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Casinoz often emphasizes that betting strategies cannot change the house edge in slots. The majority of systems are related to bankroll and time management. The betting strategy discussed below also belongs to this category, and it can be helpful to many players who need to systematize their gameplay.

What Is Play and Run Slots Strategy

The Play and Run betting strategy got its title because it implied the termination of the gameplay if the slot machine was not producing the desired result. Then it is necessary to select another slot. It is suitable for those willing to stop listening to the inner voice and aims to find the best slot machines. We will not evaluate it. This review deals only with its essential features. It is up to you to decide whether it's worth using.

First of all, let's give definitions to two terms required for the explanation of this strategy:

  1. blank spin,
  2. ultimate loss.

The blank spin is a spin of the reels that does not bring winnings. Following this system, the player must determine the number of blank spins on a particular slot machine. Having reached this limit, he must immediately leave it and select another slot.

The ultimate loss is a part of the bankroll users can afford to lose on a single slot before they go to another machine.

Play and Run Betting System Step-by-Step

The strategy is designed especially for fans of slots with small bankrolls, so do not be confused by your small bets because, in this case, they serve as an integral part and even necessary condition of the gameplay.

  • Divide your funds into several parts. Each of them is provided for a particular slot machine. For example, you have one hundred dollars. Select ten slot machines, providing ten dollars for each of them.
  • Then it is necessary to determine the number of blank spins and ultimate loss, but keep in mind that you can succeed in this case only with a realistic approach. You need to choose the slots with low minimum bets if you have a little money.
  • This system is not a betting progression, so there is no increase in bets while winning or losing. You should always bet one coin.

The gameplay occurs in the following way.

  1. Play, for example, twenty spins (do not confuse them with blank spins).
  2. If there is no profit, play another slot. Remember that you have an established number of blank spins and ultimate loss during these twenty spins.
  3. If one of these limits is reached before twenty spins finish, you should stop playing this slot machine immediately.

If you win something in twenty spins, you can keep playing this slot, but you need to start a new session. To do this, you should collect your payout and begin again. As long as you stick to the selected number of blank spins and do not exceed the ultimate loss limit, you cannot lose your entire amount of money and will stay longer in the slot room even if you are not lucky enough.

On the other hand, if the slot machine gives your payouts, you will benefit from this fact and leave reaching the upper limit of your luck.

Where to Play Slots by Play and Run Strategy

We recommend that gamblers play slot machines using this system at micro-limit tables at Tropez Casino888 casino, and Crazy Vegas Casino.

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