Card Wars
Card Wars Review

It is difficult to imagine an easier gambling game than Card Wars. Its aim is ridiculously simple. The user just needs to make a bet and hope that his card will have a higher rank than the dealer's card. You have probably played such a game with friends or used it in dispute resolution. So let's cover each thing in its turn.

8.14 /10
Card Wars

Play Card Wars in NZ Casino for Real Money

Card Wars is available at AdamEve Casino. In addition, users can test this game for conditional bets without registration there. The same opportunity for all readers is provided on the website Casinoz.

How to Play Card Wars

Card Wars is an online gambling card game released by CTXM. Six standard 52-card decks with no jokers are used in this game. The cards are shuffled before each deal.
The range of bets is established by the administration of a casino. It varies from one to one hundred dollars at AdamEve Casino.
The aim of Card Wars is to beat the dealer by getting a higher-ranking card than the dealer or win betting on a draw.
The lowest-ranking card in this game is a deuce. The highest-ranking card is an ace. The ranks of all suits are equal.

The player makes a bet and then the croupier deals one card to the player and himself. He places them face up. If the card is higher in rank than the client's card, he or she wins and receives the payout according to the 1:1 ratio. If it is lower in rank, he or she loses the bet.
If the cards are identical, a draw is announced. Then there are three possible options (they do not affect a bonus bet):

  • The user may fold and lose half the bet.
  • You may declare war on the dealer doubling the bet. The dealer discards three cards and deals one card to the player and to himself. If your second card is higher in rank or equal to the dealer's card, you get the first bet back and receive the payout according to the 1:1 ratio for the second bet. If you can not beat the dealer, you lose both bets.

The theoretical payout percentage of Card Wars is 97.12%.

Card Wars Bonus games

Users can make a bonus bet in Card Wars. It is possible to make it only with the basic bet. However they should have different sizes. It wins in case of a draw in the first two cards received by opponents. If the player's and the dealer's hands are made up of identical cards, the payout for the bonus bet is 10:1.


Progressive jackpots in Card Wars are not provided.

Card Wars RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Card Wars Interface

Since Card Wars is very simple, its interface is not very complicated.

Mobile Compatibility


Card Wars is an entertainment for fans of elementary games who do not want to stuff their heads with complicated rules. If you just want to check how lucky you are, Card Wars is ideal for such purposes.

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