Craps Review

The goal of craps is to predict the outcome of a roll of dice.

Before dice are rolled, all players have to make bets on different fields of the table. First of all, click with the left mouse button on the chip that you wish to bet. Then, click with the left mouse button on the desired betting field on the layout to place the chip there. When you move the mouse over the playing field, the type of bet is shown at the top of the game window over which the cursor is currently located.

In the case if you want to cancel a bet, click on placed chips with the right mouse button. After making your bet, click on the button Done and thus roll the dice.

When you are going to roll the dice, you have the opportunity to skip your turn. To do this, click on the button Pass. If you want to roll the dice, click Roll.

In the case if you want to find information about your current bets and the outcome of the recent roll of dice, click on the button Statistics.

As for settings, default settings can be easily changed at any time with the help of the panel Settings. To open this panel, click on the button Settings. As soon as you've made all changes and want to return to the game, click on the button Play.

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