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Casino Hold'em Poker was invented in 2000 by Stephen Au-Ying. It has been popular in both land-based and online casinos since that time There is Live Casino Hold'em at EuroGrand Casino and in some other establishments running on the platform Playtech.

General Description

Casino Hold'em is sometimes called Caribbean Hold'em Poker. It is not a coincidence taking into account the fact this game combines the rules for Texas Hold'em and Caribbean Stud Poker. It is necessary to collect a hand that consists of two pocket and five community cards. It is typical for hold'em. However the bets are made according to the principles of Caribbean Stud Poker: an initial bet (ante), bet, which is equal to two antes, and the opportunity to make a side bonus bet.

All players have one opponent, i.e. the dealer who plays on behalf of the casino.

A standard 52-card deck with no jokers is used to play Casino Hold'em Poker. All the cards are shuffled after each deal. A special layout is provided for the Casino Hold'em table. However it is also possible to use the layout for Caribbean Stud Poker.

Aim of the Game

The aim of Casino Hold'em Poker is to collect a higher-ranking five-card poker hand, using two pocket cards and seven community cards. Rules do not regulate the precise number of either pocket or community cards that should form a hand.


The standard poker hands are valid in Casino Hold'em. They are enumerated in descending order below:

    Royal flush is a hand consisting of the cards A, K, Q, J, 10 of the same suit Straight flush is a hand that contains five cards of one suit in sequence Four of a kind is a hand consisting of four cards of one rank Full house is a hand that is made up of three matching cards of one rank and two matching cards of another rank (a three of a kind and a pair). Flush is a hand that contains five cards of one suit, not in sequence. Straight is a hand consisting of any five cards of different suits in sequence Three of a kind is a hand that is made up of three cards of one rank Two Pairs is a hand that contains two matching cards of one rank and two matching cards of another rank. Pair is a hand that consists of two cards of one rank High card is the highest-ranking card

Jokers are not available in Casino Hold'em Poker. Other cards can not play the role of wild cards. The hands in Casino Hold'em are compared according to the same principles as in Texas Hold'em.

Bets and Multipliers

There are three kinds of bets in Casino Hold'em:

1. Ante - It is an initial bet, which is necessary to start the round. It is paid according to the paytable:

    Royal flush - 100:1 Straight flush - 20:1 Four of a kind - 10:1 Full house - 3:1 Flush - 2:1 Straight - 1:1 Three of a kind - 1:1 Two pairs - 1:1 Pair - 1:1 High card - 1:1

2. Bets - It is equal to two antes. It confirms the intention of the player to compare his hand with the croupier's hand. It is paid 1:1 if the dealer has a hand.

3. Bonus (AA) - It is a side bet on the fact that the first five cards (two pocket cards and the flop) will have a pair of aces or better. It can be made only after the ante and is paid according to the individual paytable, even if the ante loses. It is paid according to the individual paytable:

    Royal flush - 100:1 Straight flush - 50:1 Four of a kind - 40:1 Full house - 30:1 Flush - 20:1 Straight - 7:1 Three of a kind - 7:1 Two pairs - 7:1 Pair of aces - 7:1

Ante and bonus bets may be of different sizes. The range of bonus bets is usually wider.


    Casino Hold'em Poker is a fast game. It is just necessary to make bets and decide whether to call or not. The game begins with the fact that the player makes an ante. If desired, it is also possible to make a bonus bet. The player and the dealer receive two so-called pocket cards. They are dealt face down. Then the croupier deals the flop, i.e. three community cards that are placed in the middle of the table. The player evaluates the rank of his cards and decides whether to continue the game (by making a bet in the amount of two antes) or to fold, losing the ante. If the player makes a bet, the croupier deals two additional community cards. Cards are revealed. Then the hands are compared. The dealer has a hand if he has at least a pair of fours or better. Then payouts are made in accordance with the rules, described in the previous section about bets and multipliers.


The optimal strategy for Casino Hold'em Poker reduces the house edge to roughly two percent. Bonus bets are much less profitable, because the house edge set for them reaches six percent.

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