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This question is asked by many customers of online casinos, just starting to get acquainted with the world of online gambling. Indeed, a list of several hundred games of all genres, and a description of each of them promises a fascinating pastime and the likelihood of a big win.

Let's try to understand the best games, where to find and how to choose them.

Criteria for determining the best games

First of all, we must understand that the concept of "best game" is always subjective, as customer preferences may vary dramatically. Therefore, you (and only you!) Must decide for what purpose you are going to a casino and what do you expect from this visit.

  • For example, if your main goal is achieve positive results at any cost, the optimal games for you are those with the highest theoretical payback.
  • If you want a brain workout, then it would be better to sit at the blackjack table.
  • You want to personally experience a betting system? Go to the roulette.
  • Do you want to remember your childhood? Play at slot machines.

In general, the search of the best game should be started with setting goals. We will try to help you.

The most profitable games

Most beneficial for the client casino games are considered a model in which it is possible to minimize the house edge (or, in other words, to achieve the maximum theoretical return). As you know, those games are some varieties of video poker and blackjack, craps bets individual and others.

For example, there is a video poker game in which casinos and client are on an equal footing. But to achieve this it is necessary to know how to play video poker, and these skills are far from possessing.

With blackjack situation is no less complicated, and craps is not among the most popular games among the Russian-speaking fans excitement.

What remains of those who do not want to hammer head complex strategies, but at the same time trying to find a more or less profitable game? They can advise on the chances of rates in the French roulette or slot machines with the highest levels of theoretical return. We try to provide this information in the reviews of games on the portal Casinoz.

The easiest casino gambling

Of course, this category includes:

  • classic slot machines,
  • video slots,
  • roulette,
  • and scratch card games.

European Roulette, despite the variety of bets, characterized in that you can put the pieces where you want (though blind), and of the probability of winning drops.

Modern video slots have many features, but they are intuitive and do not require you to make complex decisions. The same applies to all kinds of instant lotteries and arcade games.

Honesty and reliability of games

Undoubtedly, this is a very important criterion, but it refers more to the choice of casino games instead. If you prefer really authoritative and proven casinos, you can, without fear, play any games offered there. Self-respecting casinos would not use questionable software.

Exciting gameplay

If the main criterion is getting the maximum pleasure from visiting a casino, then choose, if I may say so, with the heart, not the mind. But even within this category, you can always choose one of the most profitable models for users.

We will give you brief recommendations.

How to choose the best gaming machine?

Our portal has a detailed article about choosing slot machines, so we will not pay much attention to this issue. We will recall only of the theoretical return in each video slot and important to you options (progressive jackpot, special symbols, bonus rounds, and so on).

In any case, the video slots are not games, where you can actively influence the final result, so when choosing use the personal preferences of the client.

How to choose the best blackjack?

If you are just starting playing blackjack, prefer some traditional versions of the game without additional bets and the original rules. They will be easier to select the optimal strategy.

Read articles on Casinoz, describing how certain points of the rules of blackjack affect the percentage of the house edge. This information will help you in the choice of game version.

By the way, there are online calculators for the percent advantage. You specify the particular rules of the game, and the program gives you information and perhaps even an optimal strategy.

How to choose the best roulette?

This was described a lot.

It is believed that among traditional types of roulette, the best for the customer is the French one, and the most unfavorable is American.

In recent years, online casinos offer other models of virtual roulette. Many of them are discussed in our reviews, so look for information about these games in this section of Casinoz.

How to choose the best video poker?

Frankly, in terms of gameplay features all versions of video poker are similar to each other. Therefore, the selection should be be started with the casino benefits in the game. Colorful interface, the presence of transfer - all this is not so important.

Note that even in video poker version with the same name (for example, Deuces Wild), but from different manufacturers, Odds combinations may not be the same. So do not rush to start playing as soon as you see a familiar name. Be sure to read the table, note how payments vary with increasing bets.

Strategies for the most popular versions of video poker are discussed in a special section of Casinoz.

What games are worth paying attention to?

I must say that games by some manufacturers sometimes have a rather high theoretical payback. However they are really interesting, and some of them can even affect the outcome if taking the right decisions.


Summing up the above, this will give you this recommendation:

Decide what criteria you define for a better game, and then make choices based on these aspects.

There is no point in trying to conquer blackjack if you are not interested in this game, and you have come to the casino to have fun. On the other hand, if you focus solely on results, you will not achieve high success in keno or bingo you.

Good luck!

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