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Micro Roulette
Micro Roulette Review

As you know, the software developers in field of online gambling make their best to create something new about roulette, because it is quite a conservative gambling games preferred mostly by the fans of classics. Consequently, frequently the producers have nothing else, but to surprise the customers of online casinos by an unusual design and original names.

Well, it is how the specialists of GameScale company did when they have released a model with original name «Micro Roulette». What this novelty is, you can find out form the following review prepared by the authors of Casinoz.

9.33 /10
Micro Roulette

Play Free Demo Micro Roulette without registration

You can find «Micro Roulette» in different online casinos powered by GameScale software. For example, the reviewers of Casinoz were testing this roulette in EuroMoon Casino without registration in a demo mode.
We would be glad to have your responses about this novelty. Please share your impressions in comments and rate this game.

How to Play Micro Roulette

«Micro Roulette» is a version of European roulette with classic location of numbers from 0 to 36 at the wheel and the traditional table markup.
The aim of the game is to guess which number (or group of numbers) the ball stops and make appropriate bets.
It is possible to stake from ten cents to one credit per number. This way, the player can stake up to one hundred twenty credits per spin.
«Micro Roulette» accepts standard inside and outside bets. Payoff indexes are also common. We won’t describe their details, because you can find this information in the special article about the general rules of roulette.
It is also possible to place bets by the track. The game accepts bets on Jeu 0, Voisins, Orphelins and Tiers (please read about it in the rules) and on neighbors of some number (five numbers situated next to each other at the roulette). If you hover the mouse on any position of the additional track, all used numbers are highlighted at the main markup.
In the beginning of the gameplay, the customer places bets of appropriate size by chosen fields. When he is done with this process, he stars a new round by click at the special button at the control panel.
The random number generator determines the winning number which is highlighted by the special marker at the table.
Then all winning bets are paid according to the provided indexes, while losing bets go to the casino.

Micro Roulette Bonus games

There are no special rounds, praise payouts, side bets to other bonus features in «Micro Roulette» game.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in«Micro Roulette».

Micro Roulette RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Micro Roulette Interface

Well, now about the brightest particularity of this game - its convenient and stylish interface. First of all we would like to say that it is multi-language.
The roulette wheel is imaged in 3D at the screen. It spins spectacularly when new spin is launched.
The markup of the table with field of the bets is situated above it. The additional track for call bets is situated at the left, while the table with latest winning numbers is displayed at the right.
There is a small table with gaming chips, betting limits and controlling buttons below them. If you hover the mouse of the table with limits, a special window with indexes will appear. It is possible to repeat bets of the previous spin.
Description of the rules and different features of the model is available in the informational section. You can open it by click at the question mark button in the right top corner of the screen. The settings are situated next to it.
When turbo mode is off, you can enjoy the realistic animation: the roulette spins, the ball is running by the wheel and etc. If you switch it on, the spin gets maximally fast with no delays.
The pleasant thing is that «Micro Roulette» doesn't need to be downloaded, while you can play right in a browser.

Mobile Compatibility

Should You Play Micro Roulette for Real Money in New Zealand?

«Micro Roulette» is a well-quality game with the convenient interface, the lovely design, the spectacular animation and the classic rules. Perhaps, many gambler would like to use the opportunity to place call bets by track. The user’s settings make the gameplay even more comfortable.
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