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Bonus Hunting
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Bets for Bonus Wagering
Online casinos offer very enticing promotions. Indeed, among them, there are options we can safely recommend to our readers, but some bonuses are almo...
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Casino Hold'em Poker
Casino Hold'em Poker
Texas hold'em originated as a form of poker in which opponents were playing against each other. However, its versions adapted for casinos where customers could play against the house appeared. This article deals with the history of Casino Hold'em Poker, description of its rules, and the most interesting online games of different brands.
Complicated situations in Oasis Poker
Complicated situations in Oasis Poker
Many users of Internet casinos, including the readers of our portal, like to play online Oasis Poker. However, not all of them have skills of the optimal strategy. This article should help fans of this kind of poker to get rid of the most common mistakes. It is devoted to the most difficult situations that constantly arise during playing. We hope it will help you to play better.
The history of poker
The history of poker
Today, poker is the most popular card game. But how did it appear? Hardly anyone can name the exact date or place of birth of poker. I would say that poker was not born in the form we know it now and evolved from another one...
How to choose a Pai Gow poker in online casinos?
How to choose a Pai Gow poker in online casinos?
Pai Gow Poker is not the most popular online casino game, but it still has its constantly growing squad of fans. If you are also interested in this exciting poker game, check out our tips on choosing a Pai Gow at an online casino.
Fold or bet?
Fold or bet?
When playing Caribbean poker, it may be the most difficult to make the right decision when the choice is between a fold and staying in the game. Usually, difficulties arise when a player has a weak hand or none at all. What to do in such a situation? Let's look at it in more detail.
How to Play Three Card Poker
How to Play Three Card Poker
This poker is a game where players and the dealer get three cards, available in almost all reputable online casinos. It means that it is very popular among users from different countries. If you do not know how to play three-card poker, we recommend you to learn it, because it has very favorable terms and exciting gameplay. Recommendations for the strategy are very simple.
Ten Helpful Tips for Poker Beginners
Ten Helpful Tips for Poker Beginners
Studying poker strategy should be started with the basics. Without them, it is impossible to become a good player. We have prepared ten key recommendations which you must follow in each game. They will not make you a professional but help you avoid elementary mistakes that almost all beginners make. If you take the first steps in poker, start with this article.

Articles about Casino Poker in New Zealand

Poker is one of the most famous card games that has played a special role in the formation of the entire gambling business around the world. Different varieties of this game were born long before the first casinos appeared. People started playing poker for money several centuries ago.

So-called Sports Poker, also known as a Club Poker, became incredibly popular in our days. All pokers designed for playing against other participants fall under this definition.

Poker is very popular at casinos as well. Poker tables are an essential part of all large land-based casinos. Leading software developers also offer numerous options for online gambling.

Features of casino poker

The feature articles at Casinoz cover all sorts of poker-related questions.

Features of Casino Poker in New Zealand

The key difference between club poker and the games presented at gambling houses is:

At the casino, the customer plays poker against the dealer. He doesn't have any other opponents.

This means the player must defeat the dealer to get payment. Some varieties have no actual dealer, nor opponents in the face of other players.

If you want to check your skills in the battle against other enthusiasts, you should choose club poker.  For the rest, we recommend playing poker against the casino.

Let's briefly list the most common and popular types of poker games, found at casinos.

  • Stud Poker – the basic type with standard rules, that requires defeating the dealer;
  • Caribbean Poker and Oasis Poker – variations of the stud with cards exchanges;
  • Russian Poker – one ante buys exchange of any number of cards along with additional actions;
  • 3-Card Poker – both the client and the dealer get 3 cards and may place 3 independent bets;
  • 4 Card Poker – the player and the dealer receive 4 cards, and the user can make different types of bets;
  • Casino hold'em Poker – Texas Hold'em adapted to play against the house;
  • Pai Gow Poker – the player wins if he wins over two dealer combinations.
  • Let It Ride Poker – the player can reduce his bet during the deal if the chances seem low.

Other types of poker can be popular in particular regions and casinos. Find out more in the reviews at Casinoz.

Casino Poker Odds

Each poker game whether at a land-based or an online casino has a certain return to the player. The house edge is usually about 2-3%, but you may find games with significant fluctuations up and down.

