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Lord of the Rings - Microgaming Slot

Nowadays cinema is the most widespread and popular form of art, so developers of gambling games for casinos can not ignore its achievements. They often please customers with new video slots and models of other genres devoted to the most popular blockbusters. Observers of the portal Casinoz have prepared an article about the most exciting slot machines of this type (games of other genres are discussed in other articles). The more detailed description of them you will find following the links in subheadings.

The slot machine Games of Thrones

Game of Thrones

When the article was writing, the slot machine Game of Thrones was one of the last novelties about the cinema. It's just incredible video slot with detailed fascinating features, excellent graphics, various user settings and generous system of payouts. It is developed by the company Microgaming, so look for this game in casinos running on the platform Quickfire.

Fans of the serial based on the novel by George Martin are obliged to test this model, because it perfectly recreates the atmosphere of the movie. It will supplement the range of emotions that you experienced while reading a literary work and watching movies.

 The slot machine the Dark Knight

The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises

Online slot machines The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises are devoted to two parts of great movies directed by Christopher Nolan about the adventures of Batman. We are going to remind you that Christian Bale played the main character in them, and other stars of Hollywood kept him company.

They surely deserve your attention, even if you are not fond of movies of this genre. They are just very picturesque, not trivial and exciting. You can test them for free directly in the browser on the site of many online casinos running on software Quickfire.

The slot machine Scarface


Half of the entire population of our planet watched a drama about the life history of the gangster Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino. The movie of Brian DePalma has long been considered to be a classic work of the world's cinema. Therefore, many people were happy thanks to the appearance of slot machines running on software from Net Entertainment, dedicated to this cult film.

The slot machine Scarface was presented to the public almost three years ago, so now it may seem not very impressive, but it's still an incredibly interesting model with a cool bonus game and other non-boring features.

 The slot machine Aliens


Just do not say that you have not watched any of the sci-fi movies Aliens with Sigourney Weaver in the title role. Millions of already adult and respectable citizens of different countries grew up on this masterpiece from James Cameron. All those who consider themselves to be fans of film history about the mortal combat with alien monsters will surely be pleased with a video slot Aliens from Net Entertainment.

It is enough to say that it implemented a stunning bonus round, where you will feel like a participant of the modern computer game. You'll have to shoot aliens in the narrow corridors of the spacecraft, getting rewards for successful operations. All other advantages of the model are discussed in the article that you will be able to read following the link.

The slot machine Creature from the Black Lagoon

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Not all readers of the Casinoz watched this masterpiece, because the movie Creature from the Black Lagoon appeared in 1954. However after the development of video slot from NetEnt, dedicated to this widely popular film, many gamblers of the younger generation must have become familiar with it.

The game is stylishly decorated and pleases customers with profitable free rounds, where there are more attractive conditions. Unfortunately, there is no thematic bonus round, because it could be very interesting.

The slot machine Rambo


Not only one video slot is devoted to the action movie about the hard life of a veteran of the Vietnam War John Rambo, but in our review, we include only the model from iSoftBet, as it seems to us the most worthy of attention. This model is interesting due to its unusual arrangement of pictures on the screen, numerous combinations in the majority of spins, four progressive jackpots and a lot of other gameplay features.

In general, you should definitely test it at least in the free mode, because the game is exciting and colorful and has a high quality.

 The slot machine Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is another model from the company Microgaming, created on the basis of the cult sci-fi movie. There is no need to retell the story of the film, since every connoisseur of the genre watched it, but it is necessary to pay attention to some features of the game.

Let's start from the design. Video slot was very atmospheric, because the main characters and dinosaurs are depicted on the reels, as we have seen them in the blockbuster. Different variations of bonus rounds should also be noted. They are free-spins with special features. Amazing animation, presence of downloadable and flash versions can be considered as other advantages.

The slot machine Terminator 2

Terminator 2

This game is also offered on the platform Quickfire from Microgaming. As you understand, it is dedicated to the most successful part (according to our general opinion) of the cult film about the war of humans and robots, headed by a computer system with artificial intelligence. So you will meet all the key characters.

In addition to a spectacular design, the main advantages of the model are incredible free spins and a bonus round where players can compete for impressive prizes.

The slot machine The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings

It is unlikely to find fans of the genre of fantasy, who are not familiar with the series of novels of John Tolkien about the Ring-bearer. Several parts of his cult works were filmed. Developers from Microgaming start to work with this story after the incredible success of these films. The result of their work is the release of the slot machine Lord of the Rings, which has made a lot of noise in the world of online gambling.

