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Autoplay is one of the most common features in online slot machines. The bulk of models released by almost all well-known brands allow users not to bother themselves with clicking on Start each spin. Instead, they can choose a bet size, select the number of lines, determine the number of spins, and make additional settings. Then gamblers should just watch what's happening on the screen.

Some developers offer basic versions of Autoplay without any parameters. Others equip it with numerous adjustable options. However its main purpose is always unchanged. It is intended for making the gameplay as user-friendly as possible.

Are there any pitfalls? To be sure, they are present in online gambling! Read our article to find out all the pros and cons of the autoplay mode in slot machines.

Types of Autoplay

Let's start with reviewing the main types of automatic mode in slots. Since the principle of action is always the same, we will group types depending on the availability of certain features and settings:

  • No settings - This is a basic version that is devoid of any additional options. Clicking on a special button on the control panel triggers Autoplay, which will be active until it is cancelled.
  • Number of Spins - A more advanced variation of Autoplay allows selecting the number of spins. When they are over, the game is over.
  • Time and Financial Limits - Software developers allow customers to set restrictions when they activate Autoplay. Users usually may select the highest amount that can be lost or won. Time limits and other restrictions can also be taken into account.
  • Bonuses - Most fans of video slots prefer running free spins manually when trying their luck in bonus rounds. Autoplay usually stops being active when a customer gets the opportunity to participate in bonus rounds. Nevertheless, some developers allow gamblers to choose whether they want to play bonus spins manually or automatically.
  • Extra Settings - Slots with the maximum number of Autoplay settings can be recommended to those who want to control all nuances of the gameplay. In such slots, users can select the amount of one-time winnings or losses and upon their appearance the application should wait for new customer's orders. There are also several options to choose from at the beginning of different bonuses. To put it briefly, check the set of Autoplay options in each slot if you are interested in this feature.

To sum up, we want to note that the game on equal chances is traditionally deactivated when the autoplay mode is triggered. If you know the models in which it can be used in such format, feel free to inform us about them in the comments.

Impact on Results

Autoplay is not a gaming function that directly affects the outcome of spins. Therefore, its impact can only be indirect.

All slots have a certain level of theoretical payout percentage. This parameter depends on the model and varies in a very wide range. For instance, in some slots it does not exceed 92%, while in others it reaches 98%. To be sure, the higher it is, the more profitable is the game for customers.

It is important to understand that the theoretical payout percentage should be taken into account in the long run, i.e. it is possible to win huge amounts or lose too much during one gaming session. However if you make bets playing the same slot for several years, your overall performance will roughly correspond to the payout percentage embedded by the manufacturer.

It turns out that in the long run you don't have any chance to beat the video slot. You will still remain in the red. Thus, if you use the Autoplay mode only in order to speed up the gameplay, you act not for your own good. And it's detrimental to run Autoplay when you are far from your device (we are not talking about exceptional situations).

Who Should not Launch Autoplay?

First of all, Autoplay is absolutely contraindicated to addicted gamblers, since it waives responsibility for what is happening on the screen. Moreover, it is much more difficult for addicted gamblers to stop using Autoplay compared to the standard mode.

Some of them justify themselves that the autoplay mode helps them to control expenses and adhere to time limits. However this impression is illusory. If a customer cannot play it cool, this feature will be useless.

Autospins can hardly be recommended to those casino visitors who have come for vivid emotions and pleasant entertainment. This mode makes the gameplay routine and devoid of its attractiveness. In addition, it even limits the set of opportunities.

To be sure, it is not suitable for fans of betting systems. Almost in all slots, the bet size and the number of active lines remain unchanged during all autospins. The only exceptions are, perhaps, slots by Elk Studios, which have embedded strategies.

Anyway, keep in mind that it is necessary to control your actions. Autoplay is quite capable of pushing you to unreasonable actions.

However the autoplay mode should not be considered a detrimental feature that only helps casino owners to earn. In many situations, it can be useful.

So, we offer our readers some examples of the suitable use of Autoplay:

  1. Mobile Casinos - Imagine that you are playing at a mobile casino on your small-sized smartphone with small screen. If you have big fingers, it may be inconvenient for you to click on Start. It's easier to customize Autoplay settings and watch what's happening on the screen.
  2. Tournaments - You can participate in slot tournaments, competing for the highest payouts or trying to make the maximum number of spins. In such situations, Autoplay can really be useful.
  3. Bonus Wagering - If you wager bonuses when playing slots, the result is much more important than the process. You need to bet impressive amount of money, which is supposed to be extremely boring (especially for bonus hunters). In such cases, it is worth launching Autoplay.
  4. Free Games - Novice customers and even experienced gamblers often test new video slots for free. They get acquainted with their interface features, find out intricacies of the rules when playing demo versions and only then start making real bets. Autoplay can be useful in this case. For example, if you want to test free spins but cannot wait for them, it is reasonable to use Autoplay.

If you want to share your experience of using the autoplay betting mode, feel free to do this in the comments. 


The opportunity to use Autoplay has become a common option for video slots. Moreover, its unavailability has been already considered as a significant disadvantage of the model, therefore customers can come across such models quite frequently.

Do you need Autoplay? It is up to you to decide. In certain situations, it is really useful. Nevertheless, if you want to launch Autoplay, it means that you are just tired and it's time to take a rest.

Be reasonable, read special publications available on the Casinoz website and listen to the opinions of our experts. They will help you to achieve the best results.

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