Casino Hold'em resembles the most popular poker game in the world called Texas Hold'em. Their main difference is the fact that players compete with each other in Texas Hold'em, whereas in Casino Hold'em the player's opponent is a dealer. This game is very popular among visitors of online casinos and Playtech offers a version of Casino Hold'em with real dealers.

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Live Casino Hold'em from Playtech is offered at many online casinos running on software from this manufacturer. Some of them are occupying a well-deserved position in Top 10 according to readers of Casinoz. Our portal recommends that you should test Live Casino Hold'em at EuroGrand Casino, which is occupying the leading position in the list of ten best online gambling establishments.
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How to Play Live Casino Hold’em (Playtech)

In Live Casino Hold'em from Playtech users have to collect the best five-card hand using two cards dealt by the dealer and five community cards located on the table. A standard 52-card deck is used in the game. The cards are shuffled after each deal. Customers of casinos do not play with each other, but against the house represented in the form of the dealer.
Detailed rules for Casino Hold'em are described in a special article in the section Rules. In this review we are going to consider the major features of Live Casino Hold'em from Playtech.
The lowest dealer's hand is a pair of fours. If he has at least this hand and you win, the ante (the initial bet) is paid according to the paytable, and the call bet is paid 1:1. If the dealer does not have a combination, only the initial bet is paid, whereas the call bet is returned to the player.
Payouts for the Ante:
  • Royal flush - 100:1
  • Straight flush - 20:1
  • Four of a kind - 10:1
  • Full house - 3:1
  • Flush - 2:1
  • Straight and lower - 1:1

Players can also make an additional bet on AA. It wins if the first five cards (flop and pocket cards) have a combination of two aces and higher in rank. This bet is paid regardless of the outcome of the main hand according to the following multipliers:

  • Royal flush - 100:1
  • Straight flush - 50:1
  • Four of a kind - 40:1
  • Full house - 30:1
  • Flush - 20:1
  • Straight, three of a kind, two pairs, pair of aces - 7:1

The gameplay in Live Casino Hold'em from Playtech starts with choosing a table from the list. Entering the program, the player selects the coin value for making bets and clicks on Ante. It is also possible to wager on AA. Then it is necessary to confirm bets by clicking on the appropriate button.
The croupier deals two cards to himself and the player. All customers of casinos play Live Casino Hold'em wagering on one common hand, but they can see only their bets. Then the flop is dealt, i.e. three community cards. Players evaluate the rank of their cards and make one out of two decisions: to wager clicking Play (this increases the initial bet twice) or fold and lose the ante.
After that, the dealer adds two cards (turn and river) to the flop. The computer automatically finds the highest combination and makes payouts if the player wins.
The range of bets can differ at various casinos that offer Live Casino Hold'em from Playtech. EuroGrand Casino has the ante within $5-$50, and the bet on varies between $2 and $100.
If the player makes a bet and then the connection is lost, he or she is automatically transferred to the version of the game with the random number generator. When he or she enters this casino next time, it is possible to finish the deal in this variant.


The interface of Live Casino Hold'em from Playtech is intuitively understandable, so that it is very easy to master it. There are three separate panels at the top of the program window.
The central panel is a screen on which the events from the studio of Playtech are broadcast. This is a long-shot of the table where the croupier is dealing the cards. In the upper left corner of the screen there is a button that removes the image. In the upper right corner there is a button that switches the program in video mode. In this case, the screen with the dealer fully expands and bets can be made directly on the table layout.
The upper left panel in regular mode is used to provide information about the game. Here you can find information about bets, winnings, server time, game code, betting limits and open the history.
The right panel is occupied by a chat window in which you can contact the dealer. He will respond to you verbally.
The lower part of the program window in regular mode is occupied by a table for playing Live Casino Hold'em. There are fields for bets, information signs with multipliers and a box for tips.
Below there is a toolbar. It shows the player's balance and contains buttons Cashier, Menu and Close. The text field displays the instructions providing players with things that can be made at the moment.
The options of Live Casino Hold'em include the opportunity to adjust the game speed, turn off audio effects and make some changes to the interface.

Should You Play for Real Money in New Zealand?

Live Casino Hold'em from Playtech is an interesting game with functional, thought out design and high-quality video from the studio. If you like Casino Hold'em, you definitely need to play this kind of it. But this can be done only using real money, because you can hardly find a casino on the platform from Playtech on which it is allowed to make conditional bets in games with live dealers.
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