Hi/Lo Switch Professional Series Review

The rules of «Hi/Lo Switch Pro» game, which was released by Net Entertainment company recently, are unbelievably plain. Pick any of cards and guess if the following card is higher or lower. If the situation seems to be to complicated, you can change cards for new. Please read about other nuances of «Hi/Lo Switch Pro» below.

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Play Hi/Lo Switch Professional Series

«Hi/Lo Switch Pro» is a free online card game where you have to guess if the following card is higher or lower one of the three lying at the table.
The standard deck of fifty two cards with no jokers is used in this game. It is shuffled before each deal.
The lowest card of the deck is ace, while the highest is king.
There are three table for «Hi/Lo Switch Pro» with different ranges of bets in Unibet Casino Red: Low Roller - from ten cents to five euro, Standard - from one to forty euro and High Roller - from twenty five to five hundreds euro.
Payoff indexes are fixed. They are displayed in the special table.
The theoretical payback of «Hi/Lo Switch Pro» game is 96,62% (according to the official information provided by the producer).
The gambler places the bet and receives three open cards. There is «Hi» button above each of the cards and «Lo» under it. An amount which the player gets if he wins by this card is displayed next to each of them. Of course, there are no buttons like that under the ace and the king, because these cards are the lowest and the highest in the deck accordingly.
After the lucky attempts won amount is added to the bet. It can be collected to begin a new round or stake it in the gambling feature. There is no right for mistake. The first wrong choice means you lose the whole bet.
Moreover, the customer can change all cards free two times. If he manages to win three times, he gets another chance to change the cards.

Hi/Lo Switch Professional Series Bonus games

Any bonus payouts are not provided by the rules of «Hi/Lo Switch Pro».


A progressive jackpot is neither drawn here.

Hi/Lo Switch Professional Series Interface

The table for «Hi/Lo Switch Pro» has the special markup with four fields (three for cards and one for bets). Hi and Lo buttons appear next to the boxes right after the deal.
«Hi/Lo Switch Pro» game has a simple control panel with several buttons:
  • Switch – change the cards (number of available attempts is displayed).
  • Collect – collect money.
  • New Bet – place a new bet.
  • Rebet – repeat the bet.
Information about the balance, an amount of the bet and an amount of the payoff is displayed in the line under the control panel.
The user’s settings allow to switch off different sound effects and set up speed of the deal. The informational section (in English only) is also available in «Hi/Lo Switch Pro» game.


In spite of the elementary rules, «Hi/Lo Switch Pro» is the very interesting game, which is able to excite even in a fun mode. The user decides when to collect the win, that’s why everybody can choose his gaming strategy. We would talk about the optimal strategy in one of the future publications.

Where to play Hi/Lo Switch Professional Series for free or real money in New Zealand?

Unibet Casino red provides an opportunity to play «Hi/Lo Switch Pro» in a training mode as well as by real money. If you stake virtual bets, you can launch this game even without registration. It is also offered in other online casinos which use the production of Net Entertainment company. You can test this game right at Casinoz as well.
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