Gourmet Ranch Riches Review

Internet users suffered from the agricultural rush a few years ago. Accountants, students, office workers, and even experienced system administrators abandoned their favorite computer games and joined to those who were digging their virtual flower beds, growing vegetables, and raising domestic animals. Almost all developers of this kind of arcade games offer their own versions of such games. Such applications are especially popular in social networks, where recently minted farmers can brag of their personal achievements to friends.

Nowadays this entertainment is less popular but still in demand. Odobo has released an excellent gambling game called Gourmet Ranch Riches that is designed in the way common for this category of games. It is necessary to develop the farm, trying to earn real money on it. This game is incredibly colorful, very exciting, and quite unusual. You may notice this while reading our review and testing this model personally.

9.43 /10

Play Gourmet Ranch Riches

Gourmet Ranch Riches is a game with several levels and bonus options, in which payouts are credited for the chains composed of three or more identical objects or animals.
The bet per round is accepted. It may vary from twenty cents to twenty euros.
The playing field has thirteen areas arranged in accordance with the established pattern. Randomly selected elements appear in each round. They form paid combinations. Such combinations include: three identical adjacent animals or plants (diagonal lines are irrelevant.)
When such a chain shows up on the screen, a payout is credited for it. It is calculated in accordance with the bet and multiplier provided by the rules. The pattern (instead of symbols) is taken into account. These patterns can be found in the paytable that provides information about all multipliers. They range from 0.2x to 10,000x.
As soon as the payout is credited, the images that form a sequence will disappear. This will lead to the appearance of two extra areas, and all the empty positions will be filled with new elements. If one or several combinations are collected again, this operation will be repeated. The process may last until the farm will be completely filled with elements.
There is a reason for mentioning gourmets in the title of the game. The harvest is used to cook numerous dishes. They provide access to new patterns for the formation of combinations. In addition, there are images of the used symbols at the top of the screen. They have lines filled during the formation of chains. When they are full, the client will reach the next level with additional ingredients and more favorable rules.
Read about the exceptions to common rules, as well as bonus options and other gameplay features below.

Gourmet Ranch Riches Symbols, Wild, Scatter

It is easy to guess all kinds of garden crops and domestic animals that appear on the screen: cabbage, corn, pigs, ostriches, and so on. When you reach the next level, their number increases.

Gourmet Ranch Riches Bonus games

The thematic bonus round starts when the user succeed in covering the entire farm. The customer is provided with the opportunity to have six free spins with the involvement of the whole farm. If any chain is formed, an additional respin will be activated. Payouts during respins will be calculated taking into account extra multipliers. Their value can rise to 10x.
The levels are discussed above. We are not going to describe them again. You just need to test this game in order to understand how to play it.


Progressive jackpots are not available in Gourmet Ranch Riches.

Gourmet Ranch Riches Interface

There are a few inscriptions in the interface of the model. Control elements are intuitively understandable. Customers can master them in any language.
To start a new round, you should click on the button with a round arrow located from the right side. A double arrow immediately appears on it that is used to skip animation in order to speed up the gameplay.
Round arrows located from the left side allow users to activate automatic mode. Users just need to select the number of spins that should be played automatically without the direct participation of gamblers.
There are functional buttons that open all the possible sections on each side of the main screen: paytable, rules, sound and graphics options, data on awards, and so on.
There are the following windows below: Bet (it is used to select the bet size), Win (it shows the payout per round), and Balance (it shows the number of credits on the account.)
There is an opportunity to change the farm size, i.e. users may zoom in and zoom out.
There is no sense in downloading Gourmet Ranch Riches. Users can just run this novelty on the websites of casinos.


Rules may seem to be complicated, but the point is that you do not need to master them. Everything happens automatically, so that you should just choose a bet to make. Then you should click on the button Start, hoping that the random number generator will be favorable to you.
You don't need to perform some additional actions to reach the next level, accumulate credits, or participate in bonus rounds.
This model has a very impressive graphics and amusing animation. The gameplay is very exciting due to numerous options. It is important to note that the game has cool audio effects and user-friendly interface. In short, this novelty is worth testing.

Where to play Gourmet Ranch Riches for free or real money in New Zealand?

Search for this game at casinos that cooperate with Odobo. They primarily include major multi-platform sites that offer software of several brands. Many of them allow testing Gourmet Ranch Riches without registration.
We are looking forward to knowing your opinion about this novelty. Write it in the comments and rate this game.
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