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The payout percentage in online casino slots means a part of the total bets returned to players as winning. Typically, players should better choose games and bets with the highest payout percentage. In other words, a game with a minimum advantage of the casino. However following this advice is not always possible, because a usual gamer can not calculate the percentage in all games, especially when it comes to slot machines in online casinos.

There are two ways to calculate the percentage of payments, but we'll just say that none of them is suitable for gaming machines in virtual casinos. The first method involves mathematical calculations. It's to see it on the example of the Equal chances in European Roulette. The table shows thirty seven rooms. Eighteen of them are black. So, when the odds in betting on black are 18 of 37. It is simple and clear.

But using this approach in online slots does not work, because we do not have necessary information for calculations. To do this, we need to know the number of characters of each type that may appear on the reels. But even if we get all these data, the calculation will be too complex for an average user without special education because they must take into account many nuances, such as the number of paylines and winning combinations, the presence of bonuses and so on.

For such complex cases computer software simulators were developed allowing to estimate the proportion of payments in individual games. They are often used in types of video poker or blackjack. They simulate tens and even hundreds of thousands of hands, and the program processes the results. Despite the obvious advantages of this method, applying it to online slots is very difficult because of their vast and ever-increasing diversity. If there are only a dozen or two varieties blackjack or video poker, the new slot machines are created each month. Consequently, if a third-party researcher have a goal to count payout percentage of them, it is not physically possible.

Moreover, such work will not cost the efforts, because online casino software developers tend to argue that the percentage of payments in their slots varies between 94% and 97%. World manufacturers value their reputation, so we can trust them. This discrepancy in the percentage is too small, if we talk about slot machines, so when selecting you should pay attention to other features in the first place.

You can make your own research on interest payments in online slots using the auto- play in a free mode. This opportunity is available in most online casino. To do this, set the size of bets and start auto play at the maximum number of spins. If you know the initial and final amount of the bank, the number of spins and the bet, you can calculate the percentage of payments. But we should not delude ourselves about accuracy of the result, even a few thousand spins is not enough for such calculations. So this practice is more useful for the selected machine and not choosing the best of them in terms of payments.

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