How do you imagine the most simple card game? It seems that it should be a trivial comparison of opponents' cards. In other words, the dealer shuffles the deck and deals out one card to each participant of the game. Who has the higher-ranking card becomes a winner. If the rank is equal, a draw is declared and the game is repeated.

Do you think that this game will not be popular? No way! There are many fans of the simplest entertainment among those who like gambling. That is why the developers of software for online casinos periodically release games designed in a minimalist style. One of such models is the card game Top Card Trumps, recently released by the company BetSoft Gaming.

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Despite the fact that software from the company BetSoft Gaming is very popular in the world of online gambling, the model Top Card Trumps is available not in all online casinos using games of this manufacturer. We can recommend that gamblers should visit Vera & John Casino, where they can test this game for fun even without registration. The client will need to open an account to bet with real money.

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How to Play Top Card Trumps (Betsoft)

Top Card Trumps is a simple online card game, where six standard 52-card decks without jokers are used. Cards are shuffled before each hand.
It is possible to play in Top Card Trumps on one, two or three boxes. Bets ranging from one to one hundred dollars are accepted on each of them.
The aim of the game Top Card Trumps consists in getting on the box a higher-ranking card than the dealer. If the user succeeds, his bet is paid with odds 1:1. The lowest-ranking card in Top Card Trumps is deuce, and the highest ranking one is ace. The suits of cards have no rank.
If a player has the card of the same value as the dealer, he should choose one of two solutions: to fold and lose half bet or to stay in the game by making an extra bet of the same size. If he prefers the second option, the dealer gives a new card, then blindly removes three cards and deals out one face up card to himself.
After that, the new cards are compared. The customer wins if the rank of his card is equal or higher than the dealer's card. In this case, his first bet is returned, and the second bet is paid using odds 1:1. If the dealer wins, the casino takes player's both bets.
Top Card Trumps provides the opportunity to bet on a draw (on each box) before the cards are dealt. It is located on a special arc-shaped field in front of the box, where it plays. If this hand has a card of the same rank as the dealer's card, the player will receive payout with odds 10:1. Although additional bet is valid independently from the basic one and can have any size within an acceptable value, it is impossible to make this bet without the basic one.
We don't have information about the theoretical payout percentage of the card game Top Card Trumps.

Bonus games

Any bonus games or payouts are not provided by the rules of Top Card Trumps.


The card game Top Card Trumps has no progressive jackpot.


The game Top Card Trumps can be run in flash mode, so it is not necessary to download it. It is easy to understand the functions of the buttons on the control panel. If you have any difficulties, use our advices:

  • Deal allows dealing cards
  • Clear is used to remove chips from the field
  • Repeat allows repeating bets from the previous hand
  • Fold allows folding cards (with the loss of the half bet)
  • War allows continuing game (making an extra bet)
  • Help provides information
  • Sound On/Off allows turning on or off the sound
  • Bet determines the bet size for hand
  • Bal informs about available sum on the account

Settings allow gamblers to select the speed of dealing and turn off the sound. The bet size is determined by selecting the desired chip value and clicking on the box on the table layout. Top Card Trumps has detailed section with information. The table with the range of bets is present on the table.

Should You Play for Real Money in New Zealand?

Top Card Trumps is an extremely simple game. However many our readers will consider it as very exciting. We are not going to give it some sort of evaluation. It should be only said that the developers have made efforts to make the gameplay convenient and pleasant. It is up to you to decide whether they succeeded or not.
Currently we can not give users advices about the best strategy for Top Card Trumps, but we will try to do it in the near future, so stay tuned for new publications in the special section of the portal Casinoz.

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