The roulette ball hit the number one

There are not so many rumors about any other game of chance as roulette. Historically, it is the casino's primary attribute, and roulette's history is covered in a dense veil of mysteriousness. No wonder people talk about the secrets of roulette till now, even in this age of pragmatism, cynicism, and computer technology.

Nothing is wrong with most of these myths. People do need legends. They increase the game's appeal and make the gaming process more romantic and exciting.

The problem is that false information about roulette is often created consciously by dishonest people who want to cash in on unsuspecting and inexperienced players.

Famous Roulette Secrets

We decided to write this article to tell Casinoz readers about the true and false roulette secrets.

Mysterious Stories

Aura of mystery surrounds roulette since the first years of its existence, although no one can say precisely when it was invented.

  • Some say that its prototype appeared in ancient China.
  • Others call Blaise Pascal the roulette developer.
  • Others believe that a medieval monk originated roulette.

The fact that the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel is 666 adds more intrigue. Of course, it gave reason to believe it was a devil's game.

Throughout the years, successful roulette players won so often that their triumphs caused rumors about secret strategies, new systems, and secret techniques. 

In any case, the history of roulette has some puzzles. And it's not easy to solve them.

Secrets of Roulette in Land-Based Casinos

The construction of roulette in land-based casinos is quite simple. You can find many stories about secret mechanisms that can slow down or speed up the wheel rotation, but they are in the movies more than in real life.

If the wheel is set correctly, all numbers will win equally in the long run. But if the roulette has flaws, it can work improperly, and professional gamblers can find numbers that win more often.

Roulette Secrets

Many roulette fans try mastering visual ballistics, reading dealers, and other techniques. Indeed, these methods can be helpful, but they are challenging to use in practice. 

Many experienced players have their secrets of using the mistakes of unprofessional dealers. Moreover, some customers skillfully provoke dealer mistakes but do not break the rules and do not give grounds to drive them away from the casino. But it is a too broad topic to describe in a few sentences.

Online Casino Roulette Secrets

Any online roulette works on a random number generator that produces unpredictable results and does not use any algorithm. Trying to understand how it works is meaningless. Any honest mathematician will confirm it.

Is it possible to crack RNG? We will not try to be smart about it. Maybe someone can do something like that. But we will not be talking about such profound achievements.

The conclusion is clear: NO online roulette secrets will help you to win all the time.

Roulette Betting Systems

Here we come to the question raised when discussing the secrets of roulette: a betting system.

A betting system means that you play roulette making bets by a particular algorithm.

It can initially be strictly planned for the entire gaming session or vary depending on how the situation is developing on the table.

We will not describe standard systems and even list them for the simple reason that none of them will help to win at roulette, no matter how you'd want to.

No exceptions. Systems can help to streamline gameplay, vary it, keep track of finances, and affect the variance, but it does not increase the probability of winning.

Any math failed to establish a system of rates that would help reduce the casino advantage. But numerous scientific articles prove the inability to beat roulette by such methods.

Our verdict is clear:

The only roulette betting system secret is that they do not increase the payback.

However, if you have an infinite bankroll and are in a massive casino with no maximum limit bets, then theoretically, you can always win even on the Martingale. But you know that this is impossible in practice.

Some systems may seem very practical to inexperienced clients, but believe me, none of them changes the house edge at roulette.

In the informative article by an American professor, read more about the house edge and betting systems in general. 

Roulette betting systems

Software for Online Roulette Players

Recently, the Internet has many sellers of computer software for playing roulette. Almost all of them convince potential buyers that their software helps to achieve positive results. They roll in scientific terms, vaguely explaining their creations' principles, and give reviews of obscure players - in general, everything trying to convince you that they sell beneficial products.

We have reviewed these programs, tested some of them, talked with the developers, listened to their threats and accusations, argued in specialized forums, and cited scientific articles. In short, we do everything possible to keep inexperienced players from buying useless garbage.

I regret to report that we could not convince everyone. The thirst for easy money is too intense in people. They are willing to risk it, even in a losing situation.

If you're wondering about the opinion of Casinoz, it is as follows:

PROGRAMS FOR ROULETTE PLAYERS do not reveal any game secrets, but some of them can be helpful.

Think about it, can it be considered a valuable program for casino games if you sell it rather than use it personally?

Helpful Tips for Roulette Fans

Roulette belongs to the category of games that can not affect the house edge (unlike blackjack, poker, video poker, and others). Therefore, all helpful tips boil down to a choice between varieties of roulette and individual rates in some of them.

  • First of all, avoid American roulette. The 00 spot increases the house edge from 2.7% to 5.4%. If you play on a roulette wheel, never bet on five numbers: 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. It is the most unfavorable for the player.
  • If possible, give preference to French roulette. There with a zero, a player gets half of the outside bets. The house edge is only 1.35%.

All other recommendations are about proper sizing of bets, time to stop, and so on. But they have no direct relation to the victory over the casino. This is just the planning and personal discipline.

Here are some simple secrets of roulette (if they can be considered secrets).

Can You Beat the Roulette?

The answer is it is impossible in an honest way.

Whatever betting systems sellers, software developers, casino employees, or roulette fans may state, roulette is not suitable for advantage gambling.

Moreover, no matter how long you play roulette, you won't get better results (unless you change the American or European version to French). If in a land-based casino, you can still learn how to use not qualified personnel or flaws in the equipment, you can not do anything in online casinos.

We hope we did not disappoint you a lot. But, even so, it is better to feel frustrated with the truth than to continue losing money in vain hopes of beating the roulette. 

Earning money by playing roulette

Frequently asked Questions

💲 What does it meat to beat roulette?

To beat roulette means to get a mathematical advantage over the casino in this game. 

📃 What is the house edge in roulette?

It depends on the game rules. In European roulette, the house edge is 2.7%. In American roulette, it is twice higher. Even money side bets in French roulette feature the house edge of 1.35%. There are also rarer games with unique rules and other paybacks. 

👎 Do betting strategies work for roulette?

Betting strategies, like Parlay or Martingale, do not increase the return to the player. Yet, they can be helpful in some way. 

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