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In this article we will talk about a very interesting program to play roulette, called MagicSpins. The technique is interesting in the first place.

Describing it is very difficult. Not everyone can understand the terms, used by the creators of software. They confess: "In the project team there are no mathematicians who could evaluate the methodology in terms of science".

But let's start in order.

Program developers

MagicSpins was created within the project haosa.net, uniting enthusiasts of roulette. Their goal is clear - to create a program that can win at roulette. Despite the fact that for us (Casinoz) it seems impossible, any creative approach makes us respect it. In the end, much of what was previously thought improbable later turned into a routine. Who knows, maybe they are destined to win.

However, the results are later

Principle of MagicSpins

As mentioned above, understanding the principle of MagicSpins is incredibly difficult. Famous writer Kurt Vonnegut said, "If a scientist can not explain the eight year old boy what he is doing, he is lost". Arguments of MagicSpins developers not every person with a higher education can understand because they are full with terms "tolerated", "pre-history", "random maps", "assignable pair." In explaining these concepts they are piling them up, and it seems that the simple things are presented complex.

In general, the program is about the following: "Achieving tolerances, using the method of random mappings." All clear? My l knowledge of mathematics is not deep enough to refute such a theory. But the creators also do not claim to be considered experts.

This thread is ended with a wonderful phrase:

"The team are not mathematicians who could evaluate the technique in terms of science. Moreover, there is an assumption that the classical theory of probability will not leave a stone unturned in the above "manipulation". But it is possible that this system can work without mathematicians, no offense to them. Whenever it was not clear, you can approach the question empirically, that is practically. These experiments are easy after downloading demo MagicSpins ... "

Simply put, do not bother with it. Download the program and test. Here's a demo version.

And here begins the most important thing.

How to test the program

Perhaps you have decided: "And you never know!" Suddenly the guys managed to bungle something which did not exist. In the end, there is a demo version that you can try out for a little fee.

Yes, you heard right, the demo version of the program is for sale that looks quite ridiculous, if not suspicious. This here is interesting earnings on the Internet.

Frankly, we did not test MagicSpins (screenshot taken from free sources). The reasoning seemed to us a complete profanation (although maybe we just are not smart enough), and the uncertainty of the developers only convinced us in that thought.

We still believe that predict results of the honest random number generator is impossible. Anyway, on this, fighting with serious mathematicians who fully understand what they are doing and do not move to the touch. All attempts to call for help of probability theory also did not bring effect.

If we talk about the practical test, then, as one of the MagicSpins developers said at their forum site less than twenty commercial versions and about three hundred of demonstrations were sold in five years, but almost nobody uses an active program. This is the best proof of its low efficiency or even futility. And reviews on online forums, not taking into consideration the comments of interested persons, are hardly opposite.

you can more detailed description of the program at the official site. On one of the well-known forums you can find long debates between developers of MagicSpins with experienced players who are better at math than us.


Once again: our team is not professional mathematicians, so we can not claim that MagicSpins is based on false assumptions. We also have not tested the program too. We even just not want to pay and spend time testing questionable software. And developers' arguments seem unconvincing to us, to put it mildly, to believe them.

And we firmly believe that the product, which is based on the theory still needs a confirmation may not be sold. Especially under the guise of enthusiasm and desire to build a team of like-minded people. It's even more foolish to borrow money for the demo.

In short, we can not recommend MagicSpins. The choice is yours. We will be grateful for any e feedback from everyone who used this program and won at roulette with it.

PS For more information about betting systems and attempts to overcome them using the casino advantage, read this article by Eliot Jacobson Professor of Mathematics.

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