What is your attitude towards Instant Win games that are gaining popularity among online casino customers? Most of such games have elementary rules and ultra-fast gameplay.

Lucky Ocean by Onlyplay belongs to this category. In it, you will dive to the bottom of the ocean and search for pearls, trying to avoid the cunning hedgehog fish.

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Where to Play?

Playing Lucky Ocean for real money is worth doing in reputable and verified casinos to avoid falling victim to fraud or unscrupulous gambling operators. Reviews on Casinoz and customer feedback can help you choose a fair online casino. Approach this task responsibly, as your hard-earned money will be at stake.

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You can test Lucky Ocean for free directly on Casinoz. A free demo is included in the review. You can open the game in a window or expand it to full screen in a separate tab. Even unregistered site guests can play in demo mode.

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Verified NZ Online Casinos

Here are some online casinos with good feedback from gamblers. In these casinos, you can safely play Lucky Ocean for real money. They also provide the opportunity to play games for fun.

How to Play Lucky Ocean (Onlyplay)

Lucky Ocean is a product of Onlyplay, specializing in Instant Win games. They have released several hit titles that enjoy immense popularity in the gambling world.

The goal of playing Lucky Ocean is to achieve the highest payout by advancing through the rows of air bubbles. However, one must avoid the hedgehog fish, as encountering it results in an immediate loss.

A step-by-step description of the gameplay makes understanding the basic principles easier.

  1. Upon opening the game, you will see an initial splash screen, which can be closed with a special button.
  2. Next, you need to choose a bet from one to fifty dollars.
  3. Then, press the Play button.
  4. The bottom row of bubbles will activate, with the potential payout amount displayed above it.
  5. You must choose one of the four bubbles by clicking on it with the mouse.
  6. Each row contains three pearls and one fish.
  7. You will receive a payout if a pearl is revealed, and the next row will activate.
  8. You can progress through all seven rows, but you will lose your money if you encounter the hedgehog fish.
  9. You can claim your payout at any stage, starting from the first row.

Note that payouts increase with each new level concerning the winning amount and in percentage terms.

There is no double-up game.

The impressive design features a vibrant background, pleasant animation, unobtrusive sound, and a user-friendly control panel.

Symbols, Wild, Scatter

There are no special symbols in the game. Behind the air bubbles hide pearls or fish.

Bonus games

There are no bonus games or prize features in this game.

Free spins

The game rules do not provide free rounds.


There is no progressive jackpot in this gambling game.

RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

The game parameters are as follows:

  • RTP is 97.5%,
  • Volatility is low.

Note the relatively high payback. In most instant win games, it is significantly lower.

Volatility is below average, although the deviation from the expected result will still depend on your approach to the game. If you claim winnings at the lower levels, it will be low. It will increase significantly if you strive to reach the top level every time.

Strategy: How to Win

It's unlikely anyone will tell you how to beat Lucky Ocean. We don't know a 100% winning strategy. If you want to win more often, take payouts earlier. If you want to chase big wins, go all the way.

Some gamblers believe that ascending to higher levels is beneficial because potential payouts disproportionately increase with each new row of bubbles.

Feel free to share your Lucky Ocean gaming strategy in the comments.


The game interface is relatively straightforward. The control panel consists of several elements:

  • Bet - choose the bet;
  • Play - start the game;
  • Choose Any Cell - select any cell;
  • Take - claim the winnings;
  • I - rules;
  • Balance - money on the account.

Three bars open the menu with rules. The speaker icon turns off the sound.

There is no need to download the game. It operates in the browser version. The mode is portrait only. On the computer screen, the background with an image of the ocean depths occupies the remaining space.

Mobile Compatibility

The game is excellently adapted for smartphones and tablets, including devices running on Android and all iPhones. The portrait mode allows comfortable gameplay on mobile phones, holding the device with one hand.

The mobile slot's loading speed is high. The control panel is the same as for the PC. The mobile game operates according to the rules described above in the review.

Should You Play for Real Money in New Zealand?

If you enjoy instant win games, Lucky Ocean should appeal to you. It is simple, fast, and convenient in every aspect. Once again, note the decent theoretical payback rate.

Feel free to write reviews about the game, give ratings, and boast about significant payouts.

Frequently asked Questions

🌊 What is Lucky Ocean?

Lucky Ocean is a game from Onlyplay, specializing in instant win games. The gamblers aim to achieve the maximum payout while avoiding the hedgehog fish.

🦪 How do you play Lucky Ocean?

Open the game, choose a bet from one to fifty dollars, and press the Play button. Select one of the four bubbles in the activated row, avoiding the hedgehog fish. Progress through seven rows for maximum payout. You can claim your winnings at any stage.

💲 Is there an opportunity to try to double the payout in Lucky Ocean?

No, the double-up game is not available.

💰 Is there a progressive jackpot in Lucky Ocean?

No, Lucky Ocean does not feature a progressive jackpot.

🃏 Are there special symbols in the game?

No, the game does not have special symbols. The bubbles conceal either pearls or fish.

📄 What are the parameters of the Lucky Ocean game?

The RTP is 97.5%, and volatility is low. The hit frequency depends on your approach to the game.

  • Relatively high RTP
  • User-friendly interface
  • No bonus features
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Main info
Type of game Instant Win
Manufacturer Onlyplay
Theme Ocean
Min bet 1.00 USD
Max bet 50 USD
RTP 97.5%
Max payout 2061 : 1
Is free test available Yes
Mobile version Yes
Issue date September 6, 2020