Did you have a piggy bank shaped like a cute pig with a coin slot on its back in your childhood? Perhaps some of you still own this artifact from a rosy-cheeked and carefree childhood. Indeed, you would want to reminisce about those joyful years. This is where the game Piggy Tap comes to your aid, allowing you to retrieve money from that very piggy bank.

The rules are very simple, but the gameplay is far from dull. It's interesting to play even in demo mode, but the game becomes captivating when real money is at stake.

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We never tire of reminding our readers that you should play for real money only in fair and reputable online casinos. Reviews on Casinoz can help you find honest and reliable gambling clubs with Onlyplay software. Read articles carefully, pay attention to the rules, and don't forget to check actual customers’ opinions.

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How to Play Piggy Tap (Onlyplay)

Piggy Tap is a thrilling online game by Onlyplay. We remind Casinoz readers that this studio specializes in instant win games and has already released several hit models.

Gamblers’ goal in Piggy Tap is to be the first to break the piggy bank and receive the maximum possible payout, including three progressive jackpots.

Various gameplay features are available in the game:

  • Standard payouts,
  • Additional multipliers that increase winnings,
  • Progressive jackpots,
  • The Wheel of Fortune,
  • Free rounds,
  • The Bonus Buy, and other options.

The betting range is wide, from $0.01 to $55, but you should check the limits at the online casino where you will be playing.

The gameplay is straightforward and consists of a few stages:

  1. Place a bet.
  2. Click the round button with arrows or click directly on the piggy.
  3. Each click means you make a bet.
  4. Cracks will appear on the piggy bank.
  5. You can receive a payout calculated by the set multipliers in each round.
  6. You can also hit the jackpot or activate bonus features.

You can play in automatic mode or buy bonus rounds.

There is no double-up game in Piggy Tap.

The screen is filled with numerous elements.

Symbols, Wild, Scatter

There are no Wild or Scatter symbols in this game.

Bonus games

You may have the chance to spin the Fortune Wheel. Its sectors indicate multipliers: ×2, ×10, ×100, ×1000. These multipliers increase payouts.

The Fortune Wheel is initially partially hidden. You will occasionally receive horseshoes that reveal the wheel as you play. When it is fully on the screen, you can spin it.

Prize money is automatically transferred to your balance.

Free spins

In any round, you may trigger the Free Spin mini-slot. It's a three-reel slot machine with one active line. You can spin the reels once. The results of this spin determine the number of free rounds and the multiplier by which winnings will be calculated.

Free rounds can also be purchased using the Bonus Buy feature.

  • If you pay 25 bets, the likelihood of free spins will be 25%.
  • If you splurge on 100 bets, the chances increase to 100%.

The same rules apply after that.


Three progressive jackpots are available in the game:

  1. Minor,
  2. Major,
  3. Grand.

Their amounts increase because 2%, 1.5%, and 1.5% of customers' bets are deducted, respectively.

They are randomly awarded. You can hit any jackpot in every round you play in real money mode.

RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Pay attention to these indicators:

  • Return to Player (RTP): 96.98%,
  • Volatility: medium.

The RTP is relatively high compared to the payback in most other Instant Win games. Of course, it is much higher in many table and card games at online casinos.

You will often get payouts during the gameplay, but large ones do not occur frequently.

Strategy: How to Win

Fans of this game employ various strategies. For example, some keep track of the number of cracks on the piggy. They believe the more cracks, the sooner the piggy bank will collapse, supposedly increasing the chances of winning the jackpot.

In reality, the results depend on the random number generator. It's unlikely you can predict anything based on the on-screen animation.

Consequently, there is no 100% winning strategy for Piggy Tap. Betting systems do not guarantee victory and do not even increase RTP.

If you believe you know how to win more often, share your tips in the comments.


The game is only available in a portrait mode. It cannot be played in a landscape way.

The interface includes the following elements:

  • The green round button starts the round.
  • The Bet button is to choose the bet size.
  • The Balance shows the money in the account
  • The Last Win is what it states.
  • The Buy allows you to purchase the free rounds.
  • The How to Play contains instructions and rules.
  • The A triggers the automatic mode.

You can turn off the sound, and auto-play has settings.

Jackpot amounts are displayed on the scoreboard at the top of the screen.

On the main screen, other players' avatars are visible around the piggy bank. You can observe their actions there.

Mobile Compatibility

The interface is initially designed for smartphone users. The portrait mode is convenient on touch screens. It makes playing on mobile devices extremely comfortable.

The rules of the mobile slot are identical to those of the desktop version. The game runs smoothly on all devices, including Android devices and all iPhone models.

Should You Play for Real Money in New Zealand?

Lately, Instant Win games have become increasingly popular among online casino customers. Gamblers enjoy unusual themes, straightforward rules, fast gameplay, and the opportunity to win a big prize instantly. This one is engaging due to its jackpots, extra features, the bonus buy option, and substantial payouts. There are no complaints about the interface and design either. The game is colorful and user-friendly.

Feel free to share frank reviews about Piggy Tap. Tell us what you liked or didn't like.

Frequently asked Questions

🐷 What is Piggy Tap?

Piggy Tap is an online gambling game developed by Onlyplay. The objective is to break the piggy bank and receive the maximum payout, including three progressive jackpots.

💲 What bets are available in Piggy Tap?

The betting range in the game is quite broad, from $0.01 to $55.

📄 How can I play Piggy Tap?

Place a bet. Click the round button with arrows or click directly on the piggy. Each click represents your bet. In each round, you can receive a payout calculated according to the set coefficients, hit the jackpot, or activate bonus features.

👛 Is there a double-up game in Piggy Tap?

No, Piggy Tap does not feature a risk game to double the payout.

💎 What bonus features are available in Piggy Tap?

Piggy Tap has several bonus features, including a Fortune Wheel with multipliers and free rounds that can be activated through Bonus Buy.

🎁 What jackpots are available in Piggy Tap?

The game offers three progressive jackpots: Minor, Major, and Grand. Their amounts increase due to deductions from players' bets.

🔥 What are the main parameters of Piggy Tap?

The return to player (RTP) is 96.98%, volatility is medium, and the win frequency is quite high.

👍 How can I activate free rounds in Piggy Tap?

Free rounds can be triggered randomly in any round or purchased using the Bonus Buy feature.

  • Three progressive jackpots
  • Prize features
  • Bonus Buy
  • Only portrait mode
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Main info
Type of game Instant Win
Manufacturer Onlyplay
Theme Money, Gold
Min bet 0.01 USD
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RTP 96.98%
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Mobile version Yes
Issue date June 12, 2023