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Most people have probably heard of the Martingale system or even tested it in some periods of their gambling life. They have not even been aware that they were using this system, but they were actually using it. Therefore, these gamers know that this system is worthless and not only because you lose money using the Martingale system.

What is the Martingale System?

For those who have not heard about this system, we will briefly explain what it is. According to the theory, if there are only two outcomes of the event, the law of large numbers comes into force. For example, if I throw a coin 5 times and 5 times the coin has landed on heads, there are very high chances to get tails while tossing a coin next time, and they are only growing with each throw. Of course, it is not true. Coin tosses are independent from each other. However this does not stop people trying to use the Martingale system to play anything, namely roulette, blackjack, sports betting.

How the Martingale system works in practice? You need to double your bet every time when you lose. Imagine for a second that the roulette wheel lacks Zero, so it is only possible to stake on red and black. You wager $1 on red and lose, so now you have to make a bet in the amount of $2 on red. If you lose this time, you have to stake $4 on red. And in this way you wager over and over again. Each loss leads to doubling the bet $8 -> $16-> $32 -> $64 -> $128 -> $256 -> $512 and so on, until you eventually win, since it is inevitable according to the Martingale system.

Why Martingale is a Bad System?

There are two reasons that explain the unprofitability of this system.

  1. You will still lose money in the long run by playing with the help of it, it's a mathematical fact. In fact, you do not have an infinite bankroll and even if it would be present, both online and offline casinos have table limits, which can not be exceeded while making bets. Even if you have a lot of money, in any case, you can not make a bet, since the most casinos limit the maximum bet to $500-1,000 at the five-dollar tables.
  2. The second reason why the Martingale system is really lame is the psychology. Think about it, is it not silly: when you have lost several times, you'll have to make a bet in the amount of $128 to win $1. Only $1! And if you will lose again? Will you risk $256 to win $1? Imagine if I approach you outdoor and offer you a bet: "If I flip a coin and it lands on heads, I owe you $1. If it lands on tails, you owe me $256." Would you agree? But fans of the Martingale system do not consider it silly!

If you have a limit of $500 to play roulette, you can lose it in just ten spins! And after 13 losses in a row, which frequently happens in roulette, you have to wager $8,192 in order to win $1. It is absolute nonsense even if you have suddenly succeeded in finding a casino with such limits.

However the main reason for the unprofitability of the Martingale system is the following:

It is just boring.

When I'm going to play at any either online or offline casino, I know that I have negative expectations in each game. It does not matter whether I play perfectly using the most outstanding strategy or not, I know that in the long run I will lose in any case. The negative expectations are a way of casinos to earn. So when I'm playing at casinos, I'm just going to have fun and entertain myself for my money. And it is a quite controversial entertainment to risk $512 in order to win $1.


Scams, Based on Martingale, are so Popular?

The Internet is full of sites that offer "safe systems for gamers". The sense of this scam is always the same: the successful gamer offers you to buy the recent revolutionary super-duper betting system for casinos, which has helped him to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars daily. There are different variants: it can be a clandestine syndicate of gamers instead of the successful player; he can offer it for free instead of purchasing it, but below the text the WMZ purse is provided and there is a request to transfer any amount to it in case of the success; it is possible to play only at "verified and reliable" casinos...

On closer examination it turns out that the latest super-duper system is the same old Martingale and earnings of this generous master of games include referral payments from casinos, provided for advertising. The advertisement is made professionally. It catches the eye. There are a lot of fake reviews from the "grateful customers" below, so many

newcomers still believe it. And the worst thing is that some of them can even win at the beginning, sharing this information with their friends and relatives purely from noble motives to allow them to earn. This results in losing your entire bankroll. But why at the beginning of the game winnings are possible? Let's discuss it.

We have already known how the Martingale system operates, so let's calculate how this betting system will increase or decrease our chances to win. The answer depends on many factors: types of games that we play; the amount of the initial bet and the bankroll. Let's take the following conditions as an example: we play European roulette with one zero and stake $5 on red, making 30 spins per hour, and we have the $1,000 bankroll. So, if every time we wager $5 using flat bets, we will win only in 46% of cases and lose in 54% of the cases. If we finish the one-hour game in the black, we will win on average $16. If the outcome is negative, the average loss will be $28.

Now let's use the same initial conditions: roulette, $5 on red, 30 spins, $1,000 bankroll, but we will use the Martingale method and double our bet after each loss. Suddenly, our chances to win the game in one hour increase to 82%! But if we win based on the results of one hour, our average profit will be only $68. And if we lose our one-hour game, our average loss will be $456. Bingo!

