The card game Red Dog is still an exotic gambling entertainment for the vast majority of customers of land-based and online casinos. We have found this game quite exciting in order to discuss it on the pages of the website Casinoz. We invite you to become familiar with a version of Red Dog Progressive developed by the specialists of Net Entertainment.

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You can play Red Dog Progressive Poker at Unibet Casino Red and other online casinos running on software developed by Net Entertainment. Unibet provides the opportunity to test this poker without registration in free mode.

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How to Play Red Dog Progressive (NetEnt)

Red Dog Progressive is an online card game with the original rules. A standard 52-card deck with no jokers is used in it. The cards are shuffled before each round. The card table with a special layout is used for Red Dog.
The aim of Red Dog Progressive is to receive the third card whose rank will be higher then one of the first two cards and lower than the other card (in other words, its rank should be located within the so-called spread).
The ranks of cards in Red Dog Progressive are standard, but not all of them provide the usual number of points. Cards from two to ten are counted according to their value. Jacks give eleven points. Queens provide twelve points. Kings are 13-value cards and aces bring fourteen points.
The range of bets at Unibet Casino Red varies from one to one hundred euros per hand.
The theoretical payout percentage of Red Dog Progressive is 96.84% (official data).
Let's discuss the gameplay. It will be easier to deal with the general rules of the game in this way.
The client makes an ante of the desired size in the established range.
The virtual croupier deals two face up cards and one face down card to him. There are several options:
  • If the two cards are subsequent, the draw is announced.
  • If the two cards are equal, another card is dealt. In this hand it is prohibited to raise. If this card has the same value, the player receives the payout according to the 11:1 ratio.
  • If two face up cards are not equal and their ranks are not subsequent, the dealer determines the spread (a gap between card ranks) and places a marker Red Dog on the corresponding sector of the table layout. For example, the spread of a five and a ten is four.

Then the player can call or raise. The side bet is always of the same size as the ante.
After this, the third card is dealt. If it is higher than one of the first two cards and lower than the second one, the player receives his payout according to the paytable. If it is equal to one of them, higher or lower than both, the customer loses.
The following payouts that depend on the spread size are provided in Red Dog Progressive:

  • One - 5:1
  • Two - 4:1
  • Three - 2:1
  • Four and higher - 1:1
  • Subsequent cards - draw
  • Pair - draw
  • Three identical cards - 11:1
As you can see, everything is simple. Make a bet, take a look at two cards and decide whether to raise and to call.

Bonus games

Red Dog Progressive does not offer bonuses.


Progressive jackpots are not provided in Red Dog Progressive.


We are going to explain you the functions of buttons in Red Dog Progressive:
  • New Bet is used to make a new bet
  • Rebet allows repeating the previous bet
  • Deal is used to deal cards
  • Call is used when you don't want to increase your bet
  • Raise is used to increase your bet
  • Collect allows taking your winnings
Data appear in the pop-up windows and in the line under the control panel.
Red Dog Progressive has a progressive bet. If you activate it in the settings, you will be able to wager your winnings. Users also can select the game speed and turn off sound effects.

Should You Play for Real Money in New Zealand?

Red Dog Progressive is a simple but quite attractive game. It does not require the casino a prolonged preparation and training from customers. In the near future we will offer you the optimal strategy, which can help you to master Red Dog very quickly.
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