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What are free spins in casino slots? Indeed, if you are a fan of these gambling games, you must be familiar with this option. Of course, you are always waiting for it because it allows you to receive payments without risking money.

Let's examine how free spins work, what they are, what you must consider during the draws, etc.

Note that we are talking about free spins as a bonus option in slot machines. Free spins as a casino promotion are discussed in the thematic section of Casinoz.

Where Can You Play Slot Machines with Free Spins?

Before we start discussing the topic, here are several reliable online casinos offering hundreds (or even thousands) of video slots featuring free spins and other bonus options.

Casino Bonuses Editors rating
100% to 1000 USD x35 Play T&C applies, 18+
Play T&C applies, 18+
Play T&C applies, 18+
125% to 80 USD x35 Play T&C applies, 18+
100% to 400 USD x50 Play T&C applies, 18+

General Free Spins Rules

Let's start with the definition of the primary term:

Free spins are spins in a slot machine, in which the casino makes all bets, but the player receives all payouts.

In other words, customers do not spend personal money, but all accrued winnings go to their balances. Moreover, free spins are often held on more favorable terms for the player. They can have increased payout multipliers or involve additional bonus options.

The order of free spins, the size of the bet, the terms of the round extension, and other aspects are strictly regulated by the slot rules. The most common options are discussed below.

How Are Free Spins in Slots Triggered?

Free spins can start in different ways. Let's highlight a few common types:

  • Scatters: In most five-reel video slots, free spins start if at least three scatter symbols appear somewhere on the screen. Sometimes, scatters are available only on three reels. Less often, they are on all reels, but it is required that they land in adjacent columns, starting with the first one.
  • Accumulative system: Developers also release slot machines in which you must collect various items or substances (coins, stones, magical energy) during the regular spins. When you have enough, the free spins begin.
  • Prizes: Sometimes, you can win free spins during the bonus round. For example, they can be found in a chest or on the Wheel of Fortune.
  • Random start: Some slots delight players with unexpected free spin launches. In such games, everything depends only on the random number generator.
  • Unique methods: The most creative manufacturers offer slot machines with a non–standard approach to triggering free spins. Read about them in Casinoz reviews.
  • Bonus Buy: As it may sound strange, sometimes you can buy free spins. In recent years, this feature has ceased to be a rarity. Many large software providers resort to it. The client may, at any time, acquire the free spins. The cost depends on the bet size and other circumstances.

If any rules for triggering free spins are not specified in the list, please remind us about them in the comments.

How Many Free Spins Can You Get in Slots?

How many free spins can a player get in a slot machine? Usually, at least five. If less, they are called respins. The maximum number often reaches several tens. In addition, free spins can be extended.

Let's discuss the options:

  1. A fixed number: For example, three scatters trigger ten free spins—no more, no less.
  2. According to the number of scatters: Let's say three, four, or five scatters on the screen start ten, twenty, or thirty free spins, respectively.
  3. An indefinite number: In this case, the free spins last until certain conditions are met, such as until the game's main character runs out of life.

The paytable or help section attached to the slot usually clearly states how many free spins the gambler can get. This issue is also explained in the slot machine reviews on Casinoz.

What Bet Size Do You Play in Free Spins?

Of course, any player would like to increase the bet to the maximum in free spins, but the rules prohibit this. The amount at stake and the number of active lines remain the same in the last paid spin. You cannot change them until the end of the round.

All previous bets are considered if you play a slot with some cumulative system. The bet size in free spins will be of an average size. 

In Bonus Buy slots, the customer can usually determine the bet's size. The higher it is, the more the gambler must pay to participate in the free spins.

What Are Multi-Level Free Spins in Slots?

Many software providers offer slot machines with multi-level free spins. Because there are numerous versions, it is hard to systematize them.

In some games, the more often a player participates in free spins, the more favorable the conditions become. For example, starting from the fifth, tenth, and fifteenth rounds, the number of spins and the size of the additional multiplier increase.

immortal romance is a slot game with free spins

Levels can be activated during one round of free spins. For example, if you meet certain conditions, some symbols become Wilds, low-paying symbols disappear from the reels, or the multipliers increase.

All such cases are discussed in detail in the reviews of slots on Casinoz.

Free Spins Gameplay

What is going on during free spins? As in regular spins, there are two main options:

  1. Manual mode: The player starts the spins.
  2. Autoplay: The spins start automatically, and the player watches the process.

In most games, both types are available; in some slots, only one is available.

Free Spins Bonus Features

Casino software developers are rarely limited to classic free spins with no prize features.

Here are the most popular options:

  • Additional multipliers, like x2, X3, x4, etc., increase all payouts.
  • Special features of Wild symbols during free spins may include increasing payouts, sticking on the reels, growing in one or several directions, cloning to other spots, etc. 
  • Expanding symbols are stretched vertically or horizontally. They can fill entire columns or rows.
  • Symbol transformations mean regular icons can become Wilds or turn into giant symbols occupying adjacent positions on several reels.