There is no need to describe all pros and cons of this model. It was released so long ago and was so popular that probably all our readers who enjoyed this topic succeeded in testing it. If you do not have time to test the game, you can do it directly on our site, reading firstly the review of The Lord of the Rings.

The slot machine Rocky


A generation of boxing fans and just cinema addicts followed the difficult fate of a boxer Rocky Balboa, embodied by Sylvester Stallone. Players were delighted with a video slot Rocky, offered by Playtech few years ago. It could not be otherwise, because this brand manufactures only good online gambling games.

The slot machine Rocky has an excellent bonus round, large multipliers for calculation of payouts, free spins and other features. Favorite characters of the audience appear on the screen. A risk game is also implemented, where players can repeatedly double accrued money. In short, if you are not yet familiar with Rocky, dot it for sure.

The slot machine Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump

Millions of cinema addicts from around the world fell in love with the main character of the film Forrest Gump directed by Robert Zemeckis in 1994. The character of Tom Hanks was so charming and simple that the audience could not help liking him. After more than fifteen years, the company Cryptologic released a free slot machine dedicated to this cult movie of the brilliant director.

Now video slot Forrest Gump does not seem as fascinating as it was a few years ago. However it is still interesting to many readers of Casinoz, because it has very exciting and not dull gameplay options. It is enough to say two thematic bonus games are waiting for players that will remind them of the famous scenes from the movie. Progressive jackpots are also drawn there.

The slot machine Braveheart


We continue to talk about the slot machines for cinema addicts issued by developers from Cryptologic. The next slot is Braveheart, whose creation was inspired by the drama about the struggle for the independence of the Scottish people. Without exaggeration, it is a great movie with Mel Gibson in the title role.

The game is high-quality and interesting. Even now, a few years after its release, it seems spectacular and remains attractive to fans of gambling entertainment. It includes few jackpots, great bonus draws, numerous combinations, special characters, and many other things that you will surely enjoy.

The slot machine Mummy


And now a few words about the video slot Mummy, dedicated to the extremely exciting and funny movie about the adventures of the intrepid archaeologist who was not afraid to challenge bloodthirsty Pharaoh, who was raised from the dead. The developer of the slot machine Mummy is the company Playtech, which guarantees the highest quality of models.

The creators generously supplied its product with various options, including special characters with advanced features, bonus games, free spins, high odds, and other functions that are discussed in detail in the review, which you can read following the link.

The slot machine King Kong

King Kong (Playtech) and King Kong (Cryptologic)

The most famous monkey in the world (but in the fictional world) is a protagonist of two magnificent slot machines from the developers of software for online gambling. One of them was released by Cryptologic, and Playtech delighted audience with the second one. It is up to you to find out which model is better. It is enough to say that they are both very exciting and not trivial.

We will not mention all features of these two games. They both have a wide range of diverse options that are discussed in detail in our articles. Read, test and write comments.

King Kong slot

King Kong

NextGen Gaming has also become one of the slot manufacturers which suggest casino clients video slots based on the famous movie about King Kong. The company has released its own slot machine with a predictable title and thematic design.

But you should not think that the game is trite or dull. In fact, it is very interesting and impressive. For example, in one of the bonus features you will help King Kong to shake down airplanes that try to attack him. Thus, make sure that you test this striking video slot.

The slot machine Top Gun

Top Gun

And this model is a gift for fans of Tom Cruise among gamblers, because it is created on the basis of the popular film Top Gun, where this famous actor played. We can not say that this is one of the best games that are included in our review, but it has its own fans. We recommend that you should test it to make a personal opinion.

The slot machine The Godfather

The Godfather

High-quality crime sagas are traditionally very popular among cinema addicts. And the best one remains probably The Godfather. Developers of the slot machine with bonus rounds, prize spins and special characters offer us to recall the legendary film of the same name once again.

Independence Pay video slot

Independence Pay

Of course, you remember the science fiction blockbuster “Independence Day” directed by Roland Emerich. The movie, starring Will Smith and many other famous Hollywood actors, focuses on a terrible alien attack threatening the whole world. Developers from Wild Game Reserve company have presented the Independence Pay video slot inspired by this epic disaster film. The game has beautiful graphics, superb animations, and a number of very interesting features, including special symbols and free spins with bonus options.


We deliberately did not include models dedicated to serials in the list of video slots about popular movies. We will discuss them in a separate article. The only exception is Game of Thrones (because it is too good!). Slot machines about films, based on the Marvel and DC comics, are also discussed in another publication (with a couple of exceptions).

If we have not mentioned some interesting models, dedicated to the famous blockbusters, remind us about it in comments. We also invite you to put asterisks estimating article from one to ten. Your opinion is important to us.

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