans will be excited to learn about the types of roulette balls. They differ in material and craft, color, weight, and size. Accordingly, they behave differently during the game.

We also discuss other basic points.

The history of roulette

Particular articles are dedicated to the history and development of this popular casino game in New Zealand. They tell about the creators of roulette, and the first casinos started to offer it. You will learn how zero and other rules played an essential role in its formation.

Myths about roulette

For many years, during which New Zealand casinos offer the customers to play roulette, it became cluttered with rumors. Superstitious New Zealand users put interesting legends on it, and some of them are not easy to refute.

We must admit that it is indeed a mysterious game. For example, the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel is equal to 666. Whose sign the three sixes are, you probably already know.

Other mystical stories are also known. They say that the creator of roulette was crazy because he has not found a way to beat his creature. There are stories about successful players in the roulette, allegedly sold their souls to the devil.

Similar stories you will find in the articles at Casinoz.

Roulette varieties

Do you think that the choice of roulette at the New Zealand casino is limited to three types:

  1. European,
  2. American and
  3. French?

You are wrong. There are many more. We can recall at least the following:

  • Mini-roulette,
  • Roulette Boule,
  • Roulette without zero,
  • Roulette with several balls, reels, or tables
  • Roulette Bauern,
  • Bonus roulette,
  • Roulette with progressive jackpots,
  • Roulette with letters, cards, and different signs instead of numbers and so on.

The variety of options in modern online casinos is enormous. In addition, some of the software developers release unique variations with unusual rules and a particular interface.

Have you played Russian roulette? We hope not. It's a game for reckless people and has no direct relationship to a casino. It also gets mentioned in the articles at Casinoz.

Live roulette at online casinos of New Zealand

The format of the live casino becomes more and more popular in New Zealand online gambling. Roulette was one of the first games offered live.

Read special articles about the advantages and disadvantages of live roulette. They will help to understand how it differs from classical variations online and offline. Should I even play live roulette?

The math of roulette

What are the mathematical chances to win at the casino roulette in New Zealand? What is the level of the return to the player for different types of games and certain bets? Are there more and less profitable roulettes?

Detailed answers to these and many other questions posted in articles by our experts. Former croupier and experienced clients of gambling sites who know roulette inside and out will share their experience.

Playing roulette professionally

Admit it, you've wondered:

Is it possible to win at casino roulette?

All sorts of "experts", which are a dime a dozen at online and in land-based casinos, will assure you they know 100% winning strategy you can use to win at roulette. But, for some strange reason, they prefer to teach others, not to earn a living by playing.

We won't mislead New Zealand players and honestly tell, why during the endlessly long gaming period, you will not be able to win casino roulette. In any case, you will not be able to do it the honest way on traditional varieties.

We explain why professional casino players in New Zealand prefer blackjack, video poker, and some other games. If you are going to dedicate your life to the roulette table and hope to make it a stable source of income, we recommend you first read these articles.

winning the casino roulette

Roulette game systems

Betting systems for roulette, and all sorts of additional strategy is a special topic. Actually, all such techniques are discussed in a special section of Casinoz New Zealand. This page explains why this approach does not guarantee to win at roulette in general terms. 

We suggest you carefully study these articles to avoid some silly mistakes along with losing large amounts of money at the casino.

Tips on playing roulette

Finally, a few brief recommendations on how to win on roulette more often:

  • Choose games with minimum casino advantage (for example, French roulette).
  • Don't play the American roulette with double zero.
  • Carefully study the characteristics of all the unusual varieties.
  • Don't rely too much on the betting system. They do not affect the return to the player.
  • Learn to manage your bankroll and choose the right bet size properly.
  • Remember that bonuses and jackpots in roulette are usually offered on very disadvantageous terms for the client.

Detailed tips for New Zealand casino players on roulette are discussed in the thematic articles.

Some of the roulette related topics are discussed on other pages of Casinoz New Zealand. Find out the following:

  • Roulette rules,
  • Betting systems and strategy for roulette,
  • Scam on the roulette wheel,
  • Software for roulette,
  • Reviews of online roulettes of different brands.

Feature articles on these issues are can be found on particular pages. You can easily find them on the menu.


Roulette is a delightful game. It was said by the man who worked as a croupier for several years and then played in the casino even longer. It is exciting, affordable, diverse and charismatic. Roulette tables always bring a unique vibe and excitement flows in the air.

Perhaps, roulette loses some of its advantages at the online casino, but in this format, it acquires additional benefits, which are also described in the articles at Casinoz.

Read the stories of our New Zealand experts. They will help you win on roulette more often!