It would be difficult to cover all kinds of bonuses in free spins. However, Casinoz discusses them in detail in reviews and thematic articles.

Retriggering Free Spins

In some slots, free spins are not extended. The player is given a certain number of spins, and when they end, the round ends.

More often, free spins can continue. The rules are different:

  • Basic system: Three or more scatters give the standard number of free spins specified in the rules;
  • Reduced number: Scatters prolong the round, but there are fewer spins than at the start;
  • Every scatter: Even one scatter gives extra spins.

Other options need to be considered in each case.

The Best Slots with Free Spins

It is impossible to determine the ideal video slot with free spins because each user has their preferences. However, several factual features allow you to find the most promising slot machines.

Tips for choosing slot machines with free spins are as follows:

  • Look for games with maximum RTPs (theoretical return to the player).
  • Consider the volatility of the game (how often it pays and how big the winnings are).
  • Only play licensed and certified slot machines.
  • Carefully study the rules and understand all the details of non–standard features.

To simplify your life, check out the slot machine reviews on Casinos. They contain all the necessary information. And the hottest casino slots are collected in a separate rating.

Name Soft Return to player Variance
98.12% Low
98.03% Middle
98% Middle
98% Middle
98% Low
97.99% Low
97.9% Middle
97.88% Middle
97.84% Middle
97.72% High
97.7% High
97.6% High
97.5% Middle
97.5% High
97.5% High

How Can You Win on Slots with Free Spins More Often?

Any gambler playing on a slot with free spins would not refuse to participate in this round, as it gives you a chance to win substantially without risking your money.

Perhaps you have wondered:

How can free spins be triggered more often on a slot machine?

Sometimes, this possibility is provided by the rules, but you will have to pay for it.

  • Side bets: This refers to bonus bets in some video slots. If you make one, additional scatters are added to the reels. Consequently, the chances of participating in free spins increase.
  • Bonus Buy feature: There are also slot machines where the right to participate in bonus rounds can be purchased. Of course, it sounds paradoxical: "Free spins that you have to pay for." However, this is a popular option.

Should you accept such offers from gambling operators? In the case of a bonus bet, you need to clarify the RTP embedded in it. If it is higher than the base one for the slot, take the risk.

The same recommendation applies to purchasing bonus rounds. Compare the theoretical return rates.

Which Online Casinos Have the Best Slots with Free Spins?

Casinoz reviews all new and high-quality slot machines with free spins. The articles include free demos, allowing you to test the latest products without time limitations. Mandatory registration is not required. Register at reputable online casinos to play video slots with free spins for real money.

Here are a few reputable gambling sites.

Should You Play Video Slots with Free Spins?

In many slot machines, free spins are the most attractive feature. For example, it is not uncommon to see slots that pay rarely but allow hoping for impressive wins during the free spins with additional bonuses.

Read reviews of slot machines on Casinoz. They detail the nuances of free spins, volatility levels, rules for forming combinations, and other characteristics. At the end of the article, experts advise on how to play the video slot and what to pay attention to.

Share your opinions on free spins, tell us about your big wins, and ask questions.

Frequently asked Questions

💎 What are free spins in slot machines?

Free spins are complimentary spins on a slot machine played with the casino’s money, during which all winnings are credited to the player's balance. Additional features may apply during free spins. All terms and conditions should be clarified separately in each case.

🎰 Do all slots offer free spins?

In classic slot machines, there are no free spins. In video slots, free spins are a standard feature. They are available in most games.

🍀 How are free spins triggered in slot machines?

Free spins can be triggered in various ways: by landing a certain number of scatter symbols on the screen, accumulating special items, receiving a prize in a bonus game, or even randomly during the base game. Some slots even allow players to buy free spins for real money.

🤔 How many free spins can a player get in an online slot?

The number of free spins can be fixed, depending on the number of scatters landed, or indefinite, lasting until certain conditions are met. Typically, players receive from a few to several dozen free spins.

💲 What is the bet size during free spins in video slots?

The bet size during free spins usually equals the player's last bet in the base game for real money. It cannot be changed during free spins. An exception is slots where players can buy free spins, allowing them to choose the bet size.

🔥 What bonuses can be in free spins in slots?

During free spins, additional bonuses can apply, such as increased payout multipliers, special features of wild symbols, expanding symbols, icon transformations, and other prize mechanics.

👍 Can free spins be extended in video slots?

Yes, in some slot machines, scatter symbols can give the player additional free spins beyond the initial quantity. The conditions for extending free spins may vary in different games.

📄 Where can I find more information about free spins in specific slot machines?

Overview articles on Casinoz usually provide detailed information about the rules, quantity, conditions, and features of free spins in a particular slot.

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