Most payouts in casino slots are awarded for combinations of identical symbols. However, this seemingly elementary rule conceals a wealth of intriguing nuances waiting to be discovered.

To become thoroughly proficient in slot machines, one should find comprehensive answers to the following questions:

  • How are winning combinations formed in slots?
  • How are payouts calculated in slot machines?

This topic is addressed in this article on Casinoz. Below, you will see a list of new video slots.

Name Return to player Max payout
Play T&C applies, 18+ 94.12% x2
Play T&C applies, 18+ 86% x2000
Play T&C applies, 18+ 95% x10000
Play T&C applies, 18+ 95.76% x5000
Play T&C applies, 18+ 95.19% x10000
Play T&C applies, 18+ 96.65% x1500
Play T&C applies, 18+ 94.01% x12
Play T&C applies, 18+ 96.04%
96.29% x10000
Play T&C applies, 18+ 96.18% x1500

Main Types of Symbol Combinations in Slots

First, make sure you understand how combinations are composed in slots. The introductory provisions are described in the main article on slot rules. If you are taking your first steps in an online casino, please study that piece.

Combinations and payouts on them in the slot machine Wild Pixies

Winning chains can be formed in the following ways:

  • On fixed active lines: This is a common approach. The slot has a certain number of pay lines. Combinations are formed on them, usually starting from the leftmost reel.
  • On a different number of lines: Winning combinations are also created on certain lines, but the customer decides how many of them to activate. Naturally, the more of them, the higher the overall bet and the more chances to get a payout in every spin.
  • Without active lines: If there are no pay lines, combinations are made up of identical icons that appear anywhere on adjacent reels. In such games, there is usually a lot of winning combinations.
  • As clusters: This is an even more unusual way. Chains are composed of symbols of the same type, which can be located anywhere on the screen but must touch each other vertically or horizontally.

In addition, if active lines are used, there are different rules for the arrangement of combinations:

  1. From left to right: This approach is most common. Winning chains should start from the leftmost reel.
  2. From both sides: in this case, combinations can begin from the leftmost and rightmost reels.
  3. In any position: These combinations can be located anywhere on an active line.

When getting acquainted with a new slot game, always carefully read the rules relating to this aspect.

Rule Exceptions for Slot Symbol Combinations

Not all symbols form a winning combination according to the above-mentioned rules. Some icons act differently.

Let's highlight the main types:

  • Scatters: They bring payouts when they appear in any cells on the screen. In this case, the winnings are calculated by the total bet and special multipliers.
  • Mixed chains: In some video slots, different elements can form combinations. This is how single, double, and triple BARs work in classic slot machines. Most often, those payouts are minimal.
  • Wilds: These icons are not always present on all reels. If so, they usually do not form combinations at all. But if they do, the winnings are generally maximum. Their main feature is to substitute other standard symbols.

Some icons do not give payouts at all. They are designed to trigger bonus games and other prize features.

All special symbols are explained in the paytable, where they often have thematic pages.

Unique varieties of Wild and Scatter symbols are discussed in review articles at Casinoz.

How Are Payouts in Slots Calculated?

Now, let's see how winnings in casino slot machines are estimated.

Most often, winnings are figured according to two criteria:

  1. The current bet: It is the money the player wagers in the spin;
  2. The combination multiplier: Every symbol combination has its multiplier, like x2, X5, x1000, x10000, etc.

These two figures are multiplied. For example, the bet per line is one Euro. On an active line, a combination with the multiplier x9000 has occurred. The payout, in this case, is nine thousand euros. The general principle is almost always the same.

You can specify the payouts in a table attached to the slot. However, it is essential to understand how winnings are displayed: in cash, coins, multipliers, etc. A themed article on Casinoz is devoted to paytables and slot machine rules.

What Are Payouts for Slot Machine Symbols?

Here are some examples of typical payout ranges for different winning combinations on slot machines.

Low-Paying Combinations:

  • Single cherry/single bar: 2x to 10x the bet amount;
  • Two cherries/two bars: 5x to 20x the bet amount;
  • Three mixed bars or mixed 7s: 10x to 40x the bet amount.

