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Keno Review

Keno can be considered to be a lottery-like gambling game. The player marks on a special field (or in a ticket, in the case of real casinos) several numbers hoping that they will appear during the draw. The outcome entirely depends on luck, and it is impossible to influence it. Despite the relatively high house edge, keno has become very popular among customers. Playtech offers its own virtual version of keno with classic rules.

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It is possible to download keno almost at any online casino running on the platform from Playtech. You can play it using conditional bets directly on the site Casinoz by clicking on the image at the top of this article.
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How to Play Keno

The version of keno released by Playtech offers players to choose from two to ten numbers out of eighty available. You will find multipliers in the paytable on the right of the main screen. They are used to calculate payouts for various amounts of winning numbers. They are calculated automatically.
The more numbers are marked, the more correct guesses you need to win. If all ten selected numbers are winning, the payout amount will be equal to 10,000 bets.
It is possible to wager from twenty-five cents to five dollars per round. You can bet on one or five draws simultaneously. The second option allows you to significantly speed up the gameplay.

Keno Bonus games

The variant of keno from Playtech does not offer bonuses.


The version of keno released by Playtech has no progressive jackpots.

Keno RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Keno Interface

The design of keno resembles the real gambling machine. The bet size is selected using the buttons Plus and Minus. The numbers on the field are marked with the mouse. The button Clear removes all bets.
From the right side of the main screen there is a table that shows the number of predicted numbers in the recent five rounds. Winning positions are highlighted in green.

Mobile Compatibility

Should You Play Keno for Real Money in New Zealand?

Keno is a gambling game for those who want to relax without thinking over the next move. It is also popular among the superstitious players who mark numbers that play an important role in their lives. The version of keno from Playtech has everything that is necessary for a successful lottery: user-friendly interface, only basic settings and nice design.
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