Always check the RTP when you are looking into a new game or face unusual rules. Software developers for online gambling usually state it in the Help.

Advantages of Poker at Online Casinos

Poker at online casinos has some obvious advantages, which provide it with undying popularity. The key pros are:

  • Huge selection of games,
  • Unique types of poker,
  • A wide range of bets,
  • Convenient interface,
  • Additional features,
  • Smartphone versions,
  • Various settings and so on.

The only significant drawback of poker at online casinos is a missing vibe of a real casino hall, but leading software providers are actively working to eliminate it. New games have realistic animation and allow you to communicate with other players.

Live Dealers Poker Online

Live casinos are now common in online gambling. They allow customers to play with real dealers sitting in front of the screen or on a smartphone.

Many games support this format, including different types of poker with live dealers. They are described in the casino reviews.

How to choose the best casino poker?

First of all, you need to focus on the house edge. Choose games with the minimum advantage of the casino. Pokers with maximum RTP promise the best chance of winning.

Also, consider the following:

  1. The range of bets,
  2. The complexity of the rules,
  3. Graphics quality,
  4. The convenience of the interface,
  5. The authority of the software producer and so on.

The choice of poker is huge, so give preference to the best games from reliable providers.

Casino Poker Strategy

How to win in poker? Theory, practice, and constant self-education will help you.

We recommend you choose a strategy for each variety of poker. We discuss it at the site a lot. Below we offer some basic tips:

  • Start with traditional types. There are a lot of special systems developed a long time ago, so it will be easier for you to learn.
  • Rules of same-name pokers from different producers may vary a lot. Compare the games.
  • Follow the updates. Competition forces developers to offer players the best rules of poker.
  • Participate in poker tournaments in casinos. They are free.

Read the expert articles, even if you think you already know poker well. They will help you to rise to a new level.

Poker mistakes

Poker Players' Mistakes

Newcomers often make serious mistakes that don't allow them to beat the casino. Even experienced users often make such mistakes. To achieve maximum results, get rid of the following:

  • Misunderstanding of the essence of casino poker – many customers who came from club poker, cannot adjust to this type of game. They psychologically can't adjust to the fact that their opponent is the casino, so they need to stick to the appropriate tactics of behavior.
  • The wrong choice of strategy – poker is presented in numerous varieties in the casino. Moreover, similar games from different producers may vary significantly in rules and gameplay features. Therefore, you can not use the same tactics and strategy in all types of poker. They need to be picked for each version, taking into account all the subtleties.
  • Inability to identify the most profitable poker – learn how to find games with the best conditions. Always check the return to the player and the house edge. This information can be found in our feature poker articles and reviews at Casinoz.
  • Chaotic change of bets during the game – you have to manage the bankroll on a pre-scheduled system. Proper financial management will allow you to keep yourself in hand and play poker effectively.
  • The fascination with exotic versions – some of the unusual kinds of poker seem to be very profitable to beginners, but attractive rules often hide a large house edge. Be careful with unusual types of poker.
  • The pursuit of winning the jackpot – in progressive poker, progressive jackpots are offered as the side bets. They usually have a low return. It is better to refrain from chasing jackpots on such terms.

Read poker articles at Casinoz to understand all the nuances of the game.

Poker Articles on Casinoz

We are happy to provide poker fans with useful articles, covering the following areas:

  • Psychology of poker,
  • Game varieties,
  • Tips on strategy,
  • Bankroll management,
  • Difficult poker situations,
  • Poker math,
  • General tips for new players and so on.

The section is continuously updated, so stay tuned.


Surely, everyone wants to know how to win at casino poker. You need to learn how to choose the most profitable tables and games. Then you should pick the optimal strategy for each game.

Then start to practice and play poker for free. When you feel confident enough, move to real bets, but increase gradually.

We recommend our visitors to read poker articles at Casinoz. They reveal all the secrets of the game.

Frequently asked Questions

👍 Do online casinos offers pokers?

At most online casinos, there are at least several variations of poker. In live sections, customers can usually play poker against real dealers.

🎴 What pokers are popular at internet casinos?

It depends on the country. In some regions, Casino Hold'em is in high demand. Mostly, people prefer variations of the stud poker. 

💰 Are there pokers with jackpots?

Some providers offer progressive jackpot pokers. They require customers to make side bets.