Medium-Paying Combinations:

  • Three single bars: 20x to 100x the bet amount;
  • Three double bars: 50x to 200x the bet amount;
  • Three triple bars: 80x to 400x the bet amount;
  • Three single 7s: 100x to 500x the bet amount.

High-Paying Combinations:

  • Three double 7s: 200x to 1,000x the bet amount;
  • Three triple 7s: 300x to 2,000x the bet amount;
  • Three special symbols (e.g., diamonds, bells): 500x to 5,000x the bet amount.

Jackpot Combinations:

  • Specific combination of top symbols (e.g., 7s, diamonds): 10,000x to 50,000x the bet amount;
  • Progressive jackpot: It can start at 1 million and continue increasing until it is won. It's important to note that these payout ranges can vary significantly depending on the specific slot machine, denomination, and casino.

Some slot machines may also have additional bonus rounds or special features that can lead to even larger payouts. The payout ranges tend to increase exponentially as the combinations become rarer and more valuable. Jackpot combinations and progressive jackpots offer the potential for life-changing payouts, but they are also challenging to hit.

Extra Features in Video Slots

In many new slot machines, any winning combination triggers bonus features.

bonus wheel of fortune slot machine the Super Wild Diamond

Let's highlight a few standard options:

  • Disappearing pictures: As soon as the player receives a payout, the symbols from the winning combination disappear from the screen. The symbols located above fill the gaps. If a combination is made again, its icons vanish, too. Usually, the number of such rounds in one series is not limited.
  • Extra multipliers: Sometimes, if winning sequences are formed one after another without a pause, the additional multipliers trigger, thus raising the payouts. They can be fixed or growing. For example, starting with the second payout, the multiplier is x2, the third is x3, etc.
  • Special payouts: There can be special payouts for certain combinations. For example, if five Wild symbols line up on the central line, the gambler receives a jackpot. Or the player gets a bonus winning if all the cells on the screen are filled with identical icons.

All such cases are explained in slot reviews on Casinoz.

How to Win at Slot Machines in 2024

Let’s get straight to the point:

You cannot beat the casino on slot machines using betting systems.

This approach does not work — do not waste your time and money on it. Slots work on random number generators.

It is almost impossible to decipher the algorithm of their actions. A regular gambler cannot hack a slot machine.

Therefore, choose interesting games with the highest RTPs and enjoy the process!

More about how to play casino video slots for money is explained in articles on Casinoz.

Where to Play Video Slots in United States

Nowadays, the most convenient format is online casinos. The best sites offer thousands of games for every taste. At your service are incredible game libraries made up by the leading software providers.

You will find:

  • classic slot machines,
  • multifunctional video slots,
  • unique games with surprising features,
  • novelties combining characteristics of slots and features of other gambling games.

What is important, most online casinos allow you to experience slot machines for free. We recommend checking out these trusted sites.

How Should You Choose and Play Slot Machines

To play and win on casino machines, it is not necessary to understand all the intricacies of the rules. You should take quite a few steps:

  1. Choose a slot with the maximum RTP,
  2. determine your bet,
  3. start the spins, hoping for fortune.

Payouts will be calculated and accrued automatically.

But any reasonable gambler will want to understand how the slot machine works, how the winning combinations are formed, how the payout amounts are calculated, and the like.

This helps to give an objective assessment of the game, help you pick the best slots, and gather other important information.

Knowledge is power! Learn how to gamble correctly together with Casinoz.

Do you often play on slots? Do you pay attention to the maximum payout multipliers? Are you interested in the slot machine theme? What criteria seem to be the most important? Share your opinions, ask questions, and tell about big wins.

Frequently asked Questions

🍒 What symbols are used in slots?

First, there are basic icons that form paid combinations on active lines. Also, in most slots, there are special symbols, such as wilds, scatters, multipliers, etc.

💰 How are payouts calculated in slots?

Most often, the bet per line is multiplied by the coefficient of the symbol combination that has been formed. In some slots, the rules are different.

🤑 Are there jackpots in slots?

In many slots, there are fixed or progressive jackpots. Read about them on Casinoz. On the website, you will also see the list of the biggest jackpots in the industry.

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