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This article continues the review of Casinoz about software for online casino games. It's about a product called FRoulette. This program, according to its developers, "is designed to automatically calculate the probabilities and bets in European Roulette".

Let's see what it can do.

Capabilities of FRoulette

In the help section FRoulette, you can find a list of the software features. Here's what it can do (according to the creators)

  • Calculate the probability rates (ten types)
  • Choose the most winning bid after each run
  • Analyze the amount of the next bet

The software also has settings to specify a minimum desired prize and tracking statistics.

FRoulette has Russian speaking interface and using it is easily. You just need to make room in the drop-down special window, and the software will indicate the probability of winning on different kinds of bets.

We will not go into detail about the settings. You can figure it out on yourself. We did not raise it, and now we will explain in detail why.

What not to expect from FRoulette?

We just want to note, that authors FRoulette honestly warned that their creation does not guarantee long winning, as Roulette "was planned so that the player remained in the red in the overall result." Moreover, they say that "no matter how good your strategy is or software is carefully thought out - nothing can save you from the loss."

It deserves respect for sincerity. We d not try to convince you that the authors know the secrets of roulette, or that they can decipher the random number generator algorithm.

And yet, the developers assure us that the software is useful.

What can FRoulette do?

Frankly, almost nothing. In other words, it does not help you to win at roulette. The software calculates the probability of winning bets on the basis of results of previous draws. This means that it is based on a very common misconception that spins at roulette are somehow connected.

For example, the longer becomes a continuous series of red numbers, the software evaluates the higher the probability of winning bets on black. See the screenshot. Literally dozens of "red" spins enough to FRoulette assess chances of winning a bet on black in 99.97%.

But this is complete nonsense, repeatedly proven by mathematicians. No spin on the roulette wheel is connected to any previous or the following bets. It is independent, if I may say so. There is no system or laws.

And the probability of black in this situation is the same as in the first spin. What if black again? It may happen (author personally saw red about thirty times in a row on a real roulette). Can we say that we saw a miracle? After all, how else can we call an event which probability is 0.03%?

Who can use it?

Many players prefer to bet on numbers (sector, color and so on) that have not dropped out. I can not say that it is wrong. Such a strategy will not win, but it does not increase the chance of losing. The main thing is to bet within your financial capacity and not indulge in rising.

FRoulette eliminates the need for users to keep in mind the results of the last spin. But, you should not take it's seriously its predictions and recommendations.

In the free version you can try FRoulette within thirty spins. after that, you will have to buy. We thnk that it is not worth it, but the choice is yours. This software just will not do as a means of earning money online.

In it's core, FRoulette is extended and automated Martingale betting system. Why this progression can not help win was explained by Eliot Jacobson Professor of Mathematics in the article "Betting systems and casino advantage". The examples are taken from blackjack, but this does not change it. We highly recommend to read it. It will help you get rid of common misconceptions.

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