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Bonus Hunting
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Bets for Bonus Wagering
Online casinos offer very enticing promotions. Indeed, among them, there are options we can safely recommend to our readers, but some bonuses are almo...
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Slot Tracker Offers the Entire Statistics on Gambling Activities
Slot Tracker Offers the Entire Statistics on Gambling Activities
The Slot Tracker application released by Innovative Game Solutions keeps record the personal statistics of games at online casinos that you have visited. It is offered as an add-in for the Internet browser Chrome and operates with software developed by the most popular manufacturers. The Slot Tracker application saves personal information about winnings, losses, bonuses, time spent on gambling, and other aspects.
Ludoman Is an Application that Stops Gambling Addiction
Ludoman Is an Application that Stops Gambling Addiction
One of the most effective ways to combat gambling addiction among Internet users is to completely block their access to online casinos. If you install the application called Ludoman on your PC, neither you nor any member of your family will be able to attend gambling-related portals. Moreover, you will be unable to uninstall the application, which makes this product extremely efficient when gamblers crave for gambling.
Roulettomatic - software for playing roulette
Roulettomatic - software for playing roulette
You still did not give up learning how to win at online roulette? Then you can try the software Roulettomatic. Its authors say that their software can decrypt algorithm for generating random (or rather pseudo-random) numbers used in online casino games. Read the review from Casinoz about Roulettomatic, it's use and dangers.
Gambler's Odds, your assistant in the game analysis
Gambler's Odds, your assistant in the game analysis
Software Gambler's Odds let's you analyze the odds of different casino games , bets and their systems. You can choose the most profitable video poker, best bets in craps or sic bo , check whether the various systems of bets are useful at this roulette table , and so on. Gambler's Odds software is free.
RoyalDoyle Blackjack Analyzer, blackjack statistical analysis program
RoyalDoyle Blackjack Analyzer, blackjack statistical analysis program
Providing detailed statistics about blackjack with any rules , developing a basic strategy , teaching card counting , testing the game in practice are just some of the features of the blackjack analyzer RoyalDoyle Blackjack Analyzer. The program is designed for beginners in blackjack , advanced users and professional players.
Video Poker Calculator, software for calculating odds
Video Poker Calculator, software for calculating odds
To play video poker as good as possible , you should choose the right model and calculate the optimal strategy to the smallest detail. Not every user can do this task without assistance. However, using the program Video Poker Calculator can save you from such worries. It has great features and can help to find answers to almost any question related to video poker .
MagicSpins, a step to discovery or unscientific nonsense?
MagicSpins, a step to discovery or unscientific nonsense?
In the internet there are plenty programs to help win at online roulette. None of them has received universal recognition, confirming their inefficiency. MagicSpins stand above them, explaining the principles of complex and complete lack of free trial versions. You can test the program to trust the word of the Developers and buy the demo version.
Roulette Interceptor, big promises, but zero content
Roulette Interceptor, big promises, but zero content
Who else wants quick and easy money? We found another wonderful program for you that guarantees regular wins at the roulette table. You don't believe me ? You are right. We also did not believe in the assurances of the creator of Roulette Interceptor. And it's careful study only confirmed our suspicion that this is another useless software .
FRoulette, an interesting but useless program
FRoulette, an interesting but useless program
Most modern software, which should help to win at roulette, offer users nothing new. They use the same assumptions as a common betting system. FRoulette utility considers the latest winning numbers, and based on them will give you clues to users. More about this software, read our review.
Blackjack Sniper, a card counting program in blackjack which robs its users
Blackjack Sniper, a card counting program in blackjack which robs its users
Today in the internet there are more than a dozen useful programs for blackjack fans. However, the creators of most software promise impossible. They claim that their development can overcome the advantage of online casino in blackjack. One of these programs is Blackjack Sniper.
Roulette Lucker or how to turn roulette into a boring and monotonous game
Roulette Lucker or how to turn roulette into a boring and monotonous game
Probably every beginner dreams of finding a roulette strategy or a to help him consistently achieve success. However, experienced players know that this is impossible. However, occasionally there is a new software, which authors assure us that they have managed to win roulette or, as in the case of Roulette Lucker, to reduce the probability of loss to minimum.
Meet another cheaters - Moneyblowers.
Meet another cheaters - Moneyblowers.
Anyone interested in operation of online casinos knows that they use random number generators giving unpredictable results . However, the creators of Moneyblowers claim that roulette in casinos record throws of live dealers in land-based casinos. And their product can detect this mechanism and predict the winning numbers.

Software for Gambling

The first software for gambling has seen the light even before the era of online casinos. The most insightful gamblers have long understood that they need to adopt IT to improve their professional level and win as often as possible.

The articles in this section on Casinoz, the best online gambling guide, describe the apps developed for casino players.

Online Casino Software

We will not talk about the software that powers gambling sites in this section. The reviews of software developers and providers discuss the online casino software.

This page only covers software options for gamblers.

Types of casino software

Classification of Gambling Software

The software for casino players can be divided by the games. The most popular apps were designed for the following games:

  1. Roulette,
  2. Blackjack,
  3. Video poker,
  4. Poker.

Some tools are not intended for particular games as they perform universal functions.

