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The return to player of online slots is a part of the total amount of the bets returned to players as winning. Typically, players are recommended to choose games and bets with the highest RTP. In other words, find a game with a minimum house edge.

How can I figure out the RTP?

There are two ways to calculate the RTP, but none of them works for slot machines at online casinos. The first method involves mathematical calculations.

The easiest example is even bets in European Roulette.

  • There are 37 numbers on the table.
  • 18 of them are black.
  • That means, odds are 18:37 if you bet on black.

It is simple and clear.

However, using this approach in online slots is not possible, because we do not have enough information for calculations. To do this, we need to know the number of symbols of each type that may land on the reels.

But even if we get all these data, the calculation will be too complex for an average user without special education, as they must be aware of many nuances, such as the number of paylines and winning combinations, bonuses, etc.

Computer software simulators allow estimating the return to player of particular games in such complex cases. They are often used in video poker and blackjack. They simulate tens and even hundreds of thousands of hands, and the program processes the results.

Despite the obvious advantages of this method, applying it to online slots is too difficult because of their vast and ever-increasing diversity.

While we know only a dozen or two varieties of blackjack and video poker, new slots are being released every month.

Consequently, if a third-party researcher has a goal to calculate the RTP of each slot, he won't be physically able to do it.

You can make your own research on the RTP of online slots using the autoplay in a free mode. Such an opportunity is available at most online casinos. To do this, set the bets and start the autoplay at the maximum number of spins. If you know the initial and final amount of the bankroll, the number of spins, and the bet, you can calculate the return.

But we should not delude ourselves about the accuracy of the result. Even a few thousand spins is not enough for such calculations. So this practice will better suit to practice on a selected slot but not choosing the best one in terms of payments.

Producers' info

Most software developers provide the RTP for their slots. Trust them or not is up to you, but it's hardly possible the famous producers would risk their reputation.

Usually, gambling operators don't have a right to intervene in the rng operation. That means, they can't affect the slot's return to player.

You can find the RTP info in the following sources:

  • Paytable of the slot machine;
  • Help section of the slot;
  • Producer's official website;
  • Press release;
  • Slots reviews at Casinoz.

Always check the RTP before you play for real money.

Independent auditors reports

Some auditing organizations publish reports of real RTP recorded in the games of particular casinos or developers. Compare it to the RTP announced by the producers.


Usually, an average gambler has no need to calculate the slot's return to player on his own. This data is provided by the developers, relevant editions, auditors, and other sources.

If for any reason you don't trust their information, ask yourself:

Do you really need to play for money online? Perhaps, you'd feel better without it?

Frequently asked Questions

What does the RTP mean?

It is "return to player".

What is the average RTP of modern slots?

Something about 96% for online slots.

Do producers provide their slots RTP?

All large developers provide information about return to players.

Can casino operators affect the slot RTP?

Some provided offer such an opportunity to the casino owners, but this is a rare practice.

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