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It is very difficult to find a gambling card game called red dog at modern casinos, even if you have the opportunity to travel all over the world. However it is available at online casinos. You can easily find red dog in many reputable establishments running on software released by its leading manufacturers. We have already published reviews of some models on the portal Casinoz.

Brief Description of Rules

Detailed rules for red dog poker are discussed in a separate article in the special section of our portal, as well as in reviews of its online versions. So, this article covers only its basic features.

Cards differ in rank starting from deuces and ending with aces. There are single- and multi-deck versions. The player makes a bet. Then the croupier deals two cards face up and places a marker on the table field in accordance with the spread (read about it in the articles mentioned above). It determines payout sizes.

If the cards are consecutive in number, a push is announced. If ranks of two cards are equal, a third card is dealt. If it is of the same value, the player's bet is paid 11:1.

The client decides whether to leave the bet or double it. After that, the dealer places another card on the table. If its value is between the first two cards, the payout is made according to the established ratio from 1:1 to 5:1.

Odds in Red Dog

Let's firstly discuss how the number of decks affects the house edge in red dog poker.

  • One deck - 3.15%
  • Two decks - 3.08%
  • Four decks - 2.88%
  • Six decks - 2.79%
  • Eight decks - 2.75%

As you can see, it is necessary to give preference to the variations of red dog with a higher number of decks.

Become familiar with the following table. It shows the odds in percentage in case of different spreads. These data are calculated for the six-deck version of red dog poker.

  • 1-card spread - 7.7% (payout is 5:1)
  • 2-card spread - 15.4% (payout is 4:1)
  • 3-card spread - 23.2% (payout is 2:1)
  • 4-card spread - 30.9% (payout is 1:1 for this and all spreads mentioned below)
  • 5-card spread - 38.7%
  • 6-card spread - 46.4%
  • 7-card spread - 54.2%
  • 8-card spread - 61.9%
  • 9-card spread - 69.6%
  • 10-card spread - 77.4%
  • 11-card spread - 85.1%

Another table offers data on the odds of all the possible outcomes of hands in the six-deck variation (payouts of various sizes, push, and losses of initial and double bets).>

  • 11 to 1 payout - 0.52%
  • 5 to 1 payout - 1.01%
  • 4 to 1 payout - 1.83%
  • 2 to 1 payout - 13.97%
  • 1 to 1 payout - 9.46%
  • Push - 21.11%
  • Loss of the initial bet - 45.75%
  • Loss of the double bet (if you increase it according to the optimal strategy) - 6.31%

We are going to represent these data in a more accessible form:

  • Three identical cards appear on the table approximately once in two hundred deals.
  • Push occurs roughly in each fifth round.
  • You will get a 5 to 1 payout on average once per one hundred rounds.

Let's discuss directly the strategy.

Red Dog Optimal Strategy

Everything is extremely simple. The only decision that should be taken by the user concerns doubling bets after the determination of the spread. So, after analyzing the statistics, it is easy to conclude that the bet should be increased only if the spread is seven or more.

This recommendation is proven by the following calculations of the house edge or advantage over the casino in certain spreads. Check them out.

  • 1-card spread - house edge is 53.5%
  • 2-card spread - house edge is 22.5%
  • 3-card spread - house edge is 30.3%
  • 4-card spread - house edge is 38.1%
  • 5-card spread - house edge is 22.6%
  • 6-card spread - house edge is 7.1%
  • 7-card spread - advantage over the casino is 8.4%
  • 8-card spread - advantage over the casino is 23.9%
  • 9-card spread - advantage over the casino is 39.4%
  • 10-card spread - advantage over the casino is 54.8%
  • 11-card spread - advantage over the casino is 70.3%

Therefore, as soon as the advantage of the player appears (in case of a 7-card spread), you need to increase bets.

We guess that everything is indeed simple. Good luck!

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