Keep in mind that the Martingale method is better in the short run. The longer you play, the higher is the probability that you will lose. After all, the longer you play, the more likely you meet a long series of losses and you will either run out of money or will not be able to make the necessary bet according to the Martingale strategy due to table limits.

And another reason that explains why scammers like to use Martingale is, of course, the simplicity of the system. You should know that these scams have been designed especially for novice users. A person with even an insignificant experience at casinos will not believe them. But the newcomer can follow them easily. Therefore, the simplicity is very important. Indeed, what is so difficult: double in case of a loss, if you have lost again, double again and so on until the bitter end. And it is really valid, but virtually, in a spherical vacuum :) Of course, no one will tell buyers of the "magic system" about the short and long run, prolonged series of losses, table limits... It is not necessary to lie, scammers can just hold back.

Marginal Notes

As marginal notes, I really like to establish the rules when I'm playing at a casino. For example, if I play the slots: as soon as I have got the double sum, I immediately withdraw money from the slot. Everything is simple, the goal should be present. Then I can take a break, walking through the casino and playing something else: video poker, other gambling machines or roulette, for example. I believe that this way of playing is really amusing and sometimes you can even win something. And visit the casino with $500 in the pocket and lose everything playing one slot just doubling the bet after a loss is boring and stupid.

When it comes to games like blackjack or roulette, I also use the betting system, but not the Martingale method! Usually I prefer using progressive betting systems and getting much more fun compared to Martingale or systemless game, even if the outcome will be the same, namely the loss of the bankroll.

I prefer using the progressive betting systems in which it is necessary to increase bets after the win, but not after a loss. For example, the initial bet in blackjack is $10. In case of a loss, I wager $10 again. When I win the first time, I still stake $10. When two bets win in a row, the bet is increased to $15. If this bet also wins, I make a bet of $20 and so on, raising a bet by $5 after each victory until getting 7 wins in a row or a loss. After that, I return to the standard bet of $10.

I prefer this type of systems compared to flat bets just because it's more interesting and more profitable, perhaps... Let's calculate. Let's discuss a series of seven winning hands. If you make each time a flat bet of $10, the payout is 7x $10 = $70. According to my system, the prize will be $10 + $10 + $15 + $20 + $25 + $30 + $35 = $145, i.e. two times higher! And the pleasure will be keener :)

Which Systems Exist?

Of course, it's not a perfect system and I don't offer to play using it. There are many other systems, for example, the D'Alembert betting system, according to which you increase your bet by a certain amount after each loss and decrease it after each win. For example, you have both the initial bet and the increment of $10. You bet $10 and lose. It means that the next bet should be $20. If you lose again, you should wager $30. If you win the next time, you have to stake $20. And so on. This is a very system without spikes, but it is much more interesting to play compared to the use of flat bets. 

Moreover, this system provides only the principle, but not the bet sizes. You can either increase or decrease the bet not only by $10, but also by $5 or $20, as you wish. You can turn everything upside down and play using the anti-D'Alembert betting system, i.e. increase the bet after a win and decrease it after a loss. It is up to you to decide! You should just enjoy the gameplay.

There are also limited cyclic betting systems, such as the 1-2-3-5-1 system. Here you will start playing with the basic bet of $10. It does not matter whether you win or loss, but the next bet should be equal to $20. The third bet is $30 and the fourth one comprises $50, and then the cycle can be repeated again starting from $10.

Yes, there are many interesting systems: the Oscar's Grind system, the Guetting progression, Whitaker, Alexamber... their descriptions can be found on the Internet. However you should keep in mind one thing: none of these systems will bring you a guaranteed win. Never! In any case, you will lose money in the long run. But when you visit a casino, you're not going to play a million hands in a row! Any system of bets increases your chances to finish the game in the black in the short run. You should also take into account the fact that you get much more fun using the progressive betting system compared to the games with flat bets or Martingale.

Finally, the game using any system will protect you from the impetuous bets. I have often observed people who lost from eight to ten flat bets of $10 playing blackjack and then he had an idea to stake $100 to win back everything at once. The logic of such actions is simple: "I have already lost 10 times in a row, in fact, now I should win!" Unfortunately, according to the Murphy's law, this bet is also lost in most cases...

So using betting systems at casinos, you will get much more pleasure from the gameplay and will be able to control your bets better. But never play using the Martingale method!

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