In the online casinos dice are used not only in craps. There are many other interesting online gambling games, which give an opportunity to spend your time pleasantly and pretend on the large payoffs. One of such games is Six-Shooter model developed by Oryx Gaming Company, which the following review is devoted to. 

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SinCity Casino gives an opportunity to test this game without registration by the virtual bets or play by the real money as soon as you open an account. You would also find this model in other online casinos, powered by the software developed by Oryx Gaming.

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How to Play Six-Shooter (Oryx Gaming)

Six-Shooter is an entertaining online gambling game, where the standard dice with six sides are used. From one to six point are images at each of the sides.

Playing Six-Shooter online game is possible by the bet in range from ten cents to one hundred credits in the gaming currency, selected by the customer of the casino.

The aim of the game in Six-Shooter is to drop out six start dice, declared by the dealer, in three flings of three dice. To finally study out the rules, let’s describe the gameplay step by step.

First the virtual croupier of Six-Shooter throws six dice. The numbers (a quantity of points), dropped out at each of the dice, determine the aim of the player. The numbers are displayed in the right top corner of the screen. Than, the player three times throws by three dice. The numbers, equal to those which were determined by the dealer, are meant to be chucked. To receive the payoff, it is necessary to chuck all the dice. Faster you make it, larger your prize is. The similar numbers, determined by the dealer, are displayed separately; however, it is possible to chuck it with one die, thrown by the croupier.

The amounts of the payoffs in Six-Shooter online game depend on the period you need to chuck all numbers:

-       One fling – 12:1

-       Two flings – 8:5

-       Three flings – 1:1

The gambling feature is not provided by the rules of Six-Shooter. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any information about the theoretical payback index of Six-Shooter online game.

Bonus games

The prize payoffs or the bonus rounds are not provided by the rules of Six-Shooter online game.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Six-Shooter gambling game.


Six-Shooter online game is provided with a multi-language interface (although it is not a high quality). That’s why we wouldn’t describe the functions of the buttons which you are going to see at the control panel.

There is a chance to repeat the bets and double it. The dice, thrown by the dealer and the player, appear right from the gaming field. An amount of the bet can be selected by click at chip of the proper value (you can find it in the bottom part of the screen).

There are not so many user’s settings here. It is possible to select the graphics resolution and control or (switch off) the background music. There is also a statics sections for the played rounds.

You can test Six-Shooter online game right at the website of the online casino, that’s why it is not necessary to download this model.

Should You Play for Real Money in New Zealand?

The rules of are extremely simple, but it is still interesting to play it. You can make it sure on your own, as soon as you test it personally. Anyway, the reviewers of like it much.

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