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As you know, roulette bets are not limited to red/black or the main wheel, although these are the most popular and widely used. In fact, roulette offers such a wide variety of bets that some may not be available in all casinos.

Some of the bets are mutually exclusive (ie, even and odd), while others may be used simultaneously during each of the spins.

What is it all about?

There is also the concept of cross bets.

Cross bets are 2 different bets that overlap any identical numbers.

We will try to understand how beneficial this roulette technique is, considering the most common and acceptable for the player – European roulette.

First, roulette betting systems do not affect the house edge, and it can not be reduced. You can only make the situation worse if you bet on red/black, odd/even, and so on at the same time. It sounds absurd, but some players sometimes like to do so for some reason.

This usually happens before they hit zero, and both bets lose. Usually, here their experiments end. It is not possible to reduce the house edge, which is  2.7% in European roulette, by choosing some specific bets.

What happens if we make cross bets? Let's take a look at a particular example. Let's suppose we bet a 100$ on red and odd. We have 18 red numbers and 18 odd. Then, we divide all numbers on the roulette into groups according to our bets.

  • The first group includes red and odd. There are only 10 of them.
  • The second group includes red even numbers – 8 of them.
  • The third group includes odd black numbers – also 8.
  • The fourth group includes black and even numbers – 10 of them.

Zero stands apart as all bets lose in this case.

  • Therefore, we need a number from the first group, because in this case both bets win and it brings us 200$.
  • If the ball hits a number from the second or third group, we remain even.
  • A number of the fourth group or zero means we lose 200$.

So, 10 numbers may help us win 200$, 11 numbers (including zero) take the same amount away, and 16 numbers let us remain even.

As you can see, this method gives no advantage to the player, as chances of losing are still high.

It can be expanded by adding more cross bets. It will help to lose less frequently, but also rarely win.

The key point is that the house edge remains the same. Therefore, if you enjoy spending time in the casino and sitting at the roulette table with a small amount for hours, you can safely make cross bets. It is a matter of personal preference of players, but not the method to increase winning chances.

Other methods

You can also make cross bets while playing on the field, sectors, and neighbors. It won't help reduce the house edge either, but some unscrupulous players confuse the dealer when they see a lack of professionalism.

Sometimes it allows them to exceed the maximum bet allowed on the table, or collect more than allowed under the guise of exceeding.

However, this is a slightly different story, and we will discuss it in another article.

Cross bets are often prohibited during various casino tournaments. This practice allows you to delay the game and remain even longer, which can be profitable if all opponents are already into the red. Therefore, the organizers prohibit such a method in the rules and may even disqualify participants who resort to it.

Remember that roulette is one of the casino games which won't allow you to profit from it at an infinitely long segment of time if you do not break the rules.

This is why those who make living by playing in the casino will never choose roulette. They prefer blackjack, poker, and some other games. Roulette can give a lot of strong emotions but can't be used for stable winning.

If you can not get away from a casino without visiting roulette, use the most of what it can give – a colossal pleasure! Relax and play as you like without clogging your head with all sorts of useless strategies.


Cross bets won't help you reduce the house edge playing roulette. If you want to learn how to play and win more, read our educating articles at Casinoz.

Frequently asked Questions

What are the cross bets on roulette?

This is a gaming technique that allows overlap of identical areas.

Can cross bets help to beat the casino?

Don't rely on this too much. Cross bets don't affect the roulette RTP.

Does it make sense to make cross bets?

Does it really?

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