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Every period of time has its heroes. Bold 90s in Russia have born their idols - strong, determinative, and cruel. Unicum, a young slot producer, has met such a trend with the release of the Bratva slot, inspired by that period of time. Are you ready for gang romance?

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21.00 USD
Min bet
210 USD
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Play Bratva

Bratva is a video slot that features 5 reels and 21 paylines.

You can bet up to 210 coins per spin (10 per line). The maximum win is 100000 coins.

The video slot offers the following options:

  • Wild;
  • Scatter;
  • Bonus games.

The interface doesn't make a huge difference to other slots of this brand, so that we won't get into details. You will find all the typical controls and info screens.

The rules of the game are pretty simple. Hit several same symbols next to each other and land a winning combination at one of the active lines. Payoffs depend on the bet and multipliers.

Please read about bonus options, special symbols, and other features of the Bratva video slot below at Casinoz.

This is a criminal-themed video slot with a vibe of the bold 90s in Russia. You will see colorful characters and essentials of that time on the screen.

Bratva Symbols, Wild, Scatter

Considering the game's theme, it's easy to guess the symbols imaged on the reels are somehow connected to criminality and crime fighters. You will land guns, handcuffs, clubs, police officers, Mercedes cars, police cars, old-fashion thieves, and bandits of the 90s.

Special symbols:

  • Wild substitutes basic symbols when necessary.
  • Scatter (roulette) – hit 4 or 5 of them anywhere on the screen and pocket X your total bet.

Bonus symbols:

  1. A thief wearing a hat.
  2. A thief wearing a baseball cap.

Hit 4 or 5 same symbols and trigger one of the bonus games on the new screen.

  • Gun
    Good old "Makarov" pistol
  • Bullets
    Shotgun bullets
  • Handcuffs
    No fun without it!
  • Mercedes
    The classics of bandit cars
  • Yellow Crossover
    Police car
  • Thief
    Old-fashioned bandit
  • Muscle Man
    Criminal of the new age

Bratva Bonus games

Now about the bonus games:

  • Bandits – guess which of two boxes hides some money. The player has several attempts, and every lucky one brings a win.
  • Thieves – will take the player to the night city. You will see a square with five buildings: an office, a casino, a beer shop, a bank, and a store. The thief will be robbing the buildings under your control. However, it would be best if you remembered that one of them is under alarm. Every lucky attempt brings you a win. However, if the alarm goes off, the bonus game is over. You can rob each of the buildings only once.

See the paytable of the Bratva by Unicum for more details on bonus rounds.

Bratva free spins

Bratva doesn't feature classic free spins. We have already mentioned all the available bonuses above.


Unicum doesn't draw progressive jackpots on the Bratva video slot.

Bratva RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

The producer hasn't provided information about the RTP. According to Casinoz experts, this is a low-volatile game. You will land many combinations, but payoffs are never high. Bonus rounds play quite often.

Bratva Interface

Playing the Bratva video slot is easy.

  1. Open the slot.
  2. Set the bet.
  3. Start a new spin.

Wins will be charged automatically.

See the paytable for all possible wins and details of the rules.

New Zealand Mobile version

The slot is available at some of the mobile casinos as a touch-adapted browser version. We won't get into details of the Bratva mobile slot, as neither the rules nor the interface would cause any difficulties.


Well, 90s romance has passed away and should have taken creatures like Bratva video slot with it. However, it is still possible to find gamblers who love such slots.

Of course, it’s your choice, but we still recommend playing the Bratva video slot for fun, not for real money. It can’t compete with the contemporary games by any means, so why would you stake real money?

Where to play Bratva for free or real money in New Zealand?

Unfortunately, you won't find Unicum video slots at any online casino. However, most caring providers always think about the specific needs of their clients. So don't hesitate to check for this game at your favorite casino.

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Frequently asked Questions

What's the theme of the Bratva video slot?

The slot was inspired by the criminal 90s in Russia.

Does the Bratva feature any bonuses?

Yes. Expect 2 thematic bonus games and other prize options.

Can I play the Bratva free?

Yes. Online casinos may offer a free demo version.

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Main info
Type of game
Video slots
Min bet
21.00 USD
Max bet
210 USD
Max payout
10000 : 1
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Mobile version
Issue date
February 12, 2010
Progressive jackpot
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1 - 10
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