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Most online casinos make very tempting offers to their potential customers luring them with bonuses of various types. The bonuses can add to your account the amount that two or even three times exceeding your deposit. Of course, this increases the chances of the player. But sometimes there are situations when bonuses - strange as it sounds - are better not to use. Let's look at some of them.

Disreputable casino

In the articles on Casinoz we mentioned that before playuing in a new casino you should check it's reputation. If you have strong doubts about reliability of a casino no matter what bonuses it promises. Too generous offers can play a role of an appetizing bait for too greedy or careless players. Pursuit of bonuses in unscrupulous institutions will do nothing good, as well as just playing there.

Too high demands

As you know it is impossible to withdraw most of the bonuses immediately. You need to play with them. Terms of withdrawal can be very tough. For example, to play a big bonus in an casino you have to make bets fifty times larger than the deposit and withdrawing the bonus is incredibly difficult. It is even more difficult if the bonus rules are limited to certain games with a high house edge.

Also, quite often there is a rule that after receiving the bonus you can withdraw money from the casino only after you make a bid higher than the total amount of deposit and bonus by several times (eg, thirty ) . Think about whether you need such a bonus, because until you do enough bets you may well lose all the money.

The prospect of more alluring offers

Of course every casino has the most interesting and profitable network of offers. Besides their own bonuses, they may regularly change other offers. Knowing that certain types of bonuses (such as registration bonuses) can be obtained only once , you should carefully weigh everything before you become a customer of this casino. Perhaps the chosen casino annually launches an advertising campaign when new customers get higher bonuses for their deposit.

But do not think that all bonuses at online casinos bring no benefits to players. There are many online casinos respecting their customers with reasonable withdrawal conditions. Just always carefully consider the context of such offers to calculate profitability of bonuses. Follow publications on Casinoz, and you will always know the latest news.

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