You can also classify the apps by the tasks they perform:

  • Training – These apps introduce you to the rules and strategies. They can have built-in gameplay simulators, classes, tests, and more. The best developments of this type have extensive sets of similar tools. With their help, anyone can go from a beginner to a professional casino player.
  • Calculations – Many games require a good understanding of the math component to achieve maximum results. Software that performs such functions can help a lot. For example, they display the RTP in blackjack, taking into account all the nuances of the rules, or calculate the odds in different situations when playing poker.
  • Statistics – Customers who regularly play at the casino are recommended to monitor their results to make certain conclusions. Computer programs for statistical data analysis do this.
  • Parental control – You don't want kids to get into your computer and gamble online while you're away, do you? Install special software that restricts their access to the Internet.
  • Anti-gambling addiction tools – Gambling has ruined many lives. Use special software for gamblers if you or your loved ones are experiencing a gambling addiction issue. They block access to all sites that accept any money bets.
  • Fraudulent software – Is it possible to hack an online casino? Can hackers decipher the algorithms of pseudo-random number generators that run slots and other games? Is there software to hack online casinos? We do not recommend engaging in such business, but we discuss this topic in the articles and reviews for educational purposes.

Also, the apps for playing at online casinos can be divided by terms of use:

  • Free – Software that can be legally downloaded from the developer's website or third-party resources. As a rule, they have reduced functionality. Sometimes you can thank the creators with donations.
  • Partially paid – Some features of these apps are free, but access to all tools is available only in the paid version.
  • Paid – To use these applications, you need to buy them. Sometimes a trial version is offered. It is valid for several days or allows you to make a limited number of launches.

All the features of the best casino software are discussed in the reviews.

Roulette Software

Software developers sometimes make loud statements, promising that their apps will help beat roulette. Some of such options are discussed in the reviews published in this section.

Some offer built-in betting systems or other algorithms. Allegedly, following them, you can win over the casino. Others claim that they managed to decipher the principles of the random number generator. In other words, they claim that they were able to hack online roulette.

Most of these apps for roulette are absolutely ineffective.

Independent gambling experts have tested numerous apps of this type and say they are not worth wasting time on. We also have not met software designed for the general consumer, which helps to win at roulette.

We are not talking about devices that can track the ball's trajectory in the roulette of offline casinos. These are unique developments that are not on sale.

Public applications for roulette can keep statistics, give tips on all sorts of strategies and help manage the bankroll. Do not expect they will help you eliminate the house edge in this casino game.

Video Poker Software

The first versions of video poker apps were released many years ago. Some of them are offered until now but in much-improved variations.

The most popular games are provided with numerous built-in tools:

  • Basic strategies for dozens of video poker varieties,
  • Rules of all versions,
  • Simulation games,
  • Video poker tutorials,
  • Multi-level strategy quiz,
  • Calculation of the house edge and so on.

Such apps will allow gamblers to understand all the subtleties and learn how to play video poker professionally.

Blackjack Software

Blackjack plugins are also top-rated among users who want to achieve stable results and beat the casino.

The most popular utilities have the following features:

  • Rules of all common types,
  • Built-in optimal blackjack strategies,
  • Calculation of return to the player according to the features of the rules,
  • Strategies for unique varieties of the game,
  • Simulation of blackjack,
  • Practical classes, lessons for beginners, and quizzes,
  • Statistics,
  • Financial management and so on.

Reviews of Casinoz experts will help you choose the best blackjack software.

casino programs

Casino Poker Software

A vast number of various apps have been developed for poker. Most of them are designed for fans of sports or club poker.

Software for casino poker is less common, but it will not be difficult to find. When choosing a game, make sure it is designed for the particular kind of game that you need.

Parental Control Options

In today's world, children's gambling addiction is a severe threat. Now the Internet is available to anyone. The web is overflowing with gambling sites. Not all casinos conscientiously restrict minor visitors from playing for money. Some sites deliberately allow children to start gambling.

To prevent your child from becoming a gambling victim, install a program that will allow you to monitor his activities on the Internet. Read reviews and choose the right product.

Software to Prevent Gambling Addiction

Often there is a need to create conditions that will not allow a person to enter the casino. This is intended for gambling addicts. Sometimes they try to eliminate the game addiction; sometimes, they want to help the family.

Special software for gamblers is an effective means of dealing with a dangerous disease. It blocks access to gambling sites. Moreover, it doesn't allow to release of the lock until a certain period has elapsed.

Read more about the programs for gambling addicts in the reviews.

Valuable and Useless Casino Software

An app that provides real help can be considered adequate. A quality product that helps to achieve results is worth paying for.

However, we don't recommend players spend money on questionable plugins, the creators of which guarantee victory over the casino.

Such applications are either just useless or fraudulent. In the first case, you lose the money spent, but you may face trouble with the law in the second.

Read why you shouldn't try to hack an online casino in our articles.

Choosing Software to Play Casino Games

Let's move on to an important issue:

How to choose the best software for casino players?

First of all, define the tasks that it should perform:

  • Teach a casino game,
  • Help to master the basic strategy,
  • Control the finances,
  • Keep statistics and so on.

Once you have selected the programs according to this criterion, decide whether you are ready to pay for them. Of course, paid applications are more efficient and convenient.

Also, check the producer. World-famous companies will not offer useless fakes. But the products of dubious origin are worth a closer look. Do not rush to open the wallet until you are sure you are offered high-quality products.

Read reviews of casino software on our website. Experienced independent experts write reviews.


Not all gamblers need special software to play in the casino successfully. Many do well without it. But some of these apps can be useful.

We advise you to get acquainted with the programs of the leading producers. Surely you will like them.

Frequently asked Questions

💻 Is there software for casino players in New Zealand?

Some providers offer special software for casino players. Those programs help learn the basics of games, master strategies, keep statistics, etc.

📘 How can I choose the best software for New Zealand casino players?

Read the reviews on Casinoz. We will help you choose the most efficient programs.

⌨ Is there software for cheating casinos for New Zealanders?

Some providers offer programs for cheating online casinos, but Casinoz warns you against using them.