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Bonus Hunting
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Bets for Bonus Wagering
Online casinos offer very enticing promotions. Indeed, among them, there are options we can safely recommend to our readers, but some bonuses are almo...
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What Are the Traits of the Best Dealers?
What Are the Traits of the Best Dealers?
Have you ever worked as a dealer? How good were you from a professional point of view? Check whether you have all the traits of a good dealer. In our article, experts who are experienced managers in the gambling field share their opinion on the traits of the best representatives of the casino staff.
How to pass a casino dealer interview?
How to pass a casino dealer interview?
Sometimes it's not enough to be a good dealer of you had a job in a solid casino with good salary. You still have to successfully pass the interview to prove that you are good for this job unlike other candidates. We have prepared for you advice on how to convince potential employers to hire you as a dealer.
Duties of a pit boss in the casino
Duties of a pit boss in the casino
Pit bosses in all decent American casinos (except, perhaps, the smallest casinos). They supervise gaming tables and called Pete. What is included in the scope of their duties? Is it a difficult job? What are the pitfalls await those who want to try myself in this field? Read about it in this article.
Methods of attracting new players to blackjack
Methods of attracting new players to blackjack
It’s hard to imagine a solid casino with empty blackjack tables. But even if the casino has a lot of customers who prefer this exciting game of chance, you can always attract even more visitors. We will share some thoughts on how to increase the interest of customers in blackjack. It may be useful for casino owners.
Dealers in the future
Dealers in the future
If you have ever played in a real casino, you probably saw silent dealers who distribute cards with their eyes on the table and avoid any communication. In many casinos conversations with customers are not encouraged. Can we consider this situation as normal, or such an attitude is a relic of the dashing nineties, when a nasty look in the direction of any authority could cause a major scandal?
Differences in the Dealer’s Work in the United States and Russia
Differences in the Dealer’s Work in the United States and Russia
No one doubts that it is much more profitable, interesting, and prestigious to work as dealer at huge casinos of Las Vegas than in the shabby establishment in any of Russian or Ukrainian countrytowns (especially taking into account the fact that all of them are illegal). However, what are the advantages of working in the United States? Let's discuss them in detail on the basis of stories told by local croupiers.
Cheating the roulette
Cheating the roulette
If you can make a ball stay in certain rooms on the roulette, you get a very significant advantage. There are cases where crooks got into the casino after hours and made changes to the design of the wheel. However, modern cheats are trickier, and the traces of their crimes are much more difficult to detect.
Dealer and tips: to tip or not to tip?
Dealer and tips: to tip or not to tip?
In some casinos, tips are a main source of dealers' income. They are tipped for work and suffering humiliation from rude customers. In other casinos, there are no tips at all, because the administration considers it an overkill. Principles of tips allocation between dealers may also be different. It determines their personal interest and climate in the team.
Marked cards: how to fight with it?
Marked cards: how to fight with it?
Casinos should be ready for the most diverse cheating of customers. Any experienced dealer or casino manager will tell you many stories about cheaters. Over the years, they saw replacing chips , intentional damage of equipment and , of course, marked cards. We will discuss the last method in this article on how to deal with it.
How to make a good promotional campaign?
How to make a good promotional campaign?
Real and online casinos often hold various promotions to draw attention to the casino. However, this diversity has not many really exciting activities that are not only of interest to customers, but also benefit the casinos. This article is not intended to be a guidance for creating promotions, but it contains some useful recommendations on the subject.
Is employee turnover a problem of most casinos?
Is employee turnover a problem of most casinos?
The history of gambling knows many cases when a casino suddenly had a staff, dramatically defected to competitors. The total employee turnover also almost everywhere remained high. What causes it? How to keep a croupier in a casino? This is what we discuss in this article.
How to calm an angry casino client?
How to calm an angry casino client?
If you have worked in a casino, you know that customers are often dissatisfied with it, even if they nitpick. This is because people play for money and do not always win. Many believe that losses give them the right to ridiculous demands. You can solve such issues, or settle conflict situations if you follow advices of experienced professionals.

Articles on Working at Casinos

Are you a dealer, pit boss, or manager in one of the casinos? If so, you will be interested in the articles published in this section of Casinoz. We discuss various aspects of gambling directly related to the casino staff.

Content for casino dealers

Let's talk about the relationship with the players, the nuances of the croupier's work, the job description of pit bosses, and ways of attracting new customers.

Articles for Casino Dealers

We discuss numerous job-related issues in our articles for casino dealers.

  • Education – Do you remember how you studied at the croupier school? We are sure it was exciting.
  • Psychology – How to cope with psychological pressure? How to ignore the boors? How to stay cool in any situation? Read the tips in the articles.
  • Customers – Not all the players are lovely people, but you must communicate with everyone. Learn how to find an approach for any casino customer.
  • Gambling – What table game is more accessible or challenging for you to work at? We will discuss the nuances of the dealer's work on roulette, poker, blackjack, and other tables.
  • Job search – How can I get a job as a dealer? Several practical recommendations are waiting for you in the articles.
  • Dealers in different countries – what are the differences in the work of the casino dealer between the USA, Russia, Macau, and Singapore? Read about that at Casinoz.
  • Prospects of the profession – What does the future promise to dealers? Whether machines replace them? Will there be a dealer at an online casino at all? Our experts discuss the trends in the development of the gambling business and the place of staff in gambling of the future.
  • Cheaters – Surely you had to deal with scams at the casino. We'll show you how to identify marked cards, how scammers cheat the croupier in roulette, what crooks do, and so on.
  • Tips – Should the croupier ask the client for tips? Is this ethical? How should the tips be distributed? Let's discuss this.
  • Interesting incidents – Of course, you can share a lot of fascinating stories that took place at the casino. Us too. Read them in this section.

Lots of pressing issues are discussed under the articles for dealers. Former and current dealers talk about their personal experiences.

Articles for Casino Pit Bosses

Working as a pit boss implies a higher level of responsibility. Employees in this position must:

  • Organize stable work of the pit as a whole,
  • Keep an eye on the dealer,
  • Settle disputes with customers and so on.

The pit boss is responsible for every mistake of the dealer. Dissatisfied players claim it on him. He explains the reasons for failure to his manager.

Read about nuances of the pit boss's work in our articles. You'll learn how to change dealers, deal with cheaters, communicate with aggressive customers, distribute tips, and so on.

Content for pit bosses

Articles about Casino Management

As soon as a former dealer or pit boss becomes a casino manager, he realizes that all his previous worries were trifles compared to the current issues. From now on, he will control everything and everybody, continually waiting for problems.

He should make global decisions regarding the proposed games, their rules, drawings, promotions, staff salary, etc. He should take care of the profit of the house.

In case of any problems, he is the one who will be responsible to the owners, even if it's not his fault. In short, he now carries responsibility for everything.

Please read how to effectively manage a casino in our articles from the most experienced experts in the gambling business. Some are former top managers, ready to advise and discuss the problem.

Forum for Casino Staff

Finally, we should notice that the Casinoz forum has threads designed for dealers and casino managers to share their experiences, talk about interesting cases, ask for advice and discuss any topic related to their work.


Working in a casino is both exciting and challenging. Representatives of the gambling staff are constantly under psychological pressure, often find themselves in stressful situations, and should always be able to control themselves; after all, they are responsible for the customers' money.

If you work as a New Zealand croupier, pit boss, or casino manager, we suggest you read the articles in this section. Here you will undoubtedly learn something new and will be able to discuss essential questions with colleagues.

Frequently asked Questions

🙋 What a casino's stuff consists of in New Zealand?

Casinos have such jobs as dealers, pit bosses, managers, and others.

✅ Is it difficult for a New Zealander to become a casino dealer?

You need to learn and train much to become a professional croupier. Moreover, this job is not for everybody and requires certain psychological features.

💵 Do casino dealers get tips?

It depends on the casino's policy whether a dealer